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    • A collection of non-proportional fonts whose letters and characters each occupy the same amount of horizontal space.

      • Iosevka: Complete Monospace Programming Font

        'Iosevka is a slender monospace sans-serif and slab-serif typeface inspired by Pragmata Pro, M and PF DIN Mono, designed to be the ideal font for programming. Iosevka comes in regular, bold, italic and bold-italic with over 2000 latin, greek, cyrillic, phonetic and PowerLine glyphs.'

      • Decovar: Multistyle Decorative Variable Font

        Decovar is a free and open-source unique font that has lots of styles following a few simple rules. It has a modular template inspired by early twentieth-century Art Deco lettering. The font has only uppercase characters, and it has an SIL Open Font License.

      • Starch Raw: Rough Sans-serif OTF Font

        An uppercase and lowercase sans-serif font with rough strokes perfect for stationery, printed and even web design. It includes over 200 accented characters, numbers and special characters.

      • Bungee: Free Urban Bold Font

        A typeface that draws its inspiration from urban signs. It comes in different specimens from the thinnest hairline to Bungee Layer Shade, or the thickest. It offers nine different fonts, which include numbers, uppercase and lowercase glyphs, and other characters.

      • Exan-3: Stylish Free Font

        A fantastic stylish mono-spaced font that features beautiful futuristic looks carefully crafted by Jon Carlos Morales to be delivered in TTF format totally free for personal and commercial use.

      • Kontanter: Experimental Monospace Display Fon...

        Kontanter is a nice experiment for a monospace display font. This font includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, special characters and other important glyphs. It is free to download and implement in any printed or web design.

      • PT Mono: Sharp Professional Font

        PT Mono is a cool font that transports us to those early computer screen times, adding a touch of modernity. The font comes only in regular, but it has lowercase and uppercase characters, numbers and especial glyphs. This font looks great in any size, but it feels better in web environments.

      • Ahamono: Free Monospaced Font

        Ahamono is a free monospaced typeface, with a fixed-pitch and width. It is an uppercase and lowercase font that allows you can use for headlines and regular text since it is legible in any level. The typeface also includes numbers and special characters, making it a complete option for any project. This font was created by Alfredo Marco Pradil.

      • Ubuntu Mono: Ubuntu Font Family

        Ubuntu Mono is part of the Ubuntu Font Family, funded by Canonical Ltd. and designed by Dalton Maag. This font intends to provide the Ubuntu feel to any element, button and dialog it is applied to, all free and open source.

      • Static: Contemporary Free Font

        Static is a sans-serif font family constructed with strong geometric forms, but distancing itself from the standard circles towards an elongated rounded rectangle shape, in an almost monospaced array. It has soft round ends and consistent curves that give it a warm feel to it's modern mood. Available in four styles: regular, bold, italic and bitalic bold, for personal and commercial use.

      • Moby: Zero Contrast Geometric Typeface

        Moby is a geometric typeface, with zero contrast and selective use of glyphs for differentiation purposes, given the overall appearance of the glyphs it works mostly for display. Available as otf and ttf and in three styles: regular, bold and monospace.Free for personal and commercial use.

      • Inconsolata Monospace Font

        Inconsolata is a monospace font designed for printed code listings also is a humanist sans design. It was inspired by other fonts like Avenir and Franklin Gothic Family. Inconsalata contains clean lines and “micro-serifs” from Japanese Gothic fonts which enhance the appearance of crispness and legibility. You can use it for free in both personal and commercial purposes.

      • Cutive Mono Typewriter Font

        Cutive Mono is a font based on heaps of classic typewriter, especially the faces of IBM’s ‘Executive.’ This typeface is useful for adding character to body texts, as well as larger sizes for header and display. It works under the SIL Open Font License Version 1.1.

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    • A collection of beautifully animated loaders coded with pure CSS. You will find various effects and designs for all types of projects.

      • Pure CSS loaders

        A really nice pack of 9 loaders made with pure CSS, NO images or SVG.

      • CSS Bounce Delay Loader

        A cool loader made in CSS that consists of a set of bouncing spheres. It is multicolor but the style can be easily altered, as well as the shape and the size of the spheres.

      • Cat Loader CSS Spinning Loader

        An interesting CSS loader in the shape of a cat. It is circular and can be implemented easily on any web project. The CSS is clean and really lightweight.

      • Pure CSS Popsicle Loader

        A cool popsicle loader made in pure CSS that can be used on a website for kids or can be adapted on a mobile app. Its code is clean and easy to integrate into any project.

      • Colorful Heart-shaped CSS Loader

        A colorful loader made with pure CSS in the shape of a heart. It can be used in websites dedicated to health and fitness services. The code is lightweight and easy to integrate.

      • Pure CSS Responsive Animated Loader

        An animated loader ready to be integrated on your website. It was made in pure CSS, is really fluid, and lightweight. It has a light mode and a dark mode when you hover over.

      • CSS Material Gooey Loader

        A loader made in CSS entertains the user while the page loads. It can be used in websites or mobile apps. The loader is lightweight and really easy to integrate on your personal or commercial projects.

      • CSSPIN: CSS Animated Spinners & Loaders

        A set of animated CSS spinners and loaders that also happen to be customizable, easy to integrate (thanks to npm or Bower) and modular.

      • Text Spinners Animation

        This project mimics command line spinners like those from cli-spinners and brings them to the web. Each one is a fixed sized element with a pseudo element with line breaks.

      • Spinners: Loading Icons Animations

        Spinners is a collection of HTML and CSS animations for loading icons to show that is some content loading. All you have to do to use it is copy the Spinner's HTML and CSS code and paste it into your project.

      • SpinThatShit: CSS Loaders

        This is a set of SCSS mixins for single element loaders and spinners. There are 12 examples, all you have to do is clone or download the repo and include the source folder to your project.

      • CSS3 Spinning Circle Loader

        A CSS3 spinning loader with several rings. Additional rings can be added easily by adding a new div to the HTML, changing the class name and adjusting its properties. This simple experiment was made by Codepen user Elias.

      • Spinning Burst CSS Loader

        A burst loader made in CSS inspired by a Dribbble shot; the effect is really simple, yet it may look nice in a mobile app or a website. Created by Gregor Adams, can be used for free.

      • Burger Loading Icon

        A nice CSS & jQuery animated composition of a burger suitable for loading icon purposes in websites of restaurants, catering, web menus, hotels, and related ones.

      • CSS Math Ribbon Loader

        An amazing loading icon that features a summation symbol made out of a dark ribbon that slides along making itself into the shape of the symbol.

      • Liquid CSS 3D Progress Bars

        Pure CSS Progress is a code snippet that generates 3D liquid looking loading bars that come in 3 different default bright colors featuring glowing and translucid effects. This set of bars was developed by Rafael González.

      • CSS Animated Vector Loaders

        A set of CSS techniques applied to SVG elements in order to generate loading animations. some of the animations you'll find represent a clock, round bar, fading and jumping ellipses. This is a creation of Nikhil Krishnan.

      • Bouncing Effect Pure CSS Loader

        A nice loading effect representing a bouncing cube for any kind of website or mobile app. The code can be implemented easily, and you can make the required changes to match the style or colors of your creations.

      • Pure CSS3 3D Flipbook Loader

        A beautiful flat flipbook effect made in pure CSS that can be used as a loader on a learning website. The code is simple, really lightweight, and it uses keyframes. It is free and easy to implement.

      • Animated CSS & Angular Spinners Set

        A compelling set of various spinners that can be used for loading purposes. They were created using CSS and Angular.js, being really lightweight and easy to integrate. These loaders were created by Ionic.

      • Loaders.css: CSS Loading Animations Pack

        Loaders.css is a delightful and performance-focused set of pure CSS loading animations. It is comprised of 28 loaders, although new loaders are added over time. They use very little code, which makes them lightweight and easy to implement. This set was created by Connor Atherton and it is licensed under MIT.

      • CSS Cog Loading Animation

        A simple loading animation made in pure CSS composed of gears in several colors. It was inspired by a Dribbble shot made by Petr Had. This snippet can be used in any kind of website, and it was created by Jamie Coulter.

      • Hexagonal CSS Animated Preloader

        A hexagonal preloader wrote in SCSS, perfect for modern websites and mobile apps. The hexagon appears and disappears rotating clockwise.This snippet was created by Roland Lösslein.

      • Alien Abduction CSS Loader

        A beautiful animation of an alien abduction made in CSS. It can be used in any kind of digital and web project, like a kids site or such. This snippet was created by Bia.

