Today we present a compendium of inspiring web design writers in every area of design and development. It is a complete research about the lives of many recognized and rising authors and publishers. Even though they have different motives and independent goals, they all have in common their passion for design and a genuine interest for improving our experiences with desktop computers, mobile devices, and even our understanding of life itself. Here we have experts in areas as wide as UX, graphics design and all its branches (web, illustration, interface, printing, etc.), responsiveness, mobile, content strategy, blogging, analytics, advertising and even philosophy. All of them will help you in every possible aspect of your career as a designer and developer, so be sure to check them all and follow the ones that can impact and boost your craft to a new level. Additionally, we have a great freebie for you: it is an eBook, compatible with the main readers on the most popular mobile platforms available. It comes in .epub and .pdf formats, so you can get to read about these authors any time of the day. So go ahead and download it. Enjoy!