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    • This roundup of social media icons can help you promote your work all over the web, something vital in the modern market.

      • 80+ Mixed Flat Icons Pack

        A set of icons with over 80 items of all classes, from all the categories. Coming in different sizes this pack also contains its original source files in PSD, Ai and SVG formats.

      • Responsive Flat Office Icons

        A nice and simple collection of office icons available in four different sizes. The icons count with a totally responsive design making a total set of around 600 icons.

      • Fun colored Icon set: Color Line Icons

        One of the best icon sets that can be found out there. Filled with fun and vibrant colors, this is a unique choice for projects in which color is the most important value. The set includes it's source files in .SVG and .Ai and 5 different sizes.

      • Social Icons WordPress Plugin

        Social Icons plugin is an easy way to display various popular social icons via widgets in your blog. You can drag the widget in your sidebars and change the settings from the widget form itself.

      • High Detail Social Icons Set

        A set of high detail icons representing the most representative social networks that comes in both AI and PNG files of 512 pixels. These icons feature a glossy 3D style and present a very nice and reflection on the floor.

      • Socialoha Icons: Huge Social Media Icons Set

        Socialoha Icons is a very fresh, pixel perfect crafted set of 756 icons of all the most relevant social media networks nowadays. You'll find 6 different styles of Icons (clean, flat, material, black, filled and outline) in several formats (SVG, AI, GIF and PNG).

      • Mobile-friendly Online Social Buttons Generat...

        A cool online tool for generating social buttons to add to your website. They can be created step by step selecting the style, the networks you want to be featured and your website's information. After that, you can preview the code and grab it.

      • CSS and JavaScript Particle Social Icons

        A set of social icons made with particles in CSS and JavaScript. They are lightweight, and can be used for decorating as well as grabbing the attention of the user. The snippet is free to implement on any website and it was created by Kenji Saito.

      • CSS Material Design Social Buttons

        These are a set of gorgeous social buttons made in CSS with a material design appearance. When hovered over, they show the effect, perfect for recent types of websites, and the buttons included are for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Dribbble and skype, although you can add any social network since it uses FontAwesome icons.

      • Hand Drawn Vector Social Icons

        A set that includes 56 beautiful vector icons for social networks. They are hand made, which can be used in children sites or as part of the portfolio of an illustrator. It includes icons for the most relevant social networks, some news aggregators, video providers, and it even includes icons for social communications. they come in EPS, PDF and SVG formats.

      • SCSS Social Icons

        This is a set of pure SCSS social icons (no images). Many updates have been performed to add features such as hover states, vertical centering and more. There is also a vanilla CSS version available.

      • Free Social Icons Pack

        The Obox Social Icon Pack is a nice creation in a flat style, composed of small squared social icons with rounded borders. It has an impressive variety of icons in the business like Android, Dribbble, Email, Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, RSS, Skype, Spotify, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, Xbox, LinkedIn and many more.

      • Flat Social Network Icons PSD

        This is an excellent set of icons created in pure vectors with some of the most relevant social networks and tools out there - Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed and YouTube - free to use these icons in personal or commercial projects. They are fully editable files in PSD format.

      • Facebook Style Icons

        This set of icons was inspired by Facebook's style at the time, a bit flat but with hints of realism. These icons are created with vectors, so they are totally scalable, and the PSD file is well organised, so you don't lose time. The file can be downloaded for free.

      • Social Fish: Illustrated Icons

        This PSD includes smart objects of each fish including social icons in vectors. The icons available are LinkedIn, Twitter, Dribbble, Pinterest, Instagram, Forrst, Tumblr and Facebook, all created as different fish and sea creatures. This set of icons is perfect for kids' websites, blogs or apps looking for a more vibrant and playful look.

      • Minimal PSD Social Icons

        Here we have a little social pack free for everyone; it includes minimal icons for Twitter, Facebook, Dribbble, Forrst, RSS, Vimeo, Apple, Behance, Wikipedia, Grooveshark, Blogger, Evernote, Tumblr, Paypal, Skype and many more. Some of them include two and even three different versions. Enjoy :)

      • Socialis Icon Pack PSD

        This pack is composed of minimal icons including two states, perfect for websites and interactions. This includes icons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Dribbble, Forrst, Tumblr,, RSS, Behance and more. It is allowed for personal and commercial use with or without credits.