      • Atomic CSS Loader

        A cool atomic loader made in CSS perfect for science websites or projects. It has three spinning rings in different colors. It was created by Yusuf.

      • CSS Dying Light Loading Indicator

        A cool CSS loader that consists of two squares, one full and the other outlined. The exterior loader moves while the inner one remains motionless. This loader was created by Sebastian Inman.

      • Pure CSS Gravity Loader

        A beautiful loader created entirely with CSS. The loader consists of a set of dots, and a white dot that stays alway at the bottom. The loader was created by Michiel Bijl.

      • CSS Animated Hand Loader

        A nice CSS loader depicting a hand, as a way to indicate you are actually waiting for something. This hand was created Codepen's user r4ms3s based on an animated design found on Dribbble. It does not use CSS.

      • CSS Animated Steampunk Lighting Loader

        A beautiful dark steampunk lighting machine that can be used as a loader. It was created in CSS and JavaScript, using radial gradients, ellipses and more. It was created by Sarah Drasner.

      • Multi-color Particles CSS Loader

        A beautiful multi-color rotating loader created with pure CSS. It consists of a rotating set of particles forming kind of a star. It is lightweight and can be included in any website to entertain the user while the page loads. This code snippet was made by White Wolf Wizard.

      • CSS Linear Loading Animation

        A beautiful loader created with CSS that consists of some linear dots, styled with a simple yellow-to-red gradient. This loader fits mobile apps perfectly and even some websites. It was created by Codepen user Marian-COJOC-ro.

      • CSS & Canvas Loader

        A beautiful loader made with CSS and Canvas. It is full of little squares flowing through space. The cursor is replaced by a focal light that creates shadows from the squares. It is a compelling code snippet that can entertain people while a page loads, or it can work as the base of a game. It was created by Mladen Stanojevic.

      • Material Design-inspired CSS Spinning Loader

        A beautiful loader made in CSS that includes a logo and inspired in the Material Design trend. It uses very few effects, but it moves smoothly and its colors change. It was created by Paul Thomas.

      • Circular Wavy CSS Loader

        A cool CSS animation featuring a circle and many waves of different tones moving inside of it quickly. You can thank Konstantinos Tsatsarounos for putting this up on Codepen.

      • CSS and JavaScript Preloading Page Effect

        A beautiful CSS and JavaScript preloading effect similar to those created with the Google Material Design style. It consists of a set of semi-circular loaders in multiple colors that can be used in any type of content. This is a cool code snippet created by Brandon Travis.

      • Hourglass CSS Loading Effect

        A fantastic CSS effect for creating an hourglass that spins back and forth. Simple and effective way to represent loading times in your developments.

      • Veritcal Dots CSS Loader

        A cool loading animation composed of multiple dots that float around at different speeds, making for an always-changing scenario. Created with pure CSS3 by Patrik Hjelm.

      • Fade In and Out CSS Loader

        The title explains it all, really. This element is formed by various dots and is part of an educational project by Dennis Gaebel.

      • Multicolor CSS Loaders

        A sweet collection of colorful loading animations in nothing but CSS3. They come is many different colors and sizes to match your design perfectly.

      • Overlapping Dots CSS Loader

        A simple set of three buttons that overlap in an infinite loop to conform a smooth loading animation. Made with only CSS by David DeSandro.

      • Bubbly CSS Loader

        A simple CSS loading animation made with multiple bubbles that expand quickly one after the other. Each bubble also haves a unique opacity value.

      • Dotted Circular CSS Loader

        A very interesting loading animation coded by Dennis Gaebel, featuring multiple dots that move, separate and contract to produce a superb effect.

      • Stylish CSS Spinners

        Five sharp concepts of loading animations for you web projects, created with nothing but CSS. They make good use of animations and fading effects to achieve the right look.

      • Circular Material Design CSS Loader

        A loading animation created in CSS, following the guidelines of Material design. The interaction between the two elements really makes it a worthy addition to any project.

      • Material Design CSS Loader

        A fantastic animation brought to life with pure CSS featuring different speeds, colors and lengths in the same smooth motion.

      • CSS Top Animated Loader

        A two-part project that features a set of colorful particles that float around in a bubble, as well as a top bar loading animation like the one seen in Google products.

      • Fancy CSS Ribbon Loader

        An animated CSS Ribbon loader, highly customizable and perfect to be included in your personal or commercial project. The ribbon moves up and down changing its color.

      • Moving Dots Circular CSS Loader

        A very eye-catching animation including a few moving dots inside a circle. The balls bounce away when they collide, making the loader look quite polished.

      • Jumping Dots CSS Loader

        Created with pure CSS, this trio of dots comes out of the bottom half of the screen, jumping and coming back down. The mud-like effect when the dots break from the dark part is a subtle, but effective touch.

      • 2D & 3D CSS Loaders

        A collection of flipping loaders created in HTML and CSS (SCSS). They use the 2D and 3D transforms, this code snippet was created by Ashley Nolan and was uploaded to Codepen. You can edit it to fit your design.

      • CSS Cubic Loader Code Snippet

        A beautiful animation for a cubic loader. It consists of a cube, and several squares on it (even circles) as the sides of the cube. This snippet is based in another cubic snippet, less structured and simpler than this one. It has been created in CSS and HTML, and it can be used for free by anyone. Lokesh Suthar created this.

      • Sublime Text Style CSS Loader

        A compelling loader; perfect to integrate into any web project, or mobile application. It has a flat style and moves smoothly. It fits perfectly any development application or website. This tool was created by Nicolas Escoffier and uploaded to Codepen.

      • Wavy CSS Loading Effect

        A simple wavy loading animation that looks like the waves created by rocks when thrown into water, particularly with that background color. Developed by Charbs.

      • CSS Folding Loader Experiment

        A very impressive effect created with only CSS. The idea is to animate a 'folded' piece of background along with a geometric figure on top, followed by another background of a different color.

      • Multiple Styles CSS Loaders

        Ten different spinner designs using only CSS3 for you to integrate it into your projects. If you look for variety and options, this is certainly one to look for.

      • Top Bar CSS Loader

        A nice little snippet for the creation of an animation, perfect for indicating loading of content. All credit goes to CSSDeck's Kaushalya Mandaliya.

      • Little Squares CSS Loading Effect

        A nice little loading animation that morphs the element from one color to another while it's spinning. Made with pure CSS by LuckyVJ.

      • Filling Effect CSS Loader

        A simple animated block that gets filled and empty as it spins around. Put together with nothing but CSS by Codepen user Josh.

      • Fading Loading CSS Effect

        A cool text animation that makes the text expand and fade out, only to fade in and come back to its starting position. Courtesy of Paul Sullivan from Codepen.

      • Fadding Bars CSS Loader

        A wavy loading effect formed by multiple bars that fade in and out to create the effect. This was made with pure CSS by Codepen user Max.

      • CSS Rhombus Loader

        A cool loading animation composed of geometric figures in a minimal line style, each in a different color. Matt Null is the man in charge of this development.

      • Videogame Screen CSS Loading Effect

        A really neat code snippet showing an animated loading screen, perfect for videogames and interactive works created with pure CSS by Codepen user Adam.

      • CSS Pulse Loader

        A beautiful and delicate loading element, useful for showing a loading screen with a two-step animation. Created with nothing but pure CSS.

      • CSS3 & Ajax Animated Loaders

        A fantastic set of loaders featuring animations and glowing effects, created with CSS and AJAX by Craig Buckler. No images were used.

      • Iconfonts-based CSS Spinners

        This really cool project bases itself on font icons to create a variety of little loading spinners that inform your users about the content being brought up. Font used comes from IcoMoon.

      • Colorful CSS Loading Icon

        A simple and colorful animated loading icon created with pure CSS3. The simple source code is available for free at Codepen.

      • Icon Fonts CSS Loaders

        An awesome project that makes thorough use of icon fonts in order to generate loading spinners, combined with a bit of CSS.

      • Ladda: CSS Hover Loading Effect Buttons

        Ladda is a fantastic initiative that intends to show the loading progress of an action mixed within the same button that invoked it in the first place, providing the users with smooth feedback. Progress bars can also be added in the background of the buttons along with multiple animations.

      • CSS Loading Jelly Text

        An interesting experiment resulting in the creation of a shaking loading text. Particularly resemblant of water and soft materials, like jelly.

