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Frequently Asked Questions

Users & Customers

Who We are?

Creative Toolkit: We are the company behind ByPeople, Iconshock, Artify, OptimizeImages, and WpThemeGenerator
We are a team of designers, developers, and communication ninjas, that since 2016, strives to bring you quality assets and design products and deals ranging from big design bundles to special SaaS subscriptions, utilities, and software for graphic & web designers, webmasters, small business owners, programmers, and freelancers.

When will I receive my product?

Typically you'll have access to your content right away through download links/redemption steps delivered to your email address. If you cannot find it (even on your spam folders), don't worry, we're ready to send you a copy anytime. Just get in touch with support at

How will I activate my product?

You will receive an email with specific instruccions. For instance: activation-instructions

Can I purchase an expired deal?

Sure! If you're interested in a previous offer simply contact support and we'll reach out to the content creator to get you another chance of getting any past offers.

How can I ask for a refund?

Your money is always safe with us. You can ask for a refund anytime: get in touch with and provide us with your purchase information (transaction ID and email with which you purchased). We'll always try to improve our deals with your feedback.

Can I recover a previous purchase?

Of course. Please send us all your purchase information to, and we'll send you back all your purchased items.

How can I become VIP?

Our VIP model is a yearly subscription that will grant you an additional special discount ever every single deal that we post. Check out this page for more info.

What kind of licenses do you provide?

All our premium graphics products are provided under an extended commercial license. The most important part here is to clarify that it allows you to create products for your customers and end-users without any issues, but you cannot resell the product as is, but as a part of your UX or product, for instance, you can purchase a pack of icons to create templates for your customers, but you cannot resell the same pack of icons you bought from us as an icon pack. You can also use the products you purchase from us for POD (print-on-demand business) without any issues. Find out more information here

Can I purchase several licenses for the same product?

For sure! If you're interested, you can get multiple licenses of a software or a service promoted on ByPeople. Many of our deals are stackable, where you can accumulate features with multiples licenses.

Which companies have you worked with before?

We have made amazing deals with renamed companies and also with new innovative entrepreneurship projects. On ByPeople you'll find cool deals from Smashing Magazine, Stone River eLearning & many more.

Vendors & Partners

What kind of deals do you publish?

We strive to bring you quality assets and promos ranging from big design bundles to special SaaS subscriptions, utilities, and software for graphic & web designers, webmasters, small business owners, programmers and freelancers.

How can I submit a deal?

If you're a content creator or licensor and would like to feature a promo with us, feel free to submit your ideas to so we can have a look at your content!

Can I publish more than one deal at a time?

You most certainly can!

How long do promos last?

Deals have an initial duration of 30 days, after which you can decide to either keep the promo running or let it expire.

Can I publish the same deal I have with you guys on other websites?

We don't always ask for exclusivity from our partners, however we do ask that you do not publish the same promo you have with us at the same or lower price elsewhere during the next 3 months after the promo is published.

How long does it take to publish a deal?

We try to publish deals as soon as we've received the necessary assets & content for them. While we do have a queue to work through, typically a deal can go live in the week after we have received all the necessary assets (previews, relevant URLs, downloadable content, etc.)

How do you promote your deals?

We promote our deals through our daily newsletter, our weekly digest, and social media profiles as well as ad content on google and Facebook platforms.

Will I be able to track sales?

When you submit a deal that gets published you'll get an admin dashboard to track sales and revenue, as well as a customer database to distribute updates depending on the kind of deal you're running. Multiple promos can be tracked in one dashboard.

How will I get paid?

We send payouts via PayPal or Bank Transfers, typically within a week after the initial 30 day lifespan of a deal has expired.