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(58 submissions) | Jun 15, 2017

A collection of Photography WordPress Themes that will highlight amateurs and experts' photographs alike.

  • Loose, a simple and elegant WordPress blog theme FatThemes. Its modern layout is ideal for showcasing videos, articles, photos and more, and makes it a rather good fit for a fashion magazine or blog site.

  • A customizable WordPress theme that is perfect to display photographs and images, it supports many plugins to extend its functionality, like WooCommerce. It’s translation ready and you can easily change things with its Customizer. Also, it is SEO friendly and Responsive.

  • Piclectic is a responsive, clean WordPress Theme developed by ModernThemes. Focused on image sharing and showcasing, it features a minimalistic design with a large picture gallery. It includes a selection of google fonts to easily mix and match, a simplified installation process and is fully localization ready to quickly translate to your preferred language.

  • Creattica is a WordPress theme created especially for a portfolio or a photography theme. It has a static left sidebar, giving lots of space to the rest of the content, including a big slider on top. The theme has a GPL license.

  • A free WordPress theme beautifully designed for those who want to share their travel experiences in a cool fashion and creative way. The theme can be inspired others showcasing your favorite journeys, photos and tips.

  • A modern and responsive photography and fashion theme for WordPress. It features range from simple performance improvements in coding to complete customization options. This theme has free and premium versions.

  • Optimizer is an easy to customize and multi-purpose theme. This theme lets you change each element Live without writing code. It can fit any type of page from Portfolios to eCommerce websites.

  • A compelling travel and living-focused WordPress theme perfect for bloggers and photographers ready to explore the world. The home page can include an optional slider to feature the most relevant posts, and it allows you to feature some static pages right below it as well, among others possibilities.

  • A crafted WordPress theme with a somehow appealing layout. It is perfect for bloggers, photographers, and any personal website, besides, it is responsive and allows simple customization without needing to know how to code. Inside you’ll find fonts, featured content, slider and grid, promotion headline, pagination, icons, menus, breadcrumb, widgets and more.

  • A minimal WordPress theme for blogs that is completely responsive and suitable for all devices. The theme is optimized and tested for fast page load times, and it has a secure and clean code.

  • A WordPress blog theme that allows artists to showcase their work and write about relevant topics quickly, featuring the most important pieces on a screen-size slider. It offers supporting post formats for quotes, links, images, large feature images, a classical sidebar, and a footer with social network links.

  • This theme was crafted especially for creatives, publishers, architects and photographers. It has a modern and innovative responsive layout to make your posts look outstanding and unique.

  • Simona is a stunning WordPress theme designed to display those special moments in life. It is specially designed for wedding industries, ideal as a photo album and it requires a few minutes to set up.

  • Divina is a static left sidebar WordPress theme that features photography tiles content hover animated.

  • A one-column responsive theme focused on photography. Its code is clean and validated, and anyone (even without coding knowledge) can edit it. The theme is compatible with modern browsers, includes the Theme Options Panel and localization options.

  • A theme that has everything you need to build a stunning portfolio or business website. The design is spiced up with parallax scrolling and lazy load effects. The theme is built with Cherry Framework, which adds additional functionality and allows you to customize the theme to a great extent.

  • A multi-purpose WordPress theme featuring a vertically scrolling along with an user-friendly design perfect for portfolio, personal blog, business, photography or any other use.

  • A great WordPress responsive theme for photo galleries that features a full-width header slider and several sorts of neatly organized grid layouts for its galleries.

  • A nice and clean responsive WordPress theme focused on typography and content. A fitting choice for bloggers and writers. Enter Datar features Jetpack WordPress plugin to enhance theme functionalities.

  • A theme using white and a grayscale to reach a simple and clean design, perfect for an elegant blogging site, ideal for fashion, it offers an easy customization and optional features like a slider featuring the best content, among others.

  • Caos is an appealing theme for WordPress in which your posts get organized into a grid of Material Design-like cards that pop open with an amazing animation that shrinks the image to a wider aspect, and then expands it as the header of the page.