      • CSS3 Box-shadow Loading Animation

        A code snippet that makes excellent use of CSS3 shadows and animates a glowing circle to indicate content is being loaded. A pen by user LliyoR.

      • Infinite Canvas CSS Loader

        A nice canvas exercise that shows an infinite circular animated loader for indicating the process.

      • Beautiful CSS3 Loading Animation

        An absolutely beautiful animation created with CSS3 and applying a lot of colors to indicate the loading process.

      • Simple Pure CSS Loader

        A modest animation created with nothing but CSS3. You can use it to indicate the loading process in your projects.

      • Simple CSS Loading Animation

        A modest and colorful animated element that you can use to indicate a loading process in your project.

      • CSS Border Loading Indicators

        A quirky set of black and white loaders animated with pure CSS. They offer different geometric shapes to match your designs better.

      • Three Points CSS Loader Animation

        A very simple, triangle-shaped loading animation created by Andrea Usseglio Gaudi, using nothing but CSS3.

      • XBox SmartGlass CSS Loading Animation

        A simple and modern-looking loading animation, inspired by the one seen on the Xbox SmartGlass app. Made with only CSS3.

      • Simple Clock CSS Spinner

        Time passed by, but it looks pretty with this minimal spinner, animated with pure CSS3 by Noel Delgado from Codepen.

      • Multicolor CSS Spinners

        A set of simple animated spinners created with SASS, featuring bright and modern tones. Credit to Max Karkowski from Codepen.

      • CSS3 Metro-like Loading Animation

        A minimal loading animation inspired by the one found in Microsoft's Metro style. Check out all the code for free, courtesy of Codepen's Kev.

      • Simple CSS Circular Loading Animation

        A delicate loading animation featuring a smooth animation and a flashing text effect, all put together with CSS3. Elegant and useful for your next projects.

      • Pure CSS Loading Dot

        A compelling loading animation created with CSS. The loading is represented by a single dot moving from side to side, and it's perfect for any kind of project. It was created by Amio.

      • Multicolor Animated CSS Loaders

        Animated CSS loaders in various colors to match your development. They feature strong, thick lines and a quirky color fill in the middle.

      • Simple CSS3 Spinner

        CSS spinners don't get much simpler than this. Use this all-CSS element to indicate your user's content in coming.

      • Windows Phone CSS Loading Animation

        A neat loading animation inspired by the one found on Windows Phones. It makes clever use of CSS3 only to achieve its goal. Have a look!

      • Simple CSS Loading Icon

        A pure CSS3 loader that will animate infinitely in circles until the content appears. It features a soft fading effect and easily editable colors.

      • Fast AJAX and CSS Loader

        A hyper-fast and very attractive code snippet to bring up a loading animation. Use it to make your users wait in style.

      • CSS-only iOS-alike Loading Spinner

        A classic loading image with a smooth hovering effect showcasing a set of lines rotating clockwise. It was created with pure CSS by Ethan Bustad. Grab the code, implement it and enjoy.

      • Simple CSS Circular Loader

        A simple loading animation featuring a bar that slowly fills a circle, coming back after that. Created with pure CSS by Tom Genoni.

      • CSS Loading Animations

        A set of CSS loading animations featuring a black and white palette with various shapes for you to choose from. Have a look, grab the code and enjoy.

      • CSS Loading Spinner

        A simple loading spinner animation with a simple stop-and-go effect that gives it distinctive touch. Created with pure CSS by T.J. Fogarty.

      • CSS3 Animated Loading Bar

        A colorful loading bar animated with CSS3, it comprises of 4 little squares that change its color, one after the other to create the loading effect. A design created by Codepen's Taufik Nurrohman.

      • SVG Semi-Conical Gradient

        An SVG semi-conical gradient in CSS with SCSS. It uses a method to simulate a conical gradient by drawing a number of triangles radiating from a central point. This design was created by Joey Hoer in

      • Circular CSS Inner Loader

        A circle CSS loader with a line inside that spins clockwise, created by  Niels Oeltjen in

      • Sweet CSS Star Loader

        A colored green star loader made in pure CSS that spins clockwise, created by Niels Oeltjen in

      • Pretty CSS Spinner

        Pretty and simple CSS only spinner loader. It comprises of a circle colored half and it spins clockwise. It was designed by Niels Oeltjen.

      • CSS Circular Loader

        A loader that comes in the form of a bar that travels around the circle as the progress is completed. Quite smooth and easy on the eye, this can prove truly useful to make waiting times a little better for your visitors. The bar can be colored differently, and in fact, the rest of it can be edited as well to make it compatible with your website's design.

      • CSS & JavaScript Circular Loader

        A wonderful little loading design inspired by Virgil Pana's Dribbble work and developed by Hugo Giraudel. It's just a circle with a number providing the loading status, but boy, it looks good. Don't forget to drop by at CodePen and give some kudos to the developer.

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    • Awesome minimalist GUIs created PSD format.

      • Interior Design Photoshop Theme

        'A clean PSD Interior design template, it was built with free google fonts and stock photos, so you can easily adapt it for your project without restriction, perfect for design studios, photographers and freelance creatives'

      • Massive Mobile GUI kit (1000 UI elements, 82 ...

        A massive UI kit free for all of you, for Commercial and Personal use, it contains 82 screens, 1000 UI elements, and 6 categories. Photoshop sources included!

      • Aqual GUI: Mobile Kit for Social Networking A...

        A clean and carefully designed Mobile based UI Kit ideal for web apps and social media interfaces. Photoshop source files.

      • Carsive: Free Dashboard PSD UI Kit

        A user interface for a dashboard made in PSD including elements like bar charts, pie charts, icons and other design elements, it has a flat and sleek design, it is easily customizable and scalable thanks to vectors, and totally grouped and layered.

      • Visage: 70 componets PSD UI kit

        VISAGE is a carefully crafted, free UI kit for Adobe Photoshop that contains 70 UI components and lets you easily build beautiful websites and unique concepts. It features 7 categories for easy access, from popular topics: Blog, E-Commerce, Media, Admin, Forms, Headers, Footers.

      • Responsive PSD UI Template Pack

        A responsive template for a user interface made in PSD format in a minimal style. The template includes editable vector elements like buttons, user bubbles, backgrounds, radio buttons and more, all of them in multiple resolutions.

      • 150+ Colored Minimal GUI Elements

        A set of 150 colored elements for a GUI design in a minimal style. The pack, beautifully designed, has elements ranging from buttons to full menus, including ample white spaces, and a basic wireframe-like appearance. The elements are fully editable and free.

      • Windows 10 & Material GUI Sets

        This bundle includes 2 complete graphic user interfaces, one with a Windows 10 style and the other one with a Material style. The GUI has AI and PSD editable files, and within you'll find different elements like buttons, menus, sliders, navigation tabs and much more.

      • UI Cards For Landing Pages

        This is a UI kit for pages that includes 35 UI cards. Designed to be used on landing pages it has a minimalistic design and comes in a fully customizable PSD file.

      • Balkan: Free Professional PSD UI Kit

        Balkan is a UI kit in PSD format, professionally designed to help you create a mobile app faster. It uses Google Fonts, CC0 images (totally free for commercial and personal uses), organized layers, a more than a dozen screen. The template is free and weighs around 56MB.

      • Elton: Multipurpose & Stylish PSD UI Kit

        Complete and clean UI kit for e-commerce web pages, contains an extense variety of useful elements and widget based components. Available in PSD format.

      • Social Network App PSD UI Kit

        A nicely crafted user interface kit for social network interfaces that features all the basic and extra elements for users and administrators.

      • Colorado: Minimal Base Color UI Pack

        Colorado is a minimal GUI that offers a breath of fresh air, being clean, very basic but appealing and eye-catching at the same time, it is fun, colorful, with a bit of flat and some more of outlined style. It is comprised by over 50 items in three color variations, all built pixel perfect and vector as well.

      • Mobile UI Blueprint Kit

        Complete mobile UI blueprint with a wide offer of elements in outlined design including diverse buttons, charts, dialog boxes, text and calendars, among other.

      • PSD Business UI Template

        UI PSD template with 30 elements, perfect for a business portfolio. It includes chat, payment and tasks interfaces among and other apps.

      • GoodBarber: Sketch Mobile UI Kit

        We bring you this Q1.2016 edition of the GoodBarber Open UI Kit with over 150 pixel perfect iOS UI elements. Each screen included in the Sketch file is fully cutomizable can be integrated with the GoodBarber app building platform.

