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Lifetime Infographics Maker, 512+ Templates, 1 Million+ Illustrations & Images!

Get Lifetime Access to an awesome web tool that allows you to create and share powerful and professional infographics right in your web browser without any design experience! With this tool you can create slides for a presentation, graphs, charts, create infoproducts, generate email templates, build beautiful infographic résumés, and much more, and you’ll have access 512+ Infographic Templates already available in the platform; over 1.1 Million illustrations & images, graphs, charts, etc, which you can edit and export in High-Quality printable versions in PDF, JPEG, and PNG formats. Upload your own fonts or choose from 112 fonts available, upload your own infographic templates and edit them in the platform privately, or share your work with the community! This awesome tool allows you to save tons of time on your infographics creation process, and you can get lifetime access to it for a one-time payment of $49!



What You Get With This Promo:

  • Lifetime Access, pay once, use Infographics Maker & Templates with Pro Features forever
  • Access their full library with 512+ Infographic Templates, new ones added weekly.
  • Unlock over 1.1 million free illustrations and images.
  • Full Access To All Charts & Graphs
  • Get high-quality, printable versions of your infographics in PDF, JPEG and PNG formats
  • Full access to all 112 fonts, as well as upload your own
  • Work privately so only you can see your infographics, or share them with the community
  • No limit on upload size

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