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  • Nov 20, 2014

We all have used slideshows at some point, whether it’s for showing our work, designing a portfolio for a client or something else, the truth is that these elements are an effective way of showcasing several times in a limited area. While browsing on the internet we found Skitter, a nice collection of jQuery slideshows packaged into a single plugin and ready for download, so you can use anytime in your web projects.

The package features several slideshows, some fancier and some simpler but at the end all of them beautiful to utilize in your designs, some of the effects that you’re going to find are:

  • Cube
  • CubeRandom
  • Block
  • CubeStop
  • CubeHide
  • CubeSize
  • Horizontal
  • ShowBars
  • ShowBarsRandom
  • Tube
  • Fade


Regarding the navigation you can choose between numbers and thumbs, other options include HideTools and full screen, recently it was also added a mini-slide property that you might want to check. Among some of the options that you can adjust while installing the slideshow we can list:

  • Velocity
  • Interval
  • Animation
  • Numbers
  • Navigation
  • Label

Skitter plugin

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