      • Cake Art Studio: PSD UI Elements

        Cake Art Studio brings these edgy and fresh UI elements with an interface full of texture. It includes nav bar, profile, login form, feed and statics pages, it is available in Ai and PSD file format.

      • Focus: PSD UI Dashboard

        Focus is a dashboard UI design in PSD file format, in a minimal, modern and flat style featuring analytic graphics and charts.

      • Bplus: Business & Consultancy PSD

        Bplus is a business and consultancy UI PSD that includes home page and 11 inner pages. It is a full-page design, simple and clean with a nice icon usage.

      • UI Elements: Product Cards

        Flat UI Product cards that will come handy for your online shop so you can always give a minimalistic design to your business. Different designs and colors available. Follow source link and complete form for free download.

      • Routes: iOS UI Kit

        Routes is a Flat UI Sample Kit for iOS that includes 12 pixel-perfect screens available in both Sketch and PSD format. It goes well with any restaurant, hotel, online shop websites and others.

      • Snow Flakes: Winter-inspired Web UI Kit

        A UI kit inspired by winter that comes with including tabs, weather widget, a profile section, a login section, popular destinations widget, video, menus and more.

      • Bootstrap 3 Glowy PSD UI Kit

        A UI kit in PSD format for Bootstrap 3 that features nice elements in with glowy effects in cyan, yellow and green that contrast smooth dark backgrounds and content.

      • A1: Colorful Mobile UI Kit

        A1 is a gradient-colorful UI kit for android devices crafted in a minimal design featuring 45 screens, 3X Full HD views and over 250 elements including 60 line icons. It weights 160+MB.

      • Azure: Neat PSD UI Kit

        Azure is a huge, neat fully layered and customizable PSD UI kit. It includes a template for a website and several widgets. It was created by Yolqin Alimov with a free for personal and commercial use license.

      • Free YouTube Channel PSD GUI

        A YouTube Channel graphic user interface made in PSD format, totally and easily editable. This interface includes the most relevant design items you'll possibly need in order to make an app or a website, and you need to integrate YouTube elements into it. This GUI is free and it weighs almost 44MB.

      • LinkedIn Company Page PSD GUI

        A nice company page made with as a mockup of LinkedIn pages. It was created in PSD graphic user interface, composed of menus, icons, profile pic space, widget areas and more. This company page only has a desktop version, it weighs around 33MB and it is free to use in any way.

      • Facebook Timeline PSD GUI

        The Facebook timeline GUI is a complete creation made in PSD format for easy edition. perfect for this social network's lovers. It works for several mobile and desktop devices, including the relevant design elements for each one, like the icons, profile pic, search boxes, chat avatars, buttons and many more. This GUI is free.

      • Google Plus Page PSD GUI

        A complete and sleek mockup for Google+, including all of its design elements, totally editable in PSD format. The elements included range from simple ones like icons and buttons, to more complex like complete menus, sharing boxes and more. There are designs for mobile and desktop devices, the file weighs around 45MB and it's totally free.

      • Twitter Profile PSD GUI

        A compelling Twitter GUI made in PSD format. It is a complete Twitter user interface including tons of elements like icons for notifications, messages, discover, search, profile pic, drop-down menus, and many more icons that can be used to create or complement great designs.

      • Multicolor PSD Photos App

        A nice PSD experimental file that includes an iOS app template. It has a colorful minimal style, including screens for different stages of the app like albums, camera, edit, login, people, profile and search. It layers are organized and it is totally editable. This nice creation was made by Virgil Pana.

      • iOS 8 iPhone 6 Plus PSD GUI

        A compelling PSD GUI made with an iOS 8 style, including the sizes for the iPhone 6 Plus. It includes screens for home, messages, inbox, settings, photos, sharing options, and it also includes buttons, switches and more. It was created by Kapil G.

      • Free Summer User Interface PSD Kit

        The Summer UI kit is a compelling creation consisting of various design elements for summer events-related websites or apps. The UI has the regular buttons, switches, widgets for maps, calendars, profile, login and more. This user interface kit was created by Sergey Azovskiy and you can download it and use it freely.

      • Elegant & Modern PSD UI Pack

        A complete modern UI kit with tons of different design components to be used in regular websites, online stores and mobile applications. The kit comes in PSD and PNG, and it includes charts, menus, widgets for maps, clock, select boxes, profile boxes and many more. This is licensed under MIT.

      • Material Design PSD UI Kit

        A cool UI made with the Material design guidelines (not quite accurately, though). It includes various design elements and widgets like menu, icons, profile box, weather widget, video and audio player, featured content widget, stats widget and calendar, all in PSD format with editable vectors. It was created by Oliur Rahman and you can download it and use it for free.

      • Publica: Free PSD and AI UI Kit

        The Publica kit is a free and complete UI with tons of design elements, a flat design and neutral colors. It is perfect for organizing a complete website, or take parts of it for different types of websites, like one-page designs, portfolios, corporative layouts, blogs, newspapers, magazines and more. It was created by Raul Taciu and Vlad Cristea, and it is free so you can download and improve.

      • Free Flat PSD UI Kit

        An excellent flat user interface made in PSD format with tons of design elements that suit an online store easily. Among the design features you can find there are: - Shopping cart products widget - Buy now buttons in different colors - Regular buttons for various purposes - Range sliders - Percentage circular sliders - Pagination elements - Pricing tables - Calendar - Rounded buttons - Active and inactive stars for rating elements This UI was created by Johnny J and it is free to download.

      • Winter UI Kit PSD

        A beautiful UI kit in PSD using winter as inspiration, it is composed of a weather screen, buttons, checkboxes, navigation bar, a search element, and a video player example among others.

      • Free Blueish PSD UI Kit

        A beautiful PSD UI kit designed in a set of blue tones. It is a compendium of components such as a search bar, a player, a calendar, a profile card, a log-in form, weather widgets, a bar graphic, and more.

      • Bs: Small PSD Flat User Interface

        Bs. is a small flat User Interface template that you can download and use freely. Among its features it includes pixel perfect design, a fully editable PSD file, 100% vector shapes, organized layers, easy color edition. The fonts includes and used are the Ubuntu Family & Bebas Neue.

      • Neat UI Kit Free PSD

        This is the NEAT UI KIT, a beautiful creation with several design elements with a minimal style and friendly outlined icons. Its components are: - Audio player with icons for liking and closing. shuffling, random song, play, rewind, forward and slider. - Movie player with the regular slider, play, enlarge and volume buttons. - Item card with thumbnail, caption and button. - Chart with bars, numbers and labels. - Profile cards with thumbnail, followers, following and likes. - Login form - Calendar - Weather widget This UI kit was created by Valik Boyev and Natalia Raikova, and its free to download.

      • Candy UI: Colorful User Interface

        Here we have a beautiful User Interface with several components in it. Among this elements we can see: - Login widget with fields, labels, icons, buttons, sign up and forgot password labels. - Video player with play button, volume, time played and left, HD and full-screen buttons, among others. - Sliders with a fresh flat style. - A widget for a social interactions like notifications, status updates and more. - A widget for weather with a beautiful background (for a sunny day). It includes clouds, the sun, icons for the day of the week, and icons for the temperature. - A profile widget with thumbnail, bio …

      • Breezy: PSD User Interface Kit

        ​The Breezy UI kit contains a total of 14 widgets built on the 960 grid system and enchanted with the most eye-catching and inspiring colors of summer trends. It comes as a layered PSD file with vectors so it can be modified easily. This freebie was made by uiFest.

      • Sally Blocks: Compelling Blocks and Elements ...

        ​​Sally blocks is a set of PSD blocks and elements for responsive pages. Within, you can find blocks with descriptions, features, contacts, portfolio and more that let you quickly construct any kind of landing page. It includes more than 200 components for free.

      • Flat Graphic User Interface Kit

        A free PSD set includes loading bars, sliders and radio buttons, checkboxes, switches and drop-down menus. The buttons have diverse states like default, hover and active. Also, this set includes beautiful icons so you can easily make things identifiable, all of them being fully editable, with a design that comes in a flat style with three colors: blue, green and red.

      • Clean Flat User Interface PSD Kit

        A complete set of UI elements created by the people at Designmodo in PSD format. Carrying a stylish flat look, it can make your web project look fresh and simple while providing pretty much all the items you would need to give the development full functionality, at least with the most basic features. The UI is editable 100%

      • Beach GUI Kit

        A different kind of GUI kit brought to us by Mike Clarke from Dribbble. It makes use of a gentle flat-but-not-so-flat style to give the elements a fresh look, without making them too simplistic or similar to other kits. The set provides items for online shopping, video playback, weather updates and more.