  • A WordPress theme with a beautiful and clean design that lets you navigate horizontally, including a customizer panel, it is perfect for business, web agency, personal blog, portfolio, photography, magazine and much more.

  • Modern and minimal design, beautifully diagrammed, ample white spaces, image based unique design with smooth fade in transitions.

  • Coni is a WordPress corporate theme, easy to customize, with a responsive multipurpose design. It has a clean look, smooth transitions, and big format images.

  • A WordPress theme that features a nice minimal design and a nice background that highlights the gallery of artists and corporate portfolios.

  • Tography is a WordPress theme specially design to feature posts by regular-width photos that vary in height and are laid out in a nice responsive grid.

  • Silvia is a clean and multipage WordPress theme that features grayscale thumbnails that come to life as you hover over them. It comes with several layouts and a fullscreen slider gallery.

  • Allure is a fully responsive WordPress theme for fashion bloggers. It is a multi-page theme which features hover translucid description effects and a screen-size tiles grid layout suitable for high-quality fashion news coverage. The theme has been created by the guys at Site5.

  • A responsive and modern theme focused on big photography and perfect for portfolios, photographers and creative freelancers. It has a clean and minimal layout, you can modify the colors, Select Google fonts at will, cross-browser support and more.

  • A well-rated theme for WordPress with a minimal style and focused on big photographs. It has full Aesop compatibility for easy shopping, it’s retina ready, includes documentation and advanced options panel, besides being responsive, multilanguage, and it includes the plugins used in the demo.

  • A beautiful WordPress theme made for portfolios and photographers. This is a child theme for the Boardwalk WordPress theme, made with sharp edges and a minimalistic appearance. The theme includes custom menus and pages, and it can be used for free.

  • A free photography WordPress theme made especially for photographs who also love to write about their experiences travelling and taking pictures. It is really simple, with a single featured image, a menu, and blogging area. It was created by TemplateMonster.

  • Gridsby is a compelling WordPress theme with a Pinterest-style layout and created specifically for photographers. This theme includes several features like custom colors and fonts. It is easily customizable, cross-browser, SEO ready and it includes the PSD template.

  • A neat and contemporary WordPress theme that works perfectly in any mobile and desktop device. It has its focus on images, allowing photographers to get the most out of it. However, it can be used by freelancers and small companies to show their products and services in an attractive way. This theme was created by FasterThemes and it’s free.

  • Match Lite is a simple theme with a clean and inviting look, particularly useful for wedding websites and blogs. There are two ways to get it: The lite version, which is available for free, provides all essential features and a little more. The pro presentation has interesting such as separate templates for groom and bridesmaid, wedding counter, custom widgets and more.

  • The Mansion theme is an excellent option for those who want to show their photography skills to the world. Images are organized in a clean grid that animates when the screen size changes, making the design both good-looking and responsive. You can easily add your own logo and other pages and customize navigation.

  • Fullscreen is a fantastic theme for displaying your portfolio of graphics, photographs, illustrations and visual art in general. The elements are organized in a neat grid with a soft opacity effect; when hovering on the items, this effect will disappear and you will be able to see the picture in full light. A tiny menu down the middle enables you to navigate through the site.

  • Photoria is a fantastic media-oriented theme, perfect for showcasing your photography, design or illustration portfolio. The main screen features a big slider that can open up a blog post for that image when clicking on it. This could be quite useful for photo blogging, seamlessly combining both concepts.

  • Lensa is a theme created for those obsessed with high-quality photographs, so designers, illustrators and photographers will definitely appreciate its virtues. It features a full-screen background slideshow with cool effects that immerse your visitors in your content. A responsive design ensures an enjoyable experience through desktop and mobile set-ups.

  • It’s a minimalistic yet useful theme to showcase images, build especially for graphic designers, photographers and those who make a living or enjoy the static art of images.

  • Here we have a portfolio theme for designers and photographers. It is great for showing off your image-oriented projects to the world. It has a black and blue color combination that can be customized, custom header and menu, featured images, fixed layout, flexible header, fluid layout, one column, post formats, responsive layout, RTL language support, theme options, translations and more.