      • Flat Social Media Icons

        A hefty set of social media icons brought to us by Designmodo. The pack contains 35 items in PNG and PSD formats, allowing editing or just direct implementation in your project. They don’t only feature social networking sites, but also messaging (Skype), blogging (blogger, WordPress) and email (Yahoo!) alternatives.

      • CSS Monochrome Social Icons Set

        Another fantastic freebie from the great team of Designers Chair bringing us 20 social icons in an uncomplicated, simplified style that will surely fit with most web page designs out there. You can download the PSD version or the HTML/CSS coded variant.

      • Free Clean Icons Set

        A package of 20 social icons including the most common social networks (Twitter, Facebook, G+, YouTube, etc), available to download for free thanks to the people at Designers Chair. The icons show the logo for their respective website, but also show the written name when hovering over them.

      • iiRe: Social Icons WordPress Plugin

        This WordPress plugin puts a giant icon collection at your disposal, including CSS3 animation effects. Among other features, we highlight drag and drop reordering and deleting, horizontal and vertical orientation and real-time editing.

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    • A fine group of alternatives for Web Buttons in PSD format featuring different styles such as realistic, 3D, glossy and flat.

      • Instagram PSD Button Pack

        Here's a pack of over 500 elements including creative and realistic shapes, and multiple icons used in the official app. They come in fully editable PSD files organized in layers.

      • Huge Web PSD Buttons Pack

        A huge pack of 2000 web buttons that feature 100 different styles and 7 variations of colors. These buttons come in PSD format.

      • Huge Instagram Buttons Pack

        A huge pack of 500 Instagram sleek and fully editable buttons that feature 100 different styles, smart objects, several textures and shapes, editable vector PSDs, different Instagram icons, and more.

      • Colorful AI & PSD Buttons Pack

        A huge pack of over 360 colorful buttons that come fully editable in both PSD and AI formats in 31 different styles such as aero, clean, corporate, minimal, ribbon and more to combine with more than 200 colors. All the elements of this pack were fully crafted in vector format so they're adjustable to any screen resolution.

      • Vector UI Design Buttons

        A collection of beautiful buttons and dials. This set includes vectors in EPS format, which are scalable and don't lose quality in any size. Its style is flat thanks to the use of the color, but it contains subtle shadows that can put this set in the category of minimalistic. The elements included are: - Short sliders - Long sliders - Off / On switches - Knobs This set was created by GraphBerry, weighs 1.6 MB, it's fully layered and can be downloaded for free.

      • 3 Step Buttons: Animated PSD Icons

        A set of buttons that are useful to represent three familiar anchor link states: normal, hover and focus. The buttons come in a layered PSD file that allows you to change colors and shapes instantly. You can use these buttons in your website design, print design and more.

      • White Stripes User Interface PSD Kit

        A complete stylish GUI freebie, providing almost anything one might need from the basic bars, text fields and buttons to charts, players and tag clouds; all in a simple style of white lines on a proposed blue background. The whole PSD is neatly organized for comfortable managing.

      • Minimalist 3D PSD Button

        A big 3D button with nice details that give it a particular appearance. It is wrapped up into a violet to blue gradient, and the shadow and light effects that provide it with its three-dimensional looks are very well achieved. There's available a Free PSD file attached, and as always, it is editable to make it fit your projects.

      • Classic Colorful PSD Download Buttons

        This is a PSD set of 6 colorful classic download buttons, a file in which you'll find that the layers are organized in groups according to color, but they're not properly named. The file contains 6 files in different colors, with a cool icon and nice patterns. This set is free and editable.

      • Multicolored PSD Download Buttons

        A set of multicolored download buttons, very simple and minimal. In total, there are 24 different possible combinations, counting the eight different colors. It includes three different states each for inactive, clicked and hovered postures. It is a free resource made available at 365PSD.

      • Classic PSD Web Buttons

        This is a set of buttons with three different styles and two states. There are big, medium and small sizes, every one of them with different characteristics. The buttons come in vectors for easy edition, and you can download the PSD file to start using it in your next project.

      • PSD UI Download Button

        A set of attractive download buttons with multiple details and diverse states. First, the inactive button shows a cloud, a download arrow and the size of the downloadable item. When it's pressed, the button changes it color to a darker one, and once the download starts, the button becomes starts displaying several colors and displays the current download state progress.

      • Minimalistic PSD Download Buttons

        This set of 3 buttons comes in handy for your next website and you can choose between blue, green and red. They have subtle shapes and patterns which make them look minimalistic, but really crafted. Download, edit and enjoy your free PSD file.