      • Collapse Expand List View all items Download Collection Submit
    • Give your project a unique look with these Photoshop PSD templates. Ideal for any website, mobile app or dashboard design.

      • Interior Design Photoshop Theme

        'A clean PSD Interior design template, it was built with free google fonts and stock photos, so you can easily adapt it for your project without restriction, perfect for design studios, photographers and freelance creatives'

      • Minimal Agency PSD Landing Page

        A cool PSD landing page made for agencies and independent designers. The template has a minimal style, mixing brushes and white space in a simple yet powerful way. It also uses nice typography combinations to make your site stand out.

      • CEATR: Free Agency Website PSD Template

        A complete template in PSD to create a website from scratch. The template has screens for the homepage, portfolio, pricing page, blog page, contact page. It has a simple and minimal style, focusing on content.

      • Rage: Freelancers & Digital Agency PSD T...

        A nice PSD template for a freelancer's website or design agency. The template is really minimal, relying on whites to convey a better message and look much more clearly. Use this template for personal and commercial purposes.

      • Albedo: Free Personal One-page PSD Template

        Albedo is a personal website template made in PSD format, which includes several design elements, totally editable and scalable thanks to vector shapes. The template has areas for intro, features, portfolio, clients, blog and contact area.

      • Graffy: Photography Website PSD Template

        Graffy is a website PSD template made for photographers. It can be perfect for web designers, graphic designers and anyone with a creative mind. The files are available for personal and commercial use.

      • Pixelore: Website Design PSD Concept

        A beautiful conceptual website template made in PSD format for a Yoga instructor or a yoga place. The template has the regular areas like big header, service description, about, among many more. It includes editable objects for you to have fun!

      • Sketches Notebook Mockup

        This is a notebook mockup for Photoshop. It includes several images but it can be fully edited to showcase sketches and drawings. The set can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

      • Portfolio PSD Template

        A minimalist PSD template to present artworks or graphics. It comes with fully customizable shapes and well-grouped layers. It comes with the option to be used with no restrictions.

      • Minimalist Branding Stationery Mockup

        This is a minimalist, branding PSD Mockup. It is minimalist, clean and simple. The color of the background can be changed. It is fully customizable and easy to use.

      • Leapwise Media: Mockups & Resources

        Leapwise media is a library full of resources for designers. It includes PSD mockups and templates, stationary mockups, and iPad, iPhone, and Macbook templates.

      • PSD Mockups Collection

        This is a big collection of PSD mockups. It includes posters, magazines, business cards and electronic mockups, all in high definition.

      • The Screens: Perspective PSD Mockup

        The Screens is a PSD mockup with a perspective view to showcase your design project. This template comes in high resolution, contains smart layers, realistic shadows, and editable screens.

      • Retro Poster Flyer Template

        This fully editable PSD template will allow you to create an old-school feeling in your posters and flyers. Moreover, you will be able to change the contents of the mockup in just a couple of clicks. The file weighs 93 MB.

      • Capitalist: Landing Page Templates

        A free website templates pack crafted and delivered by Pixelbuddha, 3 different templates available in PSD and Sketch formats.

      • Notre Dame: Educational Website HTML & P...

        This design template for an educational informative web-site comes in HTML and PSD for an easy customization. A very sober and modern design.

      • Skonov: Web Portfolio PSD Template

        This minimalistic portfolio template is meant to showcase your work using a black & white palette, with a simple yet effective text location and sizing alongside a wide categorization, what makes the items fully editable and easy to customize.

      • E: Clean Personal Portfolio Template

        E is a case-study focused clean theme template meant for acting as a personal portfolio. It includes the 'about me', 'home', 'projects' and 'contact' layouts within a tight-tiles design.

      • Theme.zilla: Admin Dashboard PSD Template

        An administration dashboard in PSD showcasing the most important information needed to achieve one or more objectives arranged on a single screen that can be monitored at a glance.

      • Vegra: Keynote PSD/AI Template

        Vegra is a presentations keynote template created for Photoshop and Illustrator, containing easily editable layers and a very handy design perfect for every situation, pointing mainly to the presentation over a breath-taking design.

      • Amazing: Landing Page PSD Design Template

        Amazing is a landing page template that comes as a free PSD file, perfect for use in small business website designs. This carefully made template includes home, services, portfolio and contact sections. The design mixes elements of minimal and flat design, complemented with tons of colors.

      • Personal Blog PSD Template

        A pre-designed PSD blog template ready to use. It is well layered with pages for two different home, details', 404, contact and author. It also includes a sidebar with search, ad spaces, categories, latest posts, social and more. The template is lightweight and so simple to edit.

      • Lightweight PSD Store Template

        A complete lightweight template made in PSD for an online store. The template has a simple appearance, adding design elements randomly to grab the attention of users. It includes screens for catalogs, contacts, a home page and an order and product page. The design elements are editable vectors.

      • Free Bakery PSD Website Template

        An enhanced PSD version of a previous Dribbble shot made by Malte Westedt. He made this template for bakeries that want to extend their online presence, adding editable vector objects for a quick edition. The download weighs 376MB.

      • Unity: Personal Portfolio PSD Template

        A dark PSD template for a freelancer's portfolio. The template has simple flat elements that are complemented by powerful images. The typography suits the ambiance perfectly, and it is a step-by-step guide for the user. The template weighs 56MB.

      • Exo: One Page PSD Theme

        A clean PSD one page theme featuring a clean style and high customization. A great and perfect choice for any project looking for a fresh but yet very attractive appearance.

      • PSD Cardboard Box Mockup

        A fantastic PSD mockup featuring a rectangular cardboard with customizable facets, add a logo or any other pattern, as well as the background image and shadows, making it perfect for your packaging designs.

      • Clemo: Website PSD Template

        Clemo is a fantastic template using sober colors that include a high-resolution PSD, based on 1170 pixels grid system, and featuring a simple and modern style perfect for creative companies.

      • Breviter: Elegant WordPress Theme PSD Templat...

        A clean, bold, elegant PSD template of a homepage for web professionals, magazines, lifestyle/fashion projects and any other related sites. Organized and customizable, a perfect resource for personal or commercial projects.

      • Photo Management Application Design

        Modern and simple PSD template of a handy management app for multimedia, it's specially made to display all files in one place.

      • Renome: Restaurant WordPress PSD Template

        Renome is a responsive PSD template pack designed for WordPress, it offers a fresh and warming look towards restaurants and its design is focused on food-lovers. Desktop and mobile version are included in the pack. The file size is 225 MB, you can download it for free directly from the source.

      • Wooder: Furniture & Decor Web PSD Templa...

        Wooder is a website template delivered in PSD format that features a nice and stylish look for its furniture and decor content featuring smooth gold and black as its main colors.

      • Unique Magazine PSD Website Template

        A unique magazine schemed template that features beautiful and huge typography and quite a creative layout featuring a few curved lines for its containers' edges giving it a professional look.

      • Craft Lance: Modern & Clean PSD Landing ...

        Craft Lane is a minimal style landing page template delivered in PSD and designed in a single page layout that features minimal icons and clean schemed containers.

      • Creative Agency PSD Template

        A neatly crafted web template design delivered in PSD format that features nice and big typography and a consistent professional color palette including 6 ready-to-use screens.

      • PSD Business UI Template

        UI PSD template with 30 elements, perfect for a business portfolio. It includes chat, payment and tasks interfaces among and other apps.

      • Hygea: Modern Dashboard PSD Template

        Hygea is a modern looking template for web CMS dashboard page that comes available in PSD format and features smooth analytic graphics, and translucid overlays.

      • Tatukada: Restaurant Website PSD Template

        Tatukada is a vibrant website template, restaurant and food related, it features large images in a great quality, maps, suscription box and contact form, among others. Available in PSD file.

      • Cake Art Studio: PSD UI Elements

        Cake Art Studio brings these edgy and fresh UI elements with an interface full of texture. It includes nav bar, profile, login form, feed and statics pages, it is available in Ai and PSD file format.

      • ArchitectureX: Dark Layout PSD Template

        ArchitectureX is a PSD web template that features 3 different layouts featuring a 12-column grid in 1170 pixel width layout and Font Awesome icons, it weights 200MB.

