Halloween Vector Character & Scenes Multi-Pack

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Hello there Shock Family! for this spooky season we bring you this Halloween vector Multi-pack containing expansions to the Cute Cartoon Character generatorCute Icons and Avatars (kawaii) and Vector Desktop generator sets plus the Halloween Icons included. Every one of the over 450 new items in this pack will gladly haunt your web or design and make it pop out of the grave with all the themes and colors of halloween. Have fun working magic with all these editable vector characters, icons, patterns and brushes and make sure to spread it around like a zombie pandemic. halloween_vector_pack_intro halloween_cute_characters_01 halloween_icons_flat_02 halloween_icons_flat_32 halloween_icons_flat_64 halloween_icons_flat_128 halloween_icons_flat_256 halloween_icons_flat_512 halloween_cartoon_characters_03 halloween_cartoon_characters_04 halloween_cartoon_characters_05 halloween_cartoon_ghost_06 halloween_cartoon_vampire_07 halloween_vector_scene_08 halloween_vector_lights_09 halloween_vector_bottle_10 halloween_vector_books_11 halloween_vector_cauldron_12 halloween_autumn_leaves_13 halloween_candy_vector_14 halloween_vectors_15 halloween_textures_brushes_16 halloween_vector_skull_17 halloween_vector_pumpkin_18 Halloween_vector_cauldron_19 halloween_vector_magic_20 halloween_poe_vector_21 halloween_vector_cards_22 halloween_dungeon_vector_23 halloween_bones_24 halloween_window_vector_25 halloween_potions_vector_26 halloween_mistery_vector_27 halloween_wall_vector_28

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