      • Flat Colorful Social PSD Buttons

        A beautiful set of flat-styled buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Dribbble made in PSD. They also feature a smaller version including only an icon in case you don't want to take much space in your design. A very attractive alternative to the sometimes vital social sharing options.

      • Realistic Gray PSD Button

        A beautiful button made in PSD format that integrates sharp shadow effects in order to give it a 3D effect that signals when the button is inactive and when it is pressed. It comes in high-resolution format for high-density displays, and the PSD allows you to modify the button and change the icons.

      • Application Markets PSD Buttons

        A set of banners made in PSD for different app markets. If you are developing an app for Android or iOS, it can be a great help when trying to spread the word about the project. The best part is the possibility to link people who click the elements directly into their respective download page, allowing you to get instant rewards.

      • Orange PSD Action Button

        An orange button with a simple label and rounded corners. It helps you create fun interactions for your visitors with the help of this colorful button. Its vibrant orange color is bound to catch some looks, particularly when applied in more sober, plain page designs. The PSD was created and uploaded to Dribbble by user Petr Procházka.

      • PSD Social Media Sharing Buttons

        A set of social media sharing buttons in PSD format. The idea behind this concept was to create a set of buttons for social sharing that could be easily replicated in CSS, based on a PSD design first. This PSD is the result of that first design and now you can use it for free. This shot was uploaded to Dribbble in the name of Even More Details.

      • Soft Light Freebies

        A neat package with multiple navigation elements, styled in a soft and appealing manner. Among the items we can find tags (which can also serve as buttons), small numbered buttons and a cute group of icons with hearts, chains, clouds and rockets (?). Each element has two looks for both active and inactive states.

      • Rounded Social Buttons

        If you want to promote interactivity through social media, these buttons can definitely give the edge in that aspect. This collection has six circles for the same number of sites. It is up to you to decide what action you would like to trigger when users click on them.

      • CSS Social Share Buttons

        A set of social buttons for sharing in different social networks made in css. Based on a PSD file depicting a set of share buttons by Orman Clark, we now have basically the same exact resource coded in CSS for quick implementation in a web project. The items allow users to Tweet, like and +1 content on their favorite social networks. Code by Maki Myers.

      • Social Sign in PSD Buttons

        A set of social sharing elements, all projects could benefit from a little social sharing to spread the word, and these buttons can surely aid you in that process. More than sharing in itself, these items will allow users to connect their social networks to your website, opening new communication channels.

      • Realistic Hold-to-talk PSD Button

        A super cool design with clean touches and smart shadow effects to add dimension and depth. The middle part lights up in red, reflecting on its surroundings while an embossed text on top reads ''hold to talk'', although the element could have any use you want to give it. Simply grab the PSD and modify it.

      • Flat-Styled PSD Share Buttons

        A trio of social buttons made in Photoshop to promote yourself online in an elegant way. The design itself is flat, but features a neat effect around the top left corner, which bends the element's corner and puts a shadow over it, providing an attractive 3D effect. This PSD was made by Nash Vail.

      • PSD Instagram Buttons

        An appealing collection of multiple Instagram buttons to allow users to log into Instagram either with their credentials or follow you on the social network. The latter option has a counter embedded that tells how many people have followed you so far. Download the PSD to perform any changes.

      • Minimal PSD Download Buttons

        A nice set of three buttons for sharing your portfolio in three different platforms: Behance, Dribbble or any custom alternative. Grab the PSD file  to change font or colors, although the design looks pretty awesome already. All credit goes to Dribbble's user Egor Fedorov.

      • PSD Facebook Connect Button

        A simple Facebook login for websites made in PSD format for easy edition. With this neat button, you can let visitors access your site in just a couple of quick clicks. It also includes retina-ready resolutions.

      • PSD Upload Progress Bar Button

        A small upload button in PSD format that can do wonders to your interface if your website requires users to upload their own content. Apart from signaling the upload action through a beautiful icon, it also contains a progress bar to represent how much of the file has been completed.

      • Red & Blue PSD Download Buttons

        A couple of concepts for download buttons featuring separate looks for all three separate state possibilities. Apart from the color, both elements have slightly different arrow icons, which is really the only other difference you will find among these elements. The PSD file was made by Orman Clark.

