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  • Jan 30, 2015

Hello everyone, today we have very important news regarding the future of and our sister page we have mixed it into one single domain:, also we have mixed our Twitter accounts into We like to thank you for supporting Webdesignshock and Tutorialshock throughout this year, it’s been an wonderful experience where we have met a lot of new friends while learning a ton about graphic / web design, web development, blogging, social media and more.

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After evaluating the success of both Webdesignshock and Tutorialshock, we have decided to launch a new website that will integrate all the fabulous articles, freebies and guides from Webdesignshock with the helpful tutorials and resources from Tutorialshock. This new site is going to be named WebDesignshock and aims to become one of the most important sites for graphic and web designers to find quality resources, tutorials, articles and more.

Together, both sites have reunited thousands of people within the graphic design, web development and social media fields, resulting in a current PageRank value of 5 that will probably increase when the next Google update occurs, we are also happy to report a total of 400 thousand visits per month being currently registered between the two sites, which is a powerful prove that we are doing things right.


Success has been specially big in Webdesignshock, since its release approximately a year ago, the site has perceived a constant increase on its traffic numbers thanks to remarkable articles such as Photographers Legal Rights, The Real Design Trends for 2011, Designers to Follow on Twitter and awesome freebies that include our Tron Legacy Icons and the brilliant Android GUI set.


The amount of people that visit Webdesignshock every day has been increasing permanently as new articles and resources are released, this has also translated in an increase of visitors to our Facebook and Twitter pages where the amount of followers has crossed the 1000 barrier.

So now the time has come to boost Webdesignshock’s reach by merging it with another project that we started a year ago, Tutorialshock. This site has also noticed a considerable increment on the amount of followers and daily visits thanks to amazing articles such as the Pure CSS3 boxes, our Vertical Parallax with jQuery and CSS and our biggest hit (that also helped us receive a Dribbble invitation) the fantastic Vintage Typewriter.

There’s nothing else we can say besides giving you all the thanks, because this project wouldn’t have been possible without your help and constant support, that’s why on this new era that starts today we promise that all the time you have spent in our site is not in vain, our team is ready to give you all the best design articles, exclusive freebies, useful guides and just everything that one day made you take a look at Webdesignshock and Tutorialshock, so thanks again and we will see you soon!.

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