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An extensive gallery with lots of user interface design templates in PSD, Sketch and some CSS too, useful for both mobile and web applications.

  • 'New Absolutely Incredible and Free UI Kit for Sketch App: 80 screens, vector based, drag and drop, sketch ready, pixel perfect'

  • VISAGE is a carefully crafted, free UI kit for Adobe Photoshop that contains 70 UI components and lets you easily build beautiful websites and unique concepts. It features 7 categories for easy access, from popular topics: Blog, E-Commerce, Media, Admin, Forms, Headers, Footers.

  • A complete React native user interface kit that allows you to create a beautiful and stylish app. It has 30 components ready to use, it is easily installable from NPM and there are predefined elements (in code) for you to use.

  • A complete user interface kit for a website with a regular design thought to improve usability. It is made in PSD format, and it has menus, various kind of buttons, tabs, author card, product view, video, sliders and more.

  • A user interface made in PSD and Illustrator perfect for food, cooking learning apps and restaurant apps. The UI kit has tons of design elements like icons and characters, and you have screens for login, stats, profile, registration and newsfeed, among others.

  • This is a calendar UI made in Sketch. It includes the monthly view, daily view, and tasks. It can be used it in commercial and personal projects under the creative commons license.

  • Cityguide is a mobile app template which includes 7 well-layered screens. All the screens come in PSD format and are fully customizable. The files can be used for personal or commercial projects.

  • This UI was designed for the LinkedIn app. Featuring the power packed business and social features in the app and changing the brand color to a new one.

  • This is a UI kit for pages that includes 35 UI cards. Designed to be used on landing pages it has a minimalistic design and comes in a fully customizable PSD file.

  • This is a pack of inspirational UI concepts and design insights on mobile and desktop interfaces. It offers a common sense of style and professional performance. All templates come in PSD format.

  • Hobi is an e-commerce PSD UI set that has a modern look. It contains 14 screens in PSD files that can be easily used for a mobile e-commerce business website including online fashion, clothing, and more. The file is 94 MBs.

  • is a handcrafted blog UI kit made for iOS. It contains 13 layered and named screens, photoshop vector shapes, and Google fonts. It can be modified and some elements reused. The file is 252 MBs.

  • Monet is a clean design UI Kit, very ideal for mobile apps, with images. A high-quality package that contains 16 iOS Mobile Screens. These screens are editable and organized PSD files. The file size is 99 MBs

  • An excellent UX/UI kit for low-fi prototyping, visually crafted in a flat style offers a great opportunity to create the perfect scheme using thumbnails and UX flowcharts.

  • A nicely achieved UI kit crafted in a beautiful good-looking Material design style. All files come available in a PSD format grouped in layers containing interface components such as buttons, grids, menus, etc.

  • An awesome mobile app template made fully resizable and easily editable, crafted using the new characteristics of Sketch for an easy editing and a quick personalization process.

  • Article UI is an incredibly useful tool made as an UI kit for article composing. It features a minimalistic design and various design components such as comments, blockquotes, galleries sliders and more. Contains PSD, Sketch and HTML (responsive) files and formats ready to be used.

  • This is a UI for a PSD application that helps to learn about cocktails, with the ingredients available for purchase. The background fades from fuchsia to azure, it has a check in, menu, and add-to-cart screen.

  • A sports watch app design made in Photoshop. The app design has suitable smart objects and vectors for easy modification, and it includes beautiful Apple Watch mockups. Icons and fonts are included as well.

  • An online store for Sketch featuring over 55 screens, 15 plus categories, a large pack of UI base elements, and perfect layer organization (carefully named and grouped). It offers 100 % free fonts, pixel perfect designs, and free updates.

  • Complete website with amazing, fresh and original UI inspiration and resources updated daily. It's organized into more than 100 categories to facilitate your search.

  • A UI kit crafted for designing your own mobile email application, it counts on screens for inbox list, an off-canvas menu for options, a message composer, a sort-it-quick reading one, among others.

