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Best part? You don’t even need to know any code prior taking these courses, because they are made for all levels, from beginners to experts, and will take you from novice to professional quickly so you can start making money out of your new found powers.

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Full Lifetime Access To All CodeLara Courses

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Courses Included

Linux Security Fundamentals: Level up your security skills


Everything you need to know about securing a Linux system to comply with regulations and ensure hackers don’t get in.

HTML5 Game Development with PhaserJS


Learn by creating an exciting game.

The Complete Guide to Run a Web Development Business – From Novice to Professional


Learn how to start and grow a successful web development business. Get up & running and making money in under a week.

The Complete Beginners Linux Shell Programming Course


The Complete course to master Shell scripting for Linux

Complete IOS 8 and Xcode 6 Guide – Make iPhone & iPad Apps


A Guide to iPhone and iPad development. A Complete Xcode 6 and IOS 8 Course with Swift Beginner to pro.

The Complete HTML & CSS Course – From Novice To Professional


Become an Professional from novice with this Complete HTML & CSS Course

How to Program in C++ from Beginner to Paid Professional


Learn C++, Develop full C++ Programs, Get Complete Source Code, Write Clean Structured C++ Code, Go from Beginner to Pro

1 day MVP | Find the right idea and build a demo in 1 day


Go from idea to working prototype in 1 day. New business idea? New feature for your app? Create a Minimum Viable Product

iOS 8 Mobile App Design: UI & UX With Adobe Photoshop


The Beginners Guide To Designing iOS 8 Mobile Apps from scratch. No experience needed- Become a Pro Mobile App Designer!

Instagram iOS App in 44 minutes: Photo Sharing on iOS


Create an Instagram clone in one hour.

Sketch 3 – Mobile App Design (UI & UX Design)


The Beginners Guide To Designing Mobile Apps with Sketch 3. No experience needed- Design Mobile Apps from scratch!

Hacking Airbnb | Make $300+ a night with your spare space | Learn from SF’s top host


The comprehensive guide to meeting great people, getting paid to travel, and becoming a master of Airbnb.

Projects In JavaScript & JQuery


Learn JavaScript and JQuery Building Ten Projects

Install wordpress and make a wordpress website today


Learn how to install wordpress and make a simple wordpress today

Learn React Native for Android and iOS Mobile Development


Build Mobile Apps for Android and iOS in React Native! Learn Once and Build for both!

Learn E-Commerce Website in PHP & MySQL From Scratch!


Learn to Create an Online Shopping Store (E-COMMERCE) website in PHP & MySQLi from scratch with Paypal Integration.

Create A Twitter News Feed Clone From Scratch


Become a professional developer by learning how to extract your knowledge in this project-based course.

iOS App Development – Beginner to Published iOS App


Best course for learning iOS app development from scratch

Rapid Prototyping for Entrepreneurs| Build a demo in 2 hours


Learn how to wireframe and create realistic interactive prototypes in just 2 hours, all without using code.

The Complete Apple Watch Developer Course – Build 15 apps


Learn by Building 15 + real apps for the New Apple Watch – Using Swift & Obj. C | No Programming Experience Required

Complete guide to make WordPress Responsive sites

PZsOtpJVQL2mMNgOMJum_Wordpress course image[4]

A step by step guide teaching you to make responsive WordPress website in easy steps.

Outsource your idea | Launch your business for 1/4 the price

Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3


The ONLY course on the market that teaches you both web design AND web development with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery

The Complete Guide to run a Mobile App Dev Business – From Novice to Professional


Learn how to start and grow a mobile app development business. Get up & running and making money in less than 1 week.

The Non-Technical Person’s guide to building products & apps


Go from Idea to MVP with no CTO and no coding. Launch your business, app, or product idea cheaply, quickly, and easily.

Idea Validation | From idea to paying customer in 1 day


Learn how to test your business and product ideas online quickly, cheaply, & easily. Make sales before you even launch!

Learn Android Development From Scratch

Learn Android Development From Scratch[4]

A complete guide for learning Android programming

Projects in AngularJS – Learn by building 10 Projects

Projects in AngularJS - Learn by building 10 Projects[4]

Learn professional web development in AngularJS while building ten unique web apps

Earn Money Making a Candy Crush* iPhone Game Today. iOS Code


A-Z guide to help you publish your own Candy Crush inspired iPhone game mechanics in a day. Source Code included

Mobile App Design: Learn UX/UI and Start Your Freelancing Career


Learn How to Design Mobile Apps Using UI / UX Techniques, Become Mobile App Designer and Start Your Career From Scratch

Complete PHP Course With Bootstrap3 CMS System & Admin Panel


In this complete course students will learn how to use PHP with Bootstrap3 as well as A CMS System and Admin Panel

The Complete IOS 9 & Xcode 7 Guide – Make 20 Applications


A Guide to iPhone and iPad development. A Complete Xcode 7 and IOS 9 Course with Swift 2 & Objective-C Beginner to pro.

Learn Python Programming From Scratch


A Great Resource to Start and Master Python Development

iOS 9 App Development: Create a Spotify Clone


Stream your music collection and learn how to play and control music on iOS. An epic course to make your own Spotify Clone

Complete Website & CMS in PHP & MySQL From Scratch!


