Introducing ByPeople Sponsored Freebies. Promote your brand and reach 700K possible customers, do real organic link building and viral distribution, by offering quality freebies that people cannot help but love. Here's how it works.


What do I get with a sponsored freebie?

  • We'll make a professional freebie release, it might be an icon pack, a GUI set, an HTML or design template, a Bootstrap theme, a font, a code experiment, you name it. It will be released with links and info about your business, along with, of course, the free download. Here's a sample freebie for you to check.
  • The freebie will be shared to a network of around 500K direct users, including one of the biggest SenderScore-certified newsletters in the business with over 400K members. The rest is the sum of our social followers, approximately 100K.
  • We will promote the freebie in several top design blogs,, as we collaborate with them curating post each month, so you will receive tons of organic traffic and your brand will be associated with releasing something free to the community, which is always appreciated.
  • See that site-wide bar on top of our website? Your freebie will show there permanently, no matter what page you're viewing, that's 4000 unique visitors a day (and growing) looking at your content.
  • Additional to the top-page ad, the freebie will be featured as a sticky post in our home page during one week, did we mention we have 4000 unique visits a day?
  • Your post will have no distractions (banners, advertising, etc.) to ensure your content is the only thing in the reader's mind.
  • Don't know exactly what to offer? We can set up the freebie for you or guide you in the process. We are team of creatives with lots of ideas. :)
  • You will be named as the co-creator of the freebie, and it will be released under a Creative Commons Attribution Required license. So anyone who wants to use the freebie in your project has to name your brand and link to you, giving you more organic linking!

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So, how can this benefit my business?

  • Make a smooth introduction with customers. Giving away quality content will have a very positive impact on a client's view of your company.
  • You will receive natural and organic visits for a long time. People love to download and share freebies!
  • An ''attribution required'' license means that you will generate more links (and extra promotion) when people use the download. The attribution is entirely to you.
  • Promote yourself not only in ByPeople, but in an entire network of tech-oriented blogs and editors, thanks to our contacts and connections. Good blogs are always after quality material.
  • The fact that users get a free trial greatly increases your possibility of future purchases.

Take the chance to expose your work to thousands of people through effective, new methods. Let us know about your project and find the best approach for it. Enjoy!

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