  • Feedapp is a great set containing 6 PSD screen templates of a sample app, which tracks user's mood in 4 different categories love, work, family, and health. It also showcases reports and includes its own iconography among its features.

  • Ocean is a mobile UI kit in PSD format featuring 10 screens containing sign in and sign up forms, the main menu, an activity link, and a friend list of a simple social application.

  • An E-commerce UI kit containing 120+ screens specially built for Sketch, using icons and assets created for the kit, inspired by the 80's casual culture, and is ready for personal or commercial use.

  • A useful and complete kit for free to help you with the creation of your first project, it contains several templates in PSD, logos, documents, and includes 5 icon packs, without copyright restrictions. All the packages weight in total about 147 MBs.

  • Avital in a user interface package that comprises 21+ quite elaborate iOS mobile screens, within 7 categories in PSD files, several mockups and different images in JPG format. It weights more than 900 MBs.

  • A handy UI kit in PSD perfect for a blog or a magazine website, based on the Bootstrap grid contains diverse elements, headers, sliders, footers, forms and more. The file weighs over 100MB and it can be downloaded from the source.

  • Complete and clean UI kit for e-commerce web pages, contains an extense variety of useful elements and widget based components. Available in PSD format.

  • Helium is a playful and colorful UI kit that includes switches, sliders, buttons, breadcrumbs, tooltips, tags, pagination, textboxes, swatches and other UI elements in pastel colors.

  • Complete and dynamic UI kit for chat in a minimal style, including 60 templates, 12 categories, and 80 UI elements-optimized and retina–ready, available for Photoshop and Sketch. The Sketch file is over 400 MB.

  • DO is a mobile UI kit that contains over 130 stunning screens, 10 complete themes, and 250+ components to mix and match to create stunning apps. It's available for Photoshop and Sketch.

  • Material design UI kit made in psd in a simple and eye-catching style with several components like calculator, keyboard, stopwatch, radio and checkboxes.

  • A desktop and mobile UI kit crafted in a clean style that features modern, sharp and elegant components and modules. This kit comes in 20 fully layered PSD files for both desktop and mobile devices.

  • This UI kit is specially made for a restaurant or food related websites, built in a clean and simple, yet dynamic Masonry layout, available in psd and sketch files.

  • Stark is quite a versatile UI kit that consists of 200+ components, 90+ elements and 10+ categories. It also includes Arabic alphabet fonts, colors palette, and 128 wired icons.

  • Incredibly complete Bootstrap 4 GUI pack, updated to the smallest detail, done in vector for full editability, containing forms, buttons, images, dropdown, badges and panels among other elements.

  • We bring you this Q1.2016 edition of the GoodBarber Open UI Kit with over 150 pixel perfect iOS UI elements. Each screen included in the Sketch file is fully cutomizable can be integrated with the GoodBarber app building platform.

  • Colorado is a minimal GUI that offers a breath of fresh air, being clean, very basic but appealing and eye-catching at the same time, it is fun, colorful, with a bit of flat and some more of outlined style. It is comprised by over 50 items in three color variations, all built pixel perfect and vector as well.

  • Tilt is a UI kit created and designed to be simple and striking. Using physical on depth to create hierarchy, this kit is meant to work as a library of design patterns and components to work as a guide to interaction and visual design. File size is 119 MB

  • Bootflat is an open source project UI kit CSS package in a flat, simple design. It is based on Bootstrap, offering support for Sketch users since the original comes in PSD formats only.

  • A neatly crafted web template design delivered in PSD format that features nice and big typography and a consistent professional color palette including 6 ready-to-use screens.

  • Arcane UI is a modern flat UI kit for web that comes composed in a single page layout template in fully layered PSD format.

  • Zebra is a cool user interface design for a mobile app made in PSD format. It has a great deal of crafted design elements ready to be implemented in your next project. It includes the core screens already designed, it's easy to extend elements to new screens, totally organized and Photoshop ready.