      • Multiple-states Blue PSD Button

        A basic button that comes together with inactive, hover and click states to the element. The styling is simple but effective, featuring a blue gradient in the background and lovely light effects around the top. An arrow icon finishes up the item. It is free.

      • Semi-Flat Yin Yang PSD Button

        An original concept that mixes a buy button with a quantity selector, making shopping cart management agile and effortless for potential customers. The middle part of the selector is a text field, allowing users to enter the amounts manually. Download the free PSD to change and implement the button.

      • Free PSD Sign in Button

        This button design in PSD format invites visitors to use their Facebook credentials to enter your website, avoiding those awful registration screens and letting them get through ASAP. A nice sewing effect is applied around the borders while a wooden texture decorates the background.

      • Shiny Blue UI

        A pretty compilation of UI elements that will guide your users through your project in a dynamic fashion. The set is rather small, providing a few options for clickable buttons, progress bars, radio buttons and checkboxes. All styled with a neat glossy effect. PSD available for free.

      • Instagram Sign In PSD Buttons

        A neat "share with Instagram" button that users can use to log into your website and share their photos, just integrate this and you'll be good to go. Grab the free PSD file to make any modifications to the elements before using them; it was created by Simon Raczka.

      • PSD Social Count Buttons

        A really useful set of social buttons coming in two different sizes and applying a counter that lets you know how many people have clicked on it already. They work for Twitter, Facebook and Google+, using each website's sharing methods to function. PSD file available for free.

      • Green & Blue PSD Buttons

        A couple of custom buttons with very particular shapes and strong, vibrant colors, creating an appealing look that can surely catch the attention of your users. They point left and right, which makes for interesting uses. PSD created by Frantisek Krivda.

      • PSD Social Marketplace Buttons

        A fantastic set of buttons that will help you boost your online presence by calling attention from the users. They feature strong, bright colors according to the social network they represent and link you right away to the desired profile. PSD created and uploaded by Cole Bemis.

      • Light and Dark Web Buttons

        This set contains two types of elements: Simple clickable buttons and toggle switches. These items feature three variants that separate inactive and active states. They come in two color forms, light and dark. The white version has soft shadow effects, while the black design features bright, neon-like lights. 

      • Minimal PSD On & Off Button

        A big on and off button made in PSD. It features sweet shadow effects that add dimension to the design, plus an orange embossed icon right in the middle that sinks in a bit into the button. If you'd like to make a change or two, the PSD is available for free.

      • PSD Steel Button Set

        Inspired on the beautiful silver frame that goes around the latest iPhones, Diego Monzon has created this realistic metallic buttons with Adobe Photoshop, being kind enough to provide the original PSD. It features sharp light and shadow effects for a very convincing result.

      • Facebook Connect PSD Button

        A PSD format file for a Facebook Connect button. Apart from providing a fantastic "Login with Facebook" option that will speed up user navigation, this freebie features a smart technique to handle multiple gradients within the same layer and apply a pattern to it. Download the free PSD file.

      • PSD Pressed-state Power Button

        A neat power button for your apps made in PSD format from Dribbble's user Pontus Johansson. The button is styled in various shades of blue, going from light to almost black. It also features two states for "on" and "off" instances, complemented with a nice transition.

      • Dark PSD Navigation Buttons

        A beautiful horizontal navigation bar composed of buttons with subtle icons that light up in a neon-like effect when users interact with them. When pushed, the elements sink thanks to a well-achieved shadow effect. The PSD file was provided by Johan Geijer and you can download it for free.

      • Flat PSD UI Buttons

        A set of user interface buttons made by Alex Vanderzon following the flat design line and providing a minimalistic appearance to our project. The elements include functions such as media aggregation, social interactions, navigation actions and more.

      • Free PSD Social Button Set

        An excellent set of social buttons created and styled by Dribbble's Kean Richmond. They can provide a great help when trying to spread the word about your site's content in networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg and many more. Download the original PSD file for free.

      • Rounded PSD Web UI Set

        A simple set of stylish, rounded web buttons in which you will find customized icons. These familiar designs provide multiple states when hovering, allowing you to change their color palette or modify their behaviour as you please. Available as a PSD file, provided by Pixeden.

      • Google Sign In PSD Button

        A PSD button to enable users to log into your sites with their Google credentials, avoiding tedious registration forms and speeding up the navigation experience. The button itself features simple, delicate styling with a colorful bar on top and text in the middle. Grab the PSD file to modify it and implement it.

