65 free design kits: Box of Bundles Number 2 has been released !

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  • Feb 9, 2015

Are you looking for some freebies? Well, if that’s the case, today’s the day for finding them, because the second wave of Box of Bundles is here. Box of bundles is a project created by the shock family (yeah, us) where designs from several experienced and outstanding designers are published and available to be downloaded by everyone in one single zip (yes, they’re all free)


On this second wave, we’ve got more than 65 free, ready to download, designs sets for you to pick, made by designers from all around the world, their designs go from a variety of buttons to full skins for web browser so don’t miss this chance to get all of those for free. In this release we have included PSD files as well as fully working CSS/HTML elements.

Here’s a bite of what you’ll be able to find:

Aaron Moody’s Callendar

Norm Uiparade’s CSS Ribbon

Sacha Greif’s CSS Ribbon

Alexandre Launched Pixel’s Kit UI Elements

Dmitry Zaborskikh’s Icon Desk

Ionut Zamfir’s Share Buttons

Jon-Paul Lunney’s Little Glyphs Icon

Kubilay Sapayer’s 28 Layer Styles

Matt Gentile’s Vector UI Bundle

Matt Gentile’s Vector Info Buttons

Matt Gentile’s Sliding Tags

Matt Gentile’s Dark UI Kit

Matt Gentile’s On-Off Toggle Switch GUI

Sagi Shrieber’s Share Buttons

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the second wave of Box of Bundles and start enjoying these awesome designs.
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