  • A professional theme designed with photographers and videographers in mind in order to give them a platform in which to showcase their content to other people. The layout is very clean and puts your images and videos right on the spotlight, featuring big and fullscreen lightboxes. There is a free version and a professional one if you truly love it.

  • A professional theme designed with photographers and videographers in mind in order to give them a platform in which to showcase their content to other people. The layout is very clean and puts your images and videos right on the spotlight, featuring big and fullscreen lightboxes. There is a free version and a professional one if you truly love it.

  • Thoughts’ primary focus is to put your content out there without any extra additions, this explains its lack of sidebars, widgets or footers. Its flat styling and exaggerated size makes every element stand out. This theme is fully responsive and can include slideshows on top of blog entries. Perfect for photography and blogging purposes.

  • Hatch is a beautiful, modern-looking theme that photographers and designers can use to display their portfolios. The layout is quite clean, focusing on the images not only to see them, but to navigate through the site with them. You can add lightboxes and customize headers and backgroung. Also, it is optimized for mobile viewing with its responsive design.

  • Halifax is a neat effort that brings a responsive theme with attractive features. The homepage arranges the content in the site with a masonry layout, very clean and organised. Right above, we can see a big slideshow with featured content. Users can navigate quickly through the site by using the dropdown menus below the title.

  • Adament is a photography-oriented WordPress theme created with the Bootstrap 3 framework, featuring multiple customization and extensibility options. The main screen features a screen-wide slideshow that puts your content in the spotlight. Users can use the menus above to browse through the page and check different galleries or posts.

  • Stream is a simple photography theme, great for weddings and events of that nature. It has a horizontal scrolling where all the photographs are listed. The theme also has labels for classifying the photos, and it’s totally ready to be integrated with WordPress.

  • Panoramica is a versatile theme that can work for displaying portfolios, promote small businesses, freelance work or blogging with a smooth and professional presentation. The template is completely fluid, meaning it can be seen perfectly with a wide range of devices. A slider on the home page, as well as galleries and lightboxes bring importance to media content.

  • GNR is a beautiful theme with a nice concept behind it. Green is the color of life, and not without reason, the tones in this design create a soothing effect that many visitors will surely notice. ┬áIt contains slideshows, galleries, and other elements. Finding a better template for an eco-oriented site could be a hard task.

  • Pelican is a simple yet effective WordPress theme (available for version 3 and above) featuring a flat-styled header without too much flair. Below, the simple look continues with a grid view that can display images linking to blog entries and other pages. The sidebars make use of widgets, message boxes and more.

  • Gorchizza provides an excellent alternative for photography sites or blogs that constantly showcase visual content. Just as one would expect from a photography theme, the home page opens with a solid slider heading the site; below it, you will find a more conventional view, with previous posts stacked together. Sidebars and widgets are also available.

  • Time is a wonderful theme that provides a clean and easy interface in which to display content in either text or media formats. Blog entries include neat details such as a red circle with additional information while images can appear heading these posts or bringing color to the homepage.

  • A fantastic theme for showing presentations in any device thanks to a responsive design that works quite well. The template features only two main elements in the homepage: First, a parallax slider that takes up the whole width of the screen and a dropdown menu that displays its options on hover.

  • An elegant theme focused on media, either in images or video; this can be evidenced right from the first page with the large slideshow that takes up the upper part of the template and displays captions along with the elements. Below, you can organize posts in a neat grid layout.

  • This theme could be an invaluable asset for photographers, designers or people looking to showcase media content instead of plain text. The images take up the whole width of the page, which inspired the name. The menu could be placed at either side of the page and the blog view can use both images and videos.

  • Temptation is a theme created to put media in the spotlight from beginning to end. A giant slider will take over the whole width of the screen (this is possible thanks to the addition of responsive design into the mix) while a dropdown menu located on the top of the template and a search bar will enable users to navigate through the page’s sections.

  • Colorite is a beautiful template with a few special details under the hood. First thing you’ll see when opening a page with this theme is a big slideshow, ideal for displaying media content or bring attention to posts within the site. Additionally, it comes with neat dropdown menus around the upper part.

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