  • A kit of more than 100 UI Kits for blogging crafted in both PSD and InDesign format. It features 13 home variations and 1920x 10000 pixels resolution. The file weights over 900MB.

  • Routes is a Flat UI Sample Kit for iOS that includes 12 pixel-perfect screens available in both Sketch and PSD format. It goes well with any restaurant, hotel, online shop websites and others.

  • EventPro is a modern and fresh looking UI kit in PSD format of web elements crafted specially for events counting on ones for widget activity and dashboard management, color variations, activity stream, and more.

  • A complete iOS 9 UI Kit for Sketch fully crafted under Apple guidelines and featuring preset screens, app icons, status bar icons, keyboards, Siri, lock screen, settings, and many more.

  • A nice Sketch UI template kit with a minimal style and several screens for profile, thumbnails, It was created by Karen Liu and upload it to Behance, widgets for weather, calendar, login. It has a bright and clean aesthetic, 30+ UI elements, and example article page. The file is really lightweight.

  • Flat UI Product cards that will come handy for your online shop so you can always give a minimalistic design to your business. Different designs and colors available. Follow source link and complete form for free download.

  • UI PSD template with 30 elements, perfect for a business portfolio. It includes chat, payment and tasks interfaces among and other apps.

  • A fantastic freebie brought to us by Designmodo in the form of a massive UI kit implementing pure flat design. These buttons, dropdowns, media players, sliders and other elements feature neat animations and highlight effects, making interactivity detection an easy task for your visitors. They come in both PSD and HTML versions.

  • Azure is a huge, neat fully layered and customizable PSD UI kit. It includes a template for a website and several widgets. It was created by Yolqin Alimov with a free for personal and commercial use license.

  • Cake Art Studio brings these edgy and fresh UI elements with an interface full of texture. It includes nav bar, profile, login form, feed and statics pages, it is available in Ai and PSD file format.

  • The Spot user interface is a huge set of components for web design, crafted in a multi-color fashion and totally editable. it includes buttons, checkboxes, dropdowns, navigation, input fields, progress bars, widgets and more. File weighs more than 150MB.

  • A free material UI kit made in PSD format, crafted by the ninjas behind Designtory, totally organized and ready to use as is or to be edited. The kit has the regular UI components like menu bars, profile widgets, charts, post previews & thumbnails, search bars, buttons, forms and many more. It also includes icons.

  • Nakropol is a flat UI kit with a lot of elements to choose from, made in PSD format. It was designed by Orkan Çep, and it has sign up and sign in forms, profile badges, timeline, time stamps, blog content widget, shopping cart widget and many more. The colors are also quite nice.

  • Complete mobile UI blueprint with a wide offer of elements in outlined design including diverse buttons, charts, dialog boxes, text and calendars, among other.

  • A UI kit for mobile devices that features colorful containers that contrast with a black background crafted in Sketch.

  • A clean and minimal fashion iOS UI Kit that features black and white layouts and translucid coloured containers.

  • A1 is a gradient-colorful UI kit for android devices crafted in a minimal design featuring 45 screens, 3X Full HD views and over 250 elements including 60 line icons. It weights 160+MB.

  • Liquid is a website GUI Kit crafted in a flat dark style and released in PSD format. It features compositions for screens of all sizes.

  • is a landing page template and UI kit that features a nice minimal style and that was fully crafted and released in Sketch format.

  • An eCommerce UI kit for iOS Applications that comes in 7 separate PSD files, all of them featuring a material design.

  • Paper Kit is a UI kit for Bootstrap that features nice and smooth pastel colors, being completely different from the common flat, iOS or material styles.

  • A UI kit in PSD format for Bootstrap 3 that features nice elements in with glowy effects in cyan, yellow and green that contrast smooth dark backgrounds and content.

  • A well designed UI kit of Android side menu ideas crafted in material design by Nine Hertz and released free to for personal or commercial use in a PSD format including 10 different designs.

