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Get lifetime access to FastComments, a great alternative website comment system that prioritizes speed and user experience above all else. It doesn't spy on you or your users and has the features you care about!

At 8.24 kB with no dependencies, it's the fastest comment service around, and features Naive Bayes classifier AI to fight off spam, grouped email notifications for you and your users, localization for English, French & Spanish languages & much more

You can moderate content with support for multiple moderatos, secure password-less account management with email-based login links, upvote & downvote support, comment threads - everything you'd expect to find in a great website comment service and then some.

Regularly you'd spend over $600, in subscription fees for this kind of access, however with this exclusive deal you can get lifetime access to FastComments today for just $79!

FastComments Features:

  • A very fast, bloat free comment system
  • Easy migration from Disqus, Commento, Muut Comments
  • Ability to import from Disqus, Commento, IntenseDebate and Muut Comments. Automatic image/avatar migration.
  • No ads or tracking of you/your users
  • AI spam detection w/ Naive Bayes classifier
  • Ability to moderate content
  • Ability to have multiple moderators for your site
  • Configurable notifications for you and your users
  • Enhanced engagement via grouped email notifications (at most every hour) for you and your users
  • Very Fast Time-To-Engage: No complex sign up process for your users
  • Client side widget localized in English, French & Spanish
  • Up-vote/Down-vote Support
  • Sorting by Date+Votes
  • Secure Password-less Account Management (email-based login links)
  • Comment threads along with reply notifications for engagement
  • Full-Text Search through all of your comments
  • An unobtrusive UI - no modals or distractive behavior
  • Anonymous commenting
  • Unverified comments auto removed after three days
  • Image support: Commenters can attach images to their posts

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