      • PSD Rounded Social Buttons

        An awesome trio of social buttons to make your presence in social networks bigger and bigger, with the help of your visitors. These rounded buttons allow people to share content on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. The original PSD is available for free, in case you want to make modifications.

      • Yogurt UI Kit

        A useful set of UI items styled with soft colors and simple details. It features a wide array of tools, from which we highlight: - Search bar - Buttons with multiple states - Sliders with bubble notifications - Radio buttons and checkboxes

      • PSD Push Wooden Button

        A strongly textured button with a wooden look, featuring an embossed text and rough borders. Around the button itself, you can see more wooden textures in a slightly darker tone. The PSD is available for free and it was created by Pontus Johansson.

      • Realistic PSD Buttons & Switches

        A set of concept for switches and buttons to let people interact with your website in a pleasant way, containing the original PSD to apply modifications at will. The switches have dots for "grip'' and feature cool shadow effects that add depth to the presentation.

      • Red PSD Push Button

        A colorful little button that will make your visitors interact with it all the time. It features two different designs to separate clicked and inactive states, plus a bright orange color that dominates the screen. Cool shadows wrap up the concept and add dimension.

      • Realistic Vector Info Buttons

        A set of buttons created in vector format (allowing easy resizing with no quality loss) that comes with an interesting arsenal of details to call users' attention. Strong shadows give dimension to the borders for a 3D effect. When active, the icons glow in bright light and their size will ensure nobody misses them.

      • PSD Dripping Download Button

        A rebound of a very similar design, providing a smooth download button with soft shadow effects a blue highlights that provide strong visual contrast. Below the button, you will find an original progress bar dripping liquid from it. This concept was brought to us by Mohamed Ali Bouhoum.

      • White Two-state PSD Web Button

        A straightforward concept that brings us a clean, white buttons, perfect for simple interactions in our web projects. There are two instances of the element for both active and inactive states, adding some dynamism to the idea. Uploaded to Dribbble by Wassim.

      • Dark PSD Elevator Buttons

        Two buttons to tell web and app users they can go up and down. They come in a dark style with light effects representing the directional arrows in green and orange colors. Soft shadows and borders wrap up this attractive design.

      • PSD Button States

        A smooth set of buttons in black and white, perfect to fit any web project. They come with multiple states each, allowing you to apply separate appearances when hovering or clicking. A small couple of switch-like buttons could also prove useful. Courtesy of Dribbble's Amir Hadjihabib.

      • PSD Social Sign-in Buttons

        A set of bright buttons for promoting your social networking profiles in a colorful way, composed of a good variety of popular social sites. The PSD file is attached so you can make any changes or add other choices regarding your project's appearance.

      • Glowing PSD Download Button

        A download button is a rebound of another great resource, and it was created by Garrett Godsey. It is composed of circles mostly, and a triangle to denote the download. The PSD file contains organized layers to identify the editable objects.

      • Random Multicolor PSD Buttons

        A collection of different buttons with multiple colors that are still fully editable thanks to the addition of a PSD file. These concepts could be useful for a flat-style button or drop-down menu. All credit goes to Lasse Eriksen.

      • Clean PSD Download Button

        A clean button concept that features a good number of elements such as the embossed cloud in the middle, progress bar all around the element and sweet shadows. This is a PSD by Piotr Kwiatkowski.

      • Realistic PSD Command Key

        A pretty Dribbble shot depicting a somewhat realistic command button, proper of a Mac keyboard. It has cool lighting effects towards the bottom, and a metallic frame going around it. The background features a soft blue to white gradient. Created by Mathieu Berenguer.

      • Compact Shopping PSD Animated Button

        A smart design for an "add to shopping cart" button, allowing you to do multiple actions through a compact interface. First, the left-hand part of the concept shows a price, and animation can open up a space in the middle, revealing a quantity box and two tiny buttons to increase or decrease the amount of items. Finally, the right-hand button will allow the user to finish adding the elements to their cart.

      • Editable PSD Arrow Buttons

        A beautiful set of colorful arrow buttons, fully customizable thanks to the addition of the original PSD file. All items are vector shapes, allowing you to resize them without losing any quality. This set was provided for free by Anli Zaimi at AZMind.

      • Transparent UI Kit Freebie

        Victor Erixon really loves transparency in his designs, and that's why he's created this entire set of UI elements applying the aforementioned transparency effect. You will get radio buttons, checkboxes, buttons, music widgets and more with this impressive set.

