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    • PSD Pricing Table (15 submissions)

      Pricing tables made in Adobe Photoshop, provided in PSD format. They combine multiple styles: Flat, minimalistic, glossy, etc. Ideal for introducing future customers to your products.

      • Elegant Corporate PSD Pricing Table

        This is one elegant pricing table that actually looks like a table, in a corporate style and completely editable in Photoshop. The table, