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A collection of avatars for sketch constantly updated and delivered as a Sketch file with Custom-Data feature and also as PNG's. Custom-data is a feature provided by Sketch App to easily customize data such as images and text.

Vise is a lightweight, minimal and mature vanilla CSS framework built with care. Includes pure CSS framework with no Javascript and no third-party libraries featuring a smart grid system. Completely encapsulated. Supported by most of the browsers on the market.

Simple, lightweight model-based validation for Vue.js 2.0 featuring a Dependency-free, minimalistic library. Support for collection validations, nested models and functions composition. Contextified validators. Easy to use with custom validators like Moment.js. Validates different data sources: Vuex getters, computed values, and more. High test coverage.

An interactive CSS grid style guide with 5 color palettes created for testing different text styles and in general to aid you with the development of any new web project. Created by Codepen user Olivia Ng.

Lifetime Access To Stone River eLearning: 400+ Courses, 3500+ Hours Of Web & Graphic Design, DevOps, Software, App & Web Development, Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Marketing & Much More!

An European old-school look-a-like sans serif font created prioritizing geometry and optical balance. Fenord includes Regular and also Italics in TTF and OTF file formats. Created by Craft Supply.

Ready-to-use 3D model of a G-Plan sideboard by Retro Modern, designed by Victor Wilkins in England, 1960s, delivered as FBX & C4D file formats. Created by Alfonso Mastrangelo.

A handwritten brush uppercase font, that includes bold characters designed with a wide brush, that will have a great display in all sizes: as a single letter, sentence or text.

This clean and elegant UI Kit will help you to create beautiful login pages, for your website or mobile apps. Delivered in Adobe XD format, including 20 screens, 100% vectors, 100% editable.

Hundreds Of Web UI Design Elements & Content Blocks For Sketch, Photoshop & Figma: Bootstrap Grids, Portfolios, Headers, Footers, Pricing Tables, Features, & More, Only $25

Create a wonderful presentation with this flyer mockup for branding. Delivered as PSD, including smart-object feature. Dimensions: 3000×2250px. Created by Dribbble Graphics

Happy Holi is a colorful ready-to-use powerpoint template. It was made for celebrating the Hindu spring festival. All elements are editable from shape to colors and you don't need another software apart from PowerPoint to edit it.

Beattingvile is a beautiful new script font with stylistic alternates, swashes, ligatures and is multilingual. This font is great for branding, label design, logotype, quotes, posters, apparel and much more! Designed by Risman Ginarwan for Graphic Design Freebies, free for both commercial and personal use.

A toolbox for Sketch with flexible components and interchangeable libraries to help in the design of robust user interfaces. It includes swatches library for system defaults as well as opacity steps, gradients, and photo fills. It's easy to swap out parts with project-specific design elements since each library governs an aspect of the system (Type, Color and Icons). Designed and shared at Behance by user Brendan Bax.

820+ Isolated Objects From 3 Different Mock-up & Scene Generators! Ultra High-Quality Assets In PSD format, Separated Shadow Layers For Every Object, Pre-made Scenes & Background Textures Included. Get this bundle for just $19! (98% Off)

A lightweight CSS framework that doesn't require any classes for beautifing simple websites . It is responsive, with good code quality and good browser support. It is ideal for making quick demo pages or websites with simple content where you don't want to spend time styling them but don't like the ugliness of the default styles. Developed by GitHub user Kognise, licensed under the MIT license.

UnderStrap is a starter theme which is a combination of Automattic´s Underscores theme and Bootstrap 4. Made as a solid starting point for your next theme project and WordPress website. It includes Font Awesome support, built-in widget slider and much more you need for basic websites. Developed and shared by

This is a themed collection of manicure icons with a flat color and outlined styles. The icons come in vector file formats (EPS, AI), and in rasterized PNG graphics. You can use this set to create printed products like magazines, newspapers, books, notebooks, brochures, business cards, manuals, textbooks and much more. Designed and published at DesZone, free for personal or commercial purposes.

A dry brush font created out of real hand brush strokes which gives it a personal and rustic feeling. It includes uppercase, lowercase, punctuations, symbols, numerals, stylistic set alternate, and ligatures. It is suitable for creating logos, apparel, company branding, signature, and anything you like. Designed by Letterhend Studio, free for personal use only.

Lifetime Web Development Course Access, Over 19 hours of indepth courses on HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, AJAX, XML, and much more, Includes certificate of completion! Become a Web Development Ninja for Just $17! (94% off)

This is a collection of different types of masks approaches to test how browsers support them. The demos were made without fallbacks, so you can open them in different browsers to check how they support the collected features. Created by CodePen user yoksel.

CONSUL is a platform for open government and citizen participation. As it is an open software platform all its code can be used and modified by any person or entity to suit their requirements. It features a registration system that protects privacy and that can be integrated with existing register and census systems. Published at GitHub under the AFFERO GPL v3 license.

Ballystic has smooth curves and lines while maintaining the flair of brush script handwriting. Includes upper and lowercase. Delivered as TTF format file, free for personal usage, ready for any projects that need handwriting taste.

A detailed machine-futuristic inspired monospace/geometric type, that features deep ink traps in its heavier weights. Includes 3 weights with glyphs each combined with Stylistic Alternates, ligatures and more. Language support for the Americas, Europe & Cyrillic languages.

280 Instagram Masks in PSD Format, easy usage, including a tutorial of the process. Delivered in different categories. Normally priced $60, for a limited-time only $9 USD!

Editor.js is a block-styled text editor. It returns clean data output in JSON. Created to be extendable and pluggable with a simple API. Editor.js workspace consists of separate Blocks: paragraphs, headings, images, lists, quotes, etc. Each of them is an independent content editable element.

Real State is an elegant and minimal open-code template that can be used for any purpose, even commercial. It is provided under a MIT license and can be used on Bootstrap v4. Features Responsive design HTML5 & CSS3 Bootstrap 4 Ionic Icons Compatibility between web browsers Free updates Free support

Zest is a collection that groups 63 brand and social icons in different categories. The download includes SVG & PNG formats. Also available on NPM for use in JavaScript projects. MIT Licensed so you can use them freely on your personal and commercial projects.

Mobile App is an elegant and minimal open-code template that can be used for any purpose, even commercial. It is provided under a MIT license and can be used on Bootstrap v4. Features Responsive design HTML5 & CSS3 Bootstrap 4 Ionic Icons Compatibility between web browsers Free updates Free support

1500+ Vintage Vector Elements With 100+ Vintage Style Illustrations, 900+ Ornaments, and 450+ Borders, All Professionally Made With a 19th Century Touch. File Formats Ai and EPS, Get This Pack For Just $29! (58% Off)