      • PSD Curved Buttons Tooltip

        A stylish group of buttons with three icons intended to be used as tooltips coming out of a smaller button with an icon useful for ''settings'' or ''preferences'' choices. They have a soft transparency effect that makes them stand out, particularly with colored backgrounds.

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    • In this showcase, you can find several concepts for form design templates that will help you with login, sign up and data gathering screens for your web projects.

      • Clear Web Form PSD Set

        A very well organized PSD file contains five web forms in the same simple and elegant style: a lightbox surrounded by a translucent black border and a subtle border for each button or field, each with its icon. The set includes sign-up, sign-in, password recovery, subscribe and contact -or mail- forms. It was created by Kleant Zogu and uploaded to 365psd.

      • Free Social Sign Up Form

        A pretty little widget designed by Dribbble’s Dylan Opet in order to provide a sign up window for future users where they can enter their information and register. It also includes a couple of buttons that allow faster processing through the information stored in Facebook and Twitter.

      • Colorful PSD Form & Switches

        A design for a general form combining a delightful background with a set of boxes and switches. The boxes come with subtle and colorful borders as well as notifications that tell users if the information entered is correct. As it is usual with Dribbble shots, the PSD file is included so you can work on enhancements.

      • Flat-styled PSD Login Form

        A flat styled login UI that provides a straightforward alternative for letting users access your website created in PSD format. Also, a neat “remember me” button allows visitors to avoid the process in the future.

      • PSD Social Sign Up Window

        A smooth, colorful sign up window that suggests the user to log in through their social media accounts, with the help of stylish boxes representing three different networks. Users can also sign up by entering their e-mail information and clicking on a lovely orange “create my account button." Justin Nurse did this Dribbble shot.

      • Flat Login PSD Freebie

        An extremely basic Dribbble shot for a login screen with practically no effects, aiming for a no-nonsense approach that goes straight to the point. In any case, by grabbing the PSD attached here, you can apply any necessary changes to the interface for an ideal look. This login form was created by the user André Figueira.

      • Minimalistic PSD Login

        A nice contribution by Dribbble's member Alex who designed one subtle login, composed mostly off shadow effects. The design is quite clean and can be used in lot of websites, but In case you are not convinced just yet, you can grab the PSD and make any changes you want for it

      • Free Crystalized Photoshop Login

        A gorgeous concept for a login screen with completely transparent boxes and an “ID card," a look achieved thanks to the lace on top. However, the transparency would not work as well as it does without the beautiful background that decorates the whole page.

      • UI Login PSD Freebie

        This is a smooth creation for a login screen brought to us by Dribbble collaborator Waseem Arshad. It comes with bright buttons and a double stripe on top, plus soft colors around the rest of the interface. The original PSD file is provided in case developers need any changes.

      • Free PSD Login User Interface

        An appealing design coming to us from Dribbble's user Kevin Kalde. It features a login interface with a smooth effect that applies “dirt” on top, giving it the concept of some real dimension. As usual with this kind of projects, the PSD is included in order to allow free modifications.

      • Minimal PSD Checkout Form

        This Dribbble shot, courtesy of user Umar Irshad, serves as a solution for an online payment interface in a splendid package. Apart from providing all the necessary validation options, it shows the amount to be paid with a nice icon on the top corner, both decorating and providing info to the would-be customer. This can be used freely.

      • Free PSD Stepped Header

        A beautiful design for a header including a step-by-step guide and form elements. We have added the PSD file here in case you’d like to build on this already attractive idea. These elements were created by Dribbble’s user Fuxxo Works for our delight.

      • Photoshop Sign-up Modal

        Gabriel Valdivia from Dribbble provides us with this neat PSD for a modal sign-up window. In it, an option to use social networks has been added into the mix as well. You can give the users both the options to sign up with facebook or via email. Feel free to modify this at will and shape it to your specific needs.

      • Changeable Background Login PSD Template

        A beautifully styled login form features a full-page slideshow of colorful blurred images sitting behind a smooth, transparent pair of input fields and a login button with neat shadow effects. It also includes the option to log in with Facebook or Twitter. The original PSD is available in case you’d like to experiment.

      • Dark Login Box Editable PSD

        A stylish login screen designed by Haziq Mir and displayed in Dribbble. It features a sober, dark skin with a button to show the password or hide it (useful to avoid typos), a couple of fancy icons and a big “sign in” button to contrast with the rest of the shot. The PSD is provided for further polishing.

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