      • Passion: Responsive Email Template

        Passion is an email template that comes available in both PSD and HTML formats, this last one being compatible with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor.

      • TheBlog: Nice Blogging Website PSD

        TheBlog is a nice blogging template that comes in PSD format with a resolution of 1800 x 3350 pixels.

      • DYK: Blog PSD & IDD UI Kit

        A kit of more than 100 UI Kits for blogging crafted in both PSD and InDesign format. It features 13 home variations and 1920x 10000 pixels resolution. The file weights over 900MB.

      • Mike: One-Page Web PSD Template

        Mike is a one-page PSD template that features geometrical edges for its containers and full-width containers as well as several elements for describing statistics and present products and team.

      • Webby: Multipurpose Website PSD Template

        Webby is a PSD web template that was crafted completely customizable to suit several kind of projects featuring full-width headers and containers.

      • Webvillee: Minimal One-page PSD Template

        A one-page 12 column grid template that features six sections laid across the page, these are home, portfolio, our process, why us, testimonials, our clients, get a quote and contact.

      • Bino: Clean Landing Page PSD Template

        Bino is a clean landing one-page template crafted by Kazi Mohammed Erfan that comes in a single PSD file with a resolution of 1920 x 11317 pixels. This template features a full-width header slider and content layout, as well as, about us, portfolio, pricing, team, blog, and contact sections.

      • Massive PSD Web Templates Bundle

        A bundle of about 100 PSD web templates that include all sorts of icons and thematics. In this bundle, you'll find templates for pages about music, eCommerce, video games, fashion, business and companies, art, among many others.

      • Octavia: Clean WordPress PSD Template

        Octavia is a template of a multipage clean theme for WordPress suitable for business and individuals alike. It features a nice top navigation bar, a full-width layout, background images, outline icons, and more.

      • Shophia: eCommerce Website PSD Template

        A modern one-page eCommerce template created in Photoshop by Robi Wahyudi that features four sections in which you'll find a stylish full-width header, photo grids, label-like buttons team info and contact info.

      • Azure: Neat PSD UI Kit

        Azure is a huge, neat fully layered and customizable PSD UI kit. It includes a template for a website and several widgets. It was created by Yolqin Alimov with a free for personal and commercial use license.

      • Nakropol: Web UI Kit PSD Template

        Nakropol is quite a complete and fully customizable PSD template suitable to feature web UI kits laid out in a 3800+px height canvas. Licensed for personal use and made by Orkan Çep.

      • Aleo: Dark PSD Web Template

        Aleo is a photography-based web template created in PSD format. It has a dark user interface, complemented with clearer design elements, and comprises some widgets for popular posts, weather and photo gallery. The PSD includes guides and organized layers.

      • Space Exploration: Web PSD Template

        A gorgeous and minimal going to the dark side PSD template with. It is a cool creation focusing on space exploration, perfect for bloggers and enthusiasts about space. It has a featured image that covers the whole background and an outlined timeline that can be used as blog post roll. This freebie was made by Ante Matijaca.

      • The Singhs: E-commerce Web PSD Template

        The Singhs is a template made in PSD format, perfect for e-commerce and online store purposes. The design is divided into 23 PSD Files, With open fonts like Open Sans, Big Noodle, Abel. It is composed of two versions for the homepage, both including a top bar with important information, logo area, centered menu, shopping cart, featured slider, our store, blog, and about us, besides the areas for the products.

      • Media: Flat Web PSD Template

        A flat web template in PSD format for blogs. It's comprised of a simple layout, includes free fonts, it's grid-based, and totally layered for easy and quick edition. Within you can find design components like a top menu, featured image area, submenu, content boxes, widgets and social icons. It was made by Afnizar Nur Ghifari.

      • Restaurant Landing Page PSD Template Set

        A huge collection of 37 free templates for a landing page focused on restaurants. The set has totally editable PSD files, with templates for menus, testimonials, food showcase, contact, featured dishes and many more, all of them with a semi-realistic look. This huge set of templates weighs 677MB zipped and it was created by Volodymyr Kurbatov.

      • ESPORTSY: eSports Website PSD Template

        A template for eSports fans made especially in PSD format, totally editable. It can be used only for personal purposes, like having a personal blog or use it as the base for your own creation. The template includes a top bar, header with logo area, social sharing options and widgets area. It weighs 160MB.

      • Visual Box: Retina Ready Website PSD Template

        A responsive and retina ready template created in PSD format. It is a website template with a classical style, including screens for video, gallery, product featuring, and more.This template includes several design elements, and it is totally editable. This template is free.

      • PhotoTime: App Showcase Landing Page PSD Temp...

        A beautiful landing page made in PSD format with editable capabilities. This template has a simple layout, perfect for showcasing your apps and their functionality. The layout includes a top menu, big featured header image with caption and action button, app showcase, contact area and footer. This template was created by Gianluca Cosetta.

      • Landing Page PSD Template

        A responsive landing page made by Punna Jagadeesh and uploaded to Dribbble. The template has a top menu with contact information and social icons, logo area on the left, another menu, featured image, company statements, content widgets, FAQ, latest news, clients and footer. The landing page is perfect for small companies and startups.

      • Trekking Store: Travelling Website PSD Templa...

        A beautiful and visually focused web template made in PSD format for travelling and trekking. It has a store approach, allowing you to use it in your own personal travelling or sports supplies business. The template has a simple top bar, a big featured image, a simple filter menu right below, products showcase, about us area and more. It was created by Gianluca Cosetta.

      • Flat One Page Website PSD UI Kit

        A nice user interface made in PSD format, containing a template for a simple and flat website. It is divided in horizontal sectors for logo, social connections, Twitter feed, timeline, comments, skills bars and app features, among others. This template was created by Nik Pletikos.

      • Daikatana: Free PSD Web Template

        A gorgeous and complete web template made in PSD format, totally editable and scalable. This template has lots of design elements for you to have fun, including screen for home, approach, work, blog, post, and contact. This template was created by Edi Gil.

      • FitLife: Fitness One Page PSD Template

        FitLife is a free one page PSD template made for fitness and health purposes. This template is suitable for health clubs, yoga, spa, sports, gyms and trainers. Among its features it has optional parallax design, clean and precise design, an 1170 Bootstrap-based grid, named and grouped layers, easy and customizable PSD and free fonts included.

      • SCreative: Modern & Creative PSD Templat...

        SCreative is a modern and creative one-page template in PSD format perfect for creative agencies, corporates, freelancers and people who needs to showcase their work. It features a Bootstrap 1170px grid, named and grouped layers, customizable PSD files, and free fonts.

      • Corporate Web Design PSD Template

        A beautiful clean template for website made in PSD format. The template has a logo on top, a menu, a big background image, description and action button. Then we can see some features area, latest projects, client testimonials, contact and more. It also includes an inner page for portfolios, with thumbnails and a clear layout, and a contact page with the regular form.

      • Online Shop PSD Website Template

        A simple template for websites made in PSD. It has been created for e-commerce sites, made with blue and white tones. Its layout is really clean, including a top bar for important information, then we have a menu bar with logo, navigation, search and shopping cart; then there's a featured image slider, products and footer. It is free.

      • Charity Website PSD Template

        A different yet beautiful PSD web template, perfect for non-profit organizations, charities and these kinds of organizations. The layout is divided in boxes, including a menu, featured image with transparencies, caption and donate button.

      • Hero: PSD UI Kit

        A cool and free user interface made in PSD format. It has charts, calendars, profile widgets, maps pins, blog post widgets, author badges, clock widgets and more. It is focused on video games, and the PSD files are totally editable and its layers organized. The set was created by Влад Камельский and it weighs about 162MB.

      • Saturn: Clean Personal Website PSD Template

        A template for a website made in PSD and available as HTML as well. It has a minimal style, composed of simple shapes and a beautiful color composition; its layers are totally organized and they are editable as well. This template was created by Afnizar Nur Ghifari.

      • Flat Web PSD Template

        A bootstrap based PSD template for a one-page website. It is flat and illustrated template perfect for startups, small companies, personal businesses, freelancers and portfolios. It can be converted into HTML easily. The template is free and can be downloaded for any project.

      • Delize: Email PSD Template

        ​​Delize is a new trendy email newsletter template that comes complete with a fully layered Photoshop file. Its design is flat, following current trends and adjusting to mobile. Free PSD released by Michael Reimer.