  • A Bootstrap theme that allows you to use the Google Material Design in any front-end framework being fully compatible with Bootstrap 3, you just need to add the CSS containing the Bootstrap and include the JavaScript at the end of your document.

  • A free UI kit crafted by Nine Hertz for the new Android Lollipop OS in material design featuring a set of UI elements. This kit is available in PSD format which you can easily modify.

  • A UI kit inspired by winter that comes with including tabs, weather widget, a profile section, a login section, popular destinations widget, video, menus and more.

  • A Mobile UI kit in material design coming in Ai format that includes several cards for video, music player, weather, on/off switches, profile and more coming along with 38 icons.

  • A mobile portfolio app UI kit in PSD format designed for creative designers, photographers, and freelancers including screens for home, showreel, portfolio, blog, and work preview with a 640×1136-pixel resolution. It weighs over 100MB.

  • This is a UI kit made for Sketch with 20 elements inside the pack that will give you inspiration to create your next UI project.

  • Drunken Parrot is a CSS user interface kit that includes a lot of elements you might need while designing a Bootstrap-ready Site. It is flat with bright colors to stand out, it includes design elements like dropdowns, buttons, checkboxes and radio buttons, color palettes input fields styles, and more. It can be downloaded both in PSD and CSS formats.

  • A CSS user interface that has relevant design elements for laying out a website. It is organised as a website, with boxes for content, a top menu, search, recent posts and other widgets. It was created with pure CSS, and it can be downloaded and improved. Marius Balaj created this and uploaded to Codepen.

  • A complete user interface made in CSS and HTML, composed of several design elements with a simple flat style and clean colors. Customize it by changing its multiple and complete features..

  • Free UI KIT available in two different colors, simple interface for iOS with a couple of pages intended for mobile applications, provided in Sketch format.

  • Focus is a dashboard UI design in PSD file format, in a minimal, modern and flat style featuring analytic graphics and charts.

  • Bplus is a business and consultancy UI PSD that includes home page and 11 inner pages. It is a full-page design, simple and clean with a nice icon usage.

  • Flat free UI set, created especially for travel blogs. Download includes psd file, and a bonus: patterns and icons as photoshop shapes file.

  • A neat web app user interface for medical purposes made in PSD. It includes vector design elements like icons, buttons, boxes, tabs, pagination, alerts, and a simple flat illustration of the body, with easily editable shapes. The UI has a basic color palette and post thumbs.

  • An iOS 9 GUI template made for Adobe Illustrator and vector shapes for easy edition. It has design elements for status bar, controllers, tab bar, navigation, toolbars, keyboards, activity and many more screens. They are totally scalable, and its elements are organised. Created by Vasil Enchev.

  • A set of tiles made in PSD format with colorful style. The template includes widgets for analytics, a rating widget, buy button, posts for products and many more. It is fully editable, and you can download it for free. It was created by Filip Korzycki.

  • A complete UI kit for a real estate agency made in PSD format. The template is fully layered and editable, including design elements like headers, guides icons for multiple purposes and more. The UI kit is free and it was made by Farid Sagiev.

  • A vector set with tons of design components in flat style. The UI set includes different charts, calendar, weather, audio and video players, login form, author card, calculator and more. It was created by Balraj Chana.

  • A compelling set of editable screens for a mobile app, really colorful app with lots of design elements. The screen are perfect for profile, images, menu, notifications, news, feed, music player and categories. It includes profile pic areas, icons, menus and more, totally editable and free to use. This UI weighs 120MB.

  • A nice user interface for a website made in PSD format. It has simple details complemented with smooth colors. The template includes elements for headers, logo, social sharing, timelining, contact form, comments, bars, app presentation and more. It was crafted by Nik Pletikos.

  • ​The Transparent UI Kit is a glossy and bold UI kit that includes lots of user interface elements. The user has a lot of options to choose from and its design is ideal for web and mobile apps. It has three different versions web templates – Web, Smartphone and Mobile.

  • A free retina user interface kit made with blue tones and nice flat shapes. It includes different elements for designing like menus, logins, profile widgets, media players, calendars and many more. Its design is flat, complementing it with images. This UI was created by Bradley Bussolini.

