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A Massive Bundle of Premium Fonts: 68 High-quality Fonts Pack worth $330 for Only $29 (91% off reg. price)!

Introducing a huge pack with 68 fonts from Tom Chalky. This bundle includes multiple styles in their majority handwritten-made to incorporate technique and variety. As an Extra bonus from the bundle we include more than 100 elements featuring logo templates, badges, and other complementary design elements. All of them available for only $29 (97% off) for just a week only!

Abbie Script: A beautiful handwritten font with more than 480 glyphs

image008 image011

Brixton Hand: 5 fonts included with lots of stylistic alternatives

image025 image031

Brixton Line: Unique serif font with over 80 stylish alternatives

image026 image027

Brixton: A handwritten font perfect for vintage designs

image004 image016

Brixton Sans: An elegant, handcrafted sans-serif font with 3 different weights

image036 2a-o

Brixton Sans Outline: Handcrafted font family with a vintage touch

image043 image010

Brixton Outline: Available in 3 weights, perfectly handcrafted for any branding project

image007 image049

Jovial: An eye-catching and fun 6 font family

image001 image013

Lance: All capitals font duo inspired in bold and classy typography

image005 image015

Tallow Rough: A Handmade and Textured Sans-Serif and Slab Font Family Inspired by Current Trends

image097 image098

Tallow Sketch: A Sketched Sans and Serif Font Family from the Tallow Family

image101 image102

Tallow Pen: A sans serif font with uppercase letters and small caps

image091 image092

Truesketch: A fun, practical and versatile font that can be used in various digital projects

image064 image061

Tallow Brush: A Handmade Brush Sans-Serif and Slab Font Family

image087 image088

Tallow: Sans serif and Slab font family

image094 image095

Tall Abbey: Handwritten font in all caps

image084 image085

Tall Abbey Sans: Sans type of the Tall Abbey mentioned above

image080 image082

Rivina: A font duo inspired in the do-it-yourself method

image073 image075

Rivina Pen: A handwritten serif with different spacing making it fun

image076 image077

Rivina Dip Pen: Part of the Rivina family featuring a more sober touch

image069 image072

Rivina Brush: Based on the original Rivina with a brush touch

image065 image066

Petal Brush: One of the autor favorites, a brush handwritten font

image037 image038

Rock Out Script: A brush script font featuring a rough and loud style

image045 image050

Rough Brush Script: A font full of personality brush font

image105 preview-4-cm-o (1)

Scribbling Tom: A nice and particular handwritten font

image034 creative-market-font-5-o

Avera Sans Font Family: Handcrafted family with Regular, light and Bold weights

image019 image020

Handly Script: A very unique and classic handwritten font with tons of creativity

image046 image052

Jimmy Script: Featuring 2 fonts, handcrafted and all capital Sans

image041 image047

Besides of the huge pack with these stunning fonts you’ll get incredible extras from Tom Chalky:

Jimmy Script – 16 Logo Templates


Jovial Font Family – 100+ Complimentary Design Elements


Brixton Outline – 16 Handcrafted Badges


Tall Abbey – 5 Logo Templates


Tall Abbey Sans – 100+ Complimentary Design Elements


Just to recap, What will you be receiving on this bundle?

  • The pack with these awesome 68 handwritten multilingual fonts featuring different styles and extras
  • 21 logo templates
  • 16 Handcrafted badges
  • More than 200 design elements from the author in vector files!
  • Commercial license of all items included in this bundle
Pretty big pack right? There’s only one week for you to get this amazing bundle. Grab yours right now!

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