      • Fonzo: One Page PSD Web Template

        Fonzo is a simple web template made in PSD format, consisting of three parts: the main being the face of the website, the next with the relevant features and the third with the information of the company. This template comes with editable vectors, and can be downloaded and edited for its use in any project.

      • Flater: Free PSD Template

        Flater is a free one-page PSD template with multiple colors and flat patterned design. It has an about us area, what we do, fun facts, portfolio, blog, clients, map, contact and more. It is perfect for design agencies and others related startups. The template was designed by Abdullah Barakat.

      • Landing Website PSD & HTML Template

        A complete PSD + HTML template for a landing page with a light design, composed of black and white tones. The template can be used by professionals and amateurs in any discipline, being able to show your products or services easily and elegantly and it includes portfolio, contact form and more. It was created by Tomasz Mazurczak.

      • Constellation: Tumblr PSD Template

        A free retina ready PSD template for Tumblr made in two versions: desktop and mobiles. It is a good creation for bloggers and occasional writers since it gives a lot of importance to text without leaving images aside. It has a side menu and the respective blog area. The template is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial​-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

      • Zebra: PSD App User Interface

        Zebra is a cool user interface design for a mobile app made in PSD format. It has a great deal of crafted design elements ready to be implemented in your next project. It includes the core screens already designed, it's easy to extend elements to new screens, totally organized and Photoshop ready.

      • Free Material UI PSD Kit

        A free material user interface kit that comes in PSD format and comes packed with more than 40 UI elements, 40 templates, 7 application categories and 30 icons. Besides, it has an organized layout, works with Photoshop CS6 and it weighs more than 172MB, so you get an idea of its quality.

      • One Page Web Menu PSD Template

        A PSD restaurant menu template, implementing several fonts, among which you can find Aleo and Museum Sans with a smooth color usage as well. it has a featured image with logo, image bar, dishes information, contact, and footer. It can be used to create a website or just as a menu.

      • Free Dashboard PSD Design

        A colorful dashboard design made in PSD format. It has a dark style, elements like sparkline graphs, bars and pie charts. It is perfect for analytics applications and websites. It was created by Vladimir Babić

      • Dream: One Page PSD Web Template

        Dreams is a sleek and good looking web template created in PSD format. It has a simple appearance, showing a featured image on top, a top menu with logo, services area, areas of expertise with icons, portfolio area, about and team area. The template is free to download, and it was created by designer Partho P. Folia.

      • Modus Versus: Compelling Website PSD template

        Modus versus is a compelling PSD template menu with a flat yet colorful style. It is organized by sections, displaying a simple top menu bar, a wide featured slider, some widgets for products and services (including icons, a little label, a description and buttons in different colors. The template includes several different areas, including about, blog, colors, contacts, homepage, services and many more, designs that you can transform into your next website.

      • Website UI Kit PSD Template

        A flat and beautifully designed user interface in PSD format, made with a dark style but complemented with vibrant colors. It includes some nice elements, necessary in web design like a horizontal menu with icons and labels for settings, accounts, messages, and favorites among others.

      • Casablanca: Free Colorful PSD Template

        A nice web template in PSD format for easy edition. It can be used by small businesses and freelancers to showcase a product or a set of services. The template has a minimal style, composed of a big featured image, logo in the middle, introduction area, projects area, clients, about us, video, contact and more. The template includes grids, comes in vectors and can be downloaded for free.

      • Rubiko: Complete One Page PSD Web Template

        Rubiko is a compelling one-page template that allows you to portray your products or services easily. Photographers, designers and agencies can use it to take digital goods to the next level. It is a pixel perfect creation and includes 12 sections.

      • Retro Single Page Portfolio PSD Template

        A retro single page portfolio template in PSD. It has a greyscale design, along with some grunge design. Among the design elements it has a top menu with the logo in the middle, featured content area, perfect for the title and some social icons, work / Projects area with thumbs, about area with profile pic, description, and social icons, and a contact form. This download weighs about 25 MB; its dimensions are 1700x3500px, has vectors for easy edition and is totally free to download.

      • Architect: One-page PSD Template

        The Architect – Construction is a free template for a one-page design in PSD format. It is a responsive creation that includes a logo and menu bar (translucid), a big featured slider with caption and button, a featured content roll, three widgets with thumbs and a little title, content area for projects / news, thumbs for illustrating the projects, footer with several links, newsletter subscription, social buttons, This template’s weight is 106MB and was created by Cemil Bayram. You can download it, modify it and use any way you like for free.

      • Arcadia: Modern Landing Page PSD Template

        Arcadia is a PSD layout with a minimal and dark style, with some shades of light. The template includes some great design elements and is a one-page layout so it can be used for a company or to showcase a product. The template has a top menu, logo, widget for text info, video player, widgets for featured products, partners area, tweets area, contact form. This template was created by Alan Podemski and it's free to download.

      • Crafty: Single-page Website PSD Template

        A free template made in Photoshop for a single page website. It makes use of a combination of yellow and dark tones, which allows the user to focus the attention in details that stand out. It's a rather lightweight file for a PSD, with only 3 MB when zipped.It includes some cool design elements like a big header area (irregular), logo area, featured description of the product, button, slider controls, mockups with smart objects, icons in widgets, menu, and a contact form. This template is free to download and use. It was created by Abdullah Noman.

      • SNDSGN: Minimal Style Web PSD Template

        Sergey Nefortunov has created this beautiful template in PSD format that features a minimal style, using neat photography and big featured spaces. Among the elements and features, you can find in this layout a 1170-pixel grid system, vector shapes, custom buttons, and Oswald, Lobster and PT Sans open fonts included.

      • Bella: Minimalistic Email PSD & HTML Tem...

        Bella is a minimalistic web template designed in PSD format and then made as an HTML template. Its design can work for websites as well for newsletters.

      • LookShop: E-commerce Responsive PSD Template

        LookShop is a fantastic, responsive design for e-commerce websites. It includes a set of PSD templates with a clean and flat style, supported by several photographs to make it look even better. This template has a featured product slider at the top that occupies all the screen width, located right below the logo and the menu. Up next, there is a collage of images, and just below we can see a gallery with long images, perfect if your store is about selling dresses or general clothing. It also includes widgets and areas for favourite brands, about, payment methods and links, besides the footer.

      • One Page Creative Website Template

        A one-page website template made in Photoshop, perfect for creative websites. This layout includes several design elements, among which we can find a big central area for logo, description under logo, several icons-menu, a big featured image, widgets for featured content with icons and captions, an "about us" section with big image, text and button, parallax area with logo and text, and more. The creator of this PSD was created by Rahul Rai and he has made it free to download.

      • Emrah: Vintage Portfolio PSD Template

        A free template for a portfolio created by Emrah Demirag for UIPixels, made in PSD format and ready to download. Its layout includes lots of design elements, along with a cool vintage yet minimal design. This template is free to download, includes vectors for easy and quick edition, weighs a bit more than 7MB and its size is 1920 x 8410px.

      • Single Page Design PSD Template

        A PSD file with a single page web template perfect for startups and new businesses which need to portray their information in a simple and attractive way. This template called Smak has a prominent featured image right below the main menu, which uses transparency to differentiate it from the rest. The featured image includes a moto and a button, and it includes icons, widgets and thumbs to make it even more beautiful than regular templates.

      • icrowdme: PSD Website Template

        A crafted free PSD template created by Arun. Its purpose is to maintain a crowdsource website, although it works for any website, even blogging or magazines. It contains a well-layered PSD file, so the edition of the vectors gets easier than ever. Also, it has a 1024px width column within a 12 grid system, complemented with fonts and icons.

      • Writters Portfolio Website PSD Template

        A tastefully designed template for a website, specially created as the portfolio of a writer or anyone working in publishing or media. It includes various design elements like top menu, an area that can be used as a slider, and beautiful illustrations, very realistic elements that complement the design perfectly. It has widgets and social integration, and it’s ready to be coded. It can be used commercially and noncommercially.

      • Educational PSD Dashboard Template

        ​A nice admin user interface made in PSD format, perfect for a mobile app (especially for tablet use) and has several design elements like icons for dashboard, course, exam, Q&A, and news, making it ideal for learning and such. The UI also includes widgets, with text and counters, and also an analytics dashboard so students can see their progress.

      • King of Pasta: PSD & HTML Website Templa...

        King of Pasta is a web template meant to be handled the way you truly want to. First, it is offered in both PSD and HTML/CSS formats. The former is well organized in layers and is easy to customize while the latter comes with great jQuery effects built in. Courtesy of Mohamed Sobhy.