A Web Development Project (CMS) Using PHP, MySQLi with Admin Panel, Commenting System & Dynamic Website from Scratch.

Android Lollipop 5.0 : Ultimate Tutorial for App Development


Learn Android Lollipop 5.0 and Create Amazing Apps for Android Playstore

Basics Of Web Application Penetration Testing (PREVIEW)


This short aims at familiarizing you to the basics of web application and penetration testing

PHP & MySQL Web Development From Scratch – Build 5 Projects


Learn PHP & MySQL web development from scratch with real time examples & create practical projects during the course.

iOS 8 Mobile App Design: UI & UX Design From Scratch

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A step by step guide to design amazing iOS 8 apps from scratch, Go from zero experience to pro mobile app designer.

Supercharge Your Website: SEO Laws


Best course for SEO development

How to Make Money with Google Adsense – Super Easy


Learn how to make more money with Google Adsense from your websites and make money online from YouTube videos.

Learn to Build Mobile Games using Unity3D


Master all the techniques for building best selling mobile games

Idea Generation | Coming up with killer business ideas


Learn how to become a business idea machine with proven strategies and actionable insights

iOS App Development For Complete & Utter Coding Beginners


iOS App Development Made Simple for Non Coders. No Experience Needed. Level Up Your Skills Today.

E-Commerce WordPress Website: The Complete Course


A-Z Guide to setup E-Commerce Website from scratch without coding in WordPress.

Learn Responsive Web Development from Scratch


A Comprehensive Course on Responsive Web Design and Twitter Bootstrap 3

Android Mobile App – Beginner to Published on Google Play


Android mobile app creation from scratch. End result: A beautiful mobile app published on the Play store.

Mobile App Design In Sketch 3: UX and UI Design From Scratch


Design Mobile Apps from scratch using Sketch 3. Master Sketch 3, UX methodology, icon design, and user interface design.

Learn Python by Creating 6 Fun and Useful Apps and Games


Develop your Python Skills by learning from scratch and build 6 Fun Games and Apps

Publish Your Flappy Bird* iPhone Game, EZ & No Coding, iOS9+


Do you want to ride the trends of the Flappy Bird game? Create your own clone with this course + source code included.

The Complete Web Developer – Become A Professional Developer


The Complete Web Developer Course: Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know.

Object Oriented Programming


Best course for learning the principles of Object Oriented programming

Proven Ways to Make Money Online – The Complete Guide!


Learn the top 100+ real ways to make money online via blogging, freelancing, teaching and affiliate marketing.

Entrepreneurship 101: Learn the basics and get started today


Everything you need to know to get started as an Entrepreneur. Learn the core concepts & how to get started today

Create a chat app with swift


Guide to create a chat application in IOS using Xcode and Swift – Source Code Included

The Complete HTML5 & CSS3 Course – Build BBC News Website

NgPiav5LRQSe49X1HobW_HTML  Css[4]

Complete HTML5 and CSS3 Mastery Course, Learn by building BBC News Website with Source Code

Android App Development: Create a Spotify Clone


Best course to learn app development and create a Money generating Spotify clone!

The Complete WordPress Mastery Course The Complete guide to Build, promote and monetize an attractive, money-making WordPress website

Building a Social Network in PHP & MySQL From Scratch


Learn how to create a basic and beautiful social networking website & discussion forum in PHP & MySQLi from scratch.

Be A White Hat Hacker and Pen Tester


Master Practical White Hat Hacking Techniques

Master Outsourcing | Get the best price & save time


Learn how to outsource like a professional. Master uncommon techniques & skills for guaranteeing project success

Android Design: Master UI/UX Techniques and Material Design


Start Designing Mobile Apps from Scratch by Using UI and UX Techniques and Android Material Design Guidelines

Amazing Web Design in 1 Hour: 25+ Guidelines for Web Design


The go-to course for web design with simple-to-use rules and guidelines — tons of amazing web design resources included!

Xamarin App Development from Beginner to Advanced!


Learn how to build cross-platform apps for iPhone and Android using Xamarin!

WordPress For Beginners – Learn By Building 4 Websites


Go from a complete beginner to a confident WordPress pro by building 4 WordPress websites!

Become a Senior User Experience (UX) Design Strategist


Learn a comprehensive system to manage UX projects, which includes templates, tools and strategies, tested in the field.

Learn Java Script Server Technologies From Scratch


A complete course to learn node.js, Express, Backbone.JS, Angular.JS and Ember.JS

The Complete SEO Course – #1 Position on Google in 30 Days!


Learn A to Z SEO Secrets with top tools & real time examples for best results from Google + Easy WordPress SEO Tips.

Learn Java Programming From Scratch


The Complete Guide to Master Professional Java Development

Learn Nodejs by building 10 projects


Become an Expert Nodejs Developer While Building Real World Applications | From total beginner to back-end developer!

Unix and Linux System Administration Fundamentals : Complete Guide


Master Linux/Unix System administration through a practical and hands on approach

The Complete Linux LPIC-1 Certification Course Exams 101-102

eAabYubfQHOPLk6RiaUV_Linux Course Udemy Image[4]

Get certified in Linux for LPIC-1 or Comptia Linux+ using this easy to follow course

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