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(5 submissions) | Apr 19, 2017

Within this collection of assets, you'll find useful sets and tools that will help you out in order to craft those smart icons that you want for your projects.

  • ‘A comprehensive set of app icon templates for Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, and Affinity Designer. The templates cover Android, iOS, macOS, Apple TV (tvOS), Apple Watch (watchOS), iMessage, Windows, Windows Phone and web favicons. Where possible, they’re set up to automate exporting final production assets. All free and open source, released under the BSD license.’

  • This online tool is a vast collection of categorized icons where the user can select the one he likes and get a different sized preview. All the items are sort by a huge amount of categories and sizes, with the option to copy the code to clipboard.

  • A tool from the MDB (Material Design for Bootstrap) project that allows you to generate material icons through UI controls like a color picker and slider knobs for its background and font-icon size, roundiness, and more.

  • An online icon shadow generator that lets you modify the shadow depth and angle. You can take advantage of the set of retina icons provided (more than 1300) and work with them. Also, you can use the dashboard for additional edition like background, icon color, and color palette. It is a free experiment.

  • Makeappicon is an online tool that generates icons for iOS and Android from the most popular image formats like PNG, and additional formats like PSD. To create the icon just add the image to the toaster and after a few seconds you’ll have the icon for your app in various formats. You can preview the icons, and enhance smaller icons.

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