      • Starnight: Website Design PSD Template

        Starnight is a free PSD template posted at Blaz Robar's website. The color palette is a bit peculiar, but quite interesting as well. The template offers a page for a supposed application that will allow you to see the stars. Not exactly useful, but something that allows you to see the theme in action. It also features an awesome font called Lato.

      • PSD Homepage Template

        A free PSD template displaying a hypothetical productivity application designed by Noah Zwillinger. It aims for a modern and simple style by keeping icons and images in the spotlight with text and other elements complimenting the information. Multiple pages are included so you can create an enjoyable experience all-around.

      • Magnetic: Photography Website Template

        A pixel perfect website template shared for free in PSD format by the guys at Pixel Hint. It is mainly oriented for photographers, but illustrators, web designers and graphic artists can also take full advantage of this image-oriented layout. Magnetic features three fully layered PSD files: Home/portfolio, inner page and contact page.

      • Transparent PSD UI Kit Web Template

        ​The Transparent UI Kit is a glossy and bold UI kit that includes lots of user interface elements. The user has a lot of options to choose from and its design is ideal for web and mobile apps. It has three different versions web templates – Web, Smartphone and Mobile.

      • BrandaLoka: Creative One Page PSD Template

        ​A template design created by Andreansyah Setiawan is a creative single page PSD template that can be used for various purposes. It is a free website template that has all the neat and modern elements of today’s web design trends.

      • La Shoopa: Simple eCommerce Website PSD Templ...

        ​As a clean, pixel perfect and simple free PSD eCommerce Website Template, La Shoopa is a perfect template for your online store. The downloadable files are well-organised, well-named, fully-layered and easy to modify. Additionally, it includes an eCommerce email newsletter version.

      • Journal PSD Template

        An interesting template that displays a journal in the middle of the site, but also contains a wide variety of details that can be quite useful with other projects, such as the mini chat window, the picture with transparency effect, captioned picture and much more. Courtesy of Alexandre Naud.

      • Altair: Creative PSD Template

        Aldrin Nolasco has created Altair, a website template offered for free in PSD format and aimed at creative agencies and professionals in order to display their potential through a modern-looking page. The content is quite easy to customize thanks to the simple nature of the template.

      • Treehouse: Agency Website PSD Template

        ​Treehouse is a free PSD web template that was designed with agencies and small companies in mind. This template is bright and spacious design perfect for people or startup companies looking to showcase their apps or other projects.

      • Creative Agency Portfolio PSD Template

        A template is called Creative Agency Portfolio, and it consists exclusively in one PSD file, carefully layered, arranged in groups and named perfectly. You can modify this PSD as you wish and use it for all your projects for free and without any restrictions.

      • Flat Bicycle PSD Web Template

        ​​A beautiful template with a flat style and big images made in PSD. The template has a top menu that integrates with the image background, text area, and nicely organized images throughout all the design. It also has a latest tweet section and social icons on the bottom. This template is free to download.

      • Studio Portfolio: One Page PSD Template

        ​Studio Portfolio is a responsive template that can be viewed from any mobile device. It includes a top menu, a big image slider with captions. areas for text, widgets, thumbnails, pricing tables, map, contact form and more. It has a flat style that gets complemented with images and interactive objects.

      • Variety: Personal Website PSD Template

        Variety, a PSD template for websites, is all about customization (its name is pretty good at suggesting that, actually), this template is best suited for personal websites that want to showcase everything about the writer, including his or her personality. The design is thought in such a way that you only have to change the main color and images to give the site a completely new appearance and mood.

      • Deliver: Complete Website PSD Template

        A complete website template, designed and provided in PSD format by Michael Reimer. ''Deliver'' consists of eight fully layered pages, displayed in a fantastic minimal style that will give your project a fresh, modern look. Invaluable to promote your business or personal portfolio.

      • PSD Mobile App Landing Page Template

        A freebie containing a PSD file with a landing page, useful for showcasing your next mobile app before directing the future user directly to the app store or marketplace. The template is nicely divided into three sections that you can use to describe different attributes of the app.

      • E-commerce Web Elements PSD UI Template

        A complete set of e-commerce elements with organised layers within a PSD. The file includes a navigation bar in the header, a product banner and thumbnail, stats, shopping cart, map, and a bar graph with commerce and social elements. All of this comes as a PSD editable file.

      • Violet Music PSD Dashboard Template

        A unique dashboard delivered for free: it is a beautiful music dashboard that comes as a well crafted and arranged layered PSD in a deep purple tone. It has icons for dashboard, friends, gigs, playlist, photo, messages, and more, all with a nice soft design for different elements like the monthly activity and the player controls.

      • Tiled Admin Panel PSD Template

        An interesting flat UI for an admin panel made in PSD format. This time the dashboard/admin template is subdivided in a mosaic of widgets, each one displaying specific info, a sidebar and a search element in as well. The whole PSD is editable since it is composed of vector shapes. However, if you have CS5 or lower some appearances might not display properly.

      • Flat & Green PSD Sidebar Dashboard

        A crafty dashboard template comes as a wonderfully arranged PSD with all shapes editable; it contains top and side bars, plus a line chart and many modules for different information. Since the original file was too heavy, the canvas size was slightly reduced, and the original background replaced.

      • PrasastiEnom: PSD Admin Template

        PrasastiEnom is a flat PSD admin or dashboard template including many useful elements like a sidebar, menu with icons, a top bar for activity, notification and profile, a stats counter, and widgets for weather, quotes, profile info, surveys, forms and more. These elements are carefully ordered in layers for your convenience and it has, in general, a very professional design. It was created by Andreansyah Setiawan and it's free to download.

      • Light & Flat PSD Admin User Interface

        A nice user interface template created in Photoshop, perfect for admin dashboards, displaying a top bar, tabbed sidebar, line charts, beautiful icons and more, all in a simple and light style. It is very similar to the one MailChimp created for their dashboard, with simple lines for the graphs, a left sidebar which can, ideally, collapse, as well as other design elements as top icons.

      • Mini Stats UI PSD Template

        A concept that brings us a flatly styled user interface created to display snippets of information within a small space. This compact design features bright colors that will show data snippets with slick graphics and texts that clarify additional details. Brought to us by Amit Jakhu.

      • Responsive Website PSD Wireframes

        An awesome set of responsive wireframes created by Dribbble's Chris Bannister. You can use them to guide yourself in the developing process of creating a page that's both organized and fully functional. You can download the PSD files and make any changes to them, for free!

      • Web App Header PSD UI Kit

        A fantastic flat UI kit made in PSD, featuring strong colors that give an alternative look to the sometimes all-too-similar flat interfaces we see around today. He still manages to keep all elements well organized and recognizable for the user.

      • Proxy: Single Page Portfolio PSD Template

        Proxy is a single page portfolio theme, with bold design. Use it to showcase your latest work, present your team and tell your story. The PSD files are fully layered and grouped, and it's based on a 12 column grid to make your life easier when coding it for responsiveness. This files has only vector shapes as layout elements so the design scales beautifully and is retina display ready. The download package contains 3 PSD files: the homepage, the post mode and the portfolio mode.

      • Editable WordPress Admin PSD Template

        A concept for the WordPress dashboard with a flat and clean design. The admin template provides a dashboard that you can use to manage and run your web applications, and since this is a PSD file, you can play with the design freely and make any changes. You can design your own interface, the icons, and alter the design in general, but using the original colors, objects, and general layout will save you a lot of time. It was created by Asif Aleem.

      • Admin Panel PSD Template

        A compelling dashboard template to control the main components of any application with a smooth flat design. This will be a quite handy tool for your web projects since it supports WordPress, HTML5, Magento, Joomla, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Drupal. The design is also responsive. It was created by Asif Aleem, and you can download the free PSD.

      • Jupither: Free Homepage PSD Template

        A nice freebie composed of the homepage PSD of Jupither, a responsive WordPress gallery and blog. This template has different elements like the header with logo and menu, a description with social icons, and after that, there's just the thumbnails with a caption. It is totally editable, but this template is free only for personal use.

      • Bloom: Flat Yellow PSD Web Template

        ​Bloom is a fantastic concept created exclusively for GraphicBurger by Enes Danış, a very talented UI designer from Turkey. The clean layout and the bright, flat colors emphasize the main role of the products. The PSD file is provided with vector graphics, making it easy to edit and customize. Feel free to use it in any way you wish.

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