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Free Google+ invitations from Webdesignshock

If you’re a person that is constantly working online and is also aware of the latest trends in web design and social networking, then you know that the newest sensation on the field is Google+, the latest social networking product by Google that aims to help users to connect online with their friends and coworkers. Since its release day, the amount of people joining Google+ has increased exponentially, having crossed the barrier of 10 million users. Now that Google has stopped sharing invitations, the demand for obtaining a Google+ invitations has increased and today you might be the lucky one to receive an exclusive invitation from Webdesignshock. googleinvites00 Google+ joins several Google Services, including Google Profiles and Google Buzz, which are integrated through the new Google+ services known as hangouts, huddles and sparks. Now it’s just a matter of time before we see if this new project sinks just like Google Wave or on the opposite manages to become the first real threat for the worldwide famous Facebook. googleinvites01 Winning an exclusive Google+ invitation is REALLY SIMPLE, you just have to leave us a comment with your thoughts on this new social network and if you’re between the first persons on doing it, then you’ll receive the + invitation from Webdesignshock, so hurry up and enter your comment before we run out of invitations!.

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