  • The Summer UI kit is a compelling creation consisting of various design elements for summer events-related websites or apps. The UI has the regular buttons, switches, widgets for maps, calendars, profile, login and more. This user interface kit was created by Sergey Azovskiy and you can download it and use it freely.

  • A free material user interface kit that comes in PSD format and comes packed with more than 40 UI elements, 40 templates, 7 application categories and 30 icons. Besides, it has an organized layout, works with Photoshop CS6 and it weighs more than 172MB, so you get an idea of its quality.

  • A fantastic and broad collection of PSD UI elements, designed by Alex Patrascu almost entirely in black with bright, light blue details. The items available are quite diverse, going from sliders and volume bars, to search bars, buttons with notifications and much more.

  • An interesting design with a patterned background, providing a template to work on a Metro-styled interface, as seen on Microsoft latest products. It provides a good deal of detail while keeping the emphasis on simplicity that characterizes Metro creations.

  • Putty is a gigantic set of UI elements created by Dribbble's Alexey Anatolievich. The styling is fantastic, using a solid dark background that poses as a great foundation for all the neon effects and vibrant colors found on the UI elements themselves.

  • An exhaustive set of clean and simple UI elements created in vector format, allowing you to resize them without worries. The collection is very complete, including music playback controls, tags, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns and setting buttons. Created by Alessio Atzeni.

  • A small bundle of big elements for web designing, coming with a clean flat designed and a pink color scheme that you can modify at will after grabbing the PSD file. The package includes widgets for calendars, weather, login screens, video playback and more.

  • This iTunes UI design borrows elements from simple design techniques like Metro and flat in order to create a straightforward interface. It comes in two versions that feature the same elements with a small difference: One is plain white while the second has a subtle blur effect and slight gray tones.

  • A beautiful set of colorful UI elements created by the Designmodo team for Smashing Magazine. The items draw inspiration from various sources, such as Microsoft's Metro concept. You can increase and decrease size with no problem, thanks to the use of shape layers (vector elements).

  • This invaluable resource allows you to get the entire blueprint needed to created iPhone 5 applications, courtesy of Anthony Aubertin's design. This UI kit contains measurements, buttons and elements commonly found in most iPhone utilities to use in mockups or brand new creations.

  • Another useful UI Kit created in PSD by the team at Designmodo and released for free. This time around, the main characteristic is the implementation of the now common flat design trend with simple, but impressive elements that include search bars, audio players, menus, weather widgets and much, much more.

  • A fantastic flat UI kit made in PSD, featuring strong colors that give an alternative look to the sometimes all-too-similar flat interfaces we see around today. He still manages to keep all elements well organized and recognizable for the user.

  • A considerably large set of UI elements created by Dribbble’s Andreea Nicolaescu, completely based on flat styling. The variety of tools available is quite wide, including audio player, calendar, progress bar, calculator and navigation buttons and dropdowns. You can use this set personally and commercially.

  • An extensive user interface concept inspired by the current flat design trend. It includes everything you need to run a somewhat basic website and even add some complex features into the mix: Buttons, toggles, circular avatars, messaging widgets, map windows, progress bars and much, much more awaits for you in this package.

  • A PSD kit with some items from a flat dark user interface such as buttons, inputs, search fields, text areas, check boxes, toggle switches and drop-down menus which are perfect for mobile interfaces and apps. The colors available are red, green and blue, with the addition of several states (pressed, hover, default, etc.).

  • A complete stylish GUI freebie, providing almost anything one might need from the basic bars, text fields and buttons to charts, players and tag clouds; all in a simple style of white lines on a proposed blue background. The whole PSD is neatly organized for comfortable managing.

  • A mobile user interface counting on four screens with the basic elements for a social app, bringing a mixture of creamy autumn colors and a gorgeous aqua login screen. The ZIP includes four PSD files all of them with organised layers to make your job easier.

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