jQuery Touch

(14 submissions) | May 8, 2017 (latest edition)

Popular JavaScript and jQuery touch libraries that simplify the process of adding touch attributes, particularly on mobile devices.

  • A responsive, touch-based slider gallery photo viewer, it features intuitive gestures such as pinch-in/pinch-out/drag/swipe, it also uses accelerometer to move images, it is accessible from keyboard and can show pictures directly via URL hash when the page is loaded, also suitable for photo groups’

  • An amazing plugin that allows you to provide your web sites and applications’ users on touch devices with hover interactions by just pressing and holding.

  • Nipple.js is a virtual joystick developed for touch-capable devices. It retrieves useful data for UX controlling.

  • Hammer.JS is a JavaScript library that allows us adding multi-touch gestures. It is open source, and it recognizes gestures made by mouse, touch and pointer events. No dependencies are needed and it weighs only 3.96kb minified and gzipped. Licensed under MIT.

  • Pointer.js is a JavaScript library created by Mozilla that normalizes mouse and touch events into pointer events. It is especially useful for mobile interfaces, including various events like pointerdown, pointerup, pointermove, pointerleave and pointerclick.

  • A JavaScript drag and drop, that includes resizing and gestures library and takes advantage of inertia and snapping. Among the effects you can achieve with it, you have simple drag and drops, resizing, multitouch, zooming, color changes and more. Among its features we have:

    – Snapping to a grid, custom anchors or paths.
    – Cross browser and device, supporting the desktop and mobile versions of Chrome, Firefox and Opera as well as
    – Internet Explorer 8+
    – Interaction with SVG elements
    – Lightweight and standalone (not yet another jQuery plugin)
    – Not modifying anything it doesn’t own (except to support IE8 and to change the cursor (but you can disable that)

  • ItemSlide.js is a jQuery carousel plugin created by Idan Abarbanel and Nir Lichtman. This plugin features gesture handling, allowing you to make your elements slide through swiping, scrolling, clicking to slide and even get rid of elements by swapping up.

  • This module will allow you to add touch events to your projects which work well across a wide range of devices, including desktops. The interactions are created with the use of simple rationale: Press, move, release and cancel, applying W3C touch event standards.

  • Mobiscroll provides an impressive set of components to put your projects together and provide fast, useful and good-looking experiences, applying HTML5 standards. Integrate touch gestures and plugins into projects for multiple platforms, created with various frameworks.

  • This JavaScript library will help you add sharp touch interactions to your mobile applications, such as the ones seen above. The library is optimized to function with modern mobile phones and other handheld devices, featuring a nice API and minimum weight.

  • Add a healthy amount of touch interactions to your projects with Hammer.js (yes, you CAN touch this!). The tool offers various advantages, such as a very low weight, a jQuery plugin along with standalone functionality and a complete documentation to guide you in the process.

  • The jQuery UI library does not support touch events right now, responding only to mouse actions. This could ruin the navigation experience when using tablets, phones and other touch devices. Thanks to this hack, you can make sure your project satisfies all visitors.

  • A small jQuery library with powerful options for adding complex touch gestures on compatible devices. Some of the features available in this tool include:

    – Extremely lightweight

    – Fast response time

    – Extensible

  • Thumbs.js is a small library that will allow you to add support for diverse touch events to your browser. Touch-less devices can be benefited greatly from this tool, as well as users who use mobile browsers and develop with PhoneGap. TouchEvent polyfill is also provided. It supports multiple browsers and devices.

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