A huge 3D assets library including: 3D icons, full body 3D characters, medium body characters, 3D scenes and objects to mix, all of them in 4k resolution and transparent background, several color palettes, front and perspective view.

5 Packs

This pack contains the ultimate collection of 3D style design assets, including everything from 3D icons to 3D cartoon characters, 3d avatars, 3d alphabets & lettering designs, all assets with the same smooth design style so that each pack is compatible with the others, delivered in high resolution PNG files with transparent backgrounds.


3d human, 3d monster

And 3d robot characters

In 4K Resolution

More than 3000 assets

in smooth 3D style

Including 3D icons

3D cartoon characters

3D avatars & 3D alphabets

All the deliverables are ready to download as isolated files

With transparent background

And printing-quality resolution

Huge library of 3D objects that

Perfectly replace common

Icons perfectly replace or

Illustrations to give your

Project a trendy look


These 3D assets will come in handy no matter which type of content you're working on, be it for print or digital media, web, mobile apps, etc.

Set yourself appart using trendy and modern 3D assets for your projects.

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Packs Included
A set of 100+ high resolution 3D characters featuring several different professions and ethnicities, delivered in 4k resolution files with transparent backgrounds or blurry background scenes to use in all kinds of projects.
A pack of neat 3D cartoon characters with over 120 assets for scene creation including isolated 3D kid and adult characters as well as 3D objects with front and perspective views - every asset features 4K resolution, vibrant color palettes and smooth 3D design style that you can combine with each other to create great looking compositions in no time.
A huge collection featuring 2000+ 3D icons in high resolution with 5 trendy color palette variations, 2 different viewpoints (front & perspective), dimensions 4000x4000px and delivered in transparent background files, perfect for print and digital projects.
Grab this collection of 3D characters and objects featuring 100+ illustrations in soft 3D design style, delivered in high resolution transparent files.
This set includes 5 different 3D alphabets with letters in 4K resolution, and delivers each letter in files with transparent backgrounds - over 260 quotes, isolated letters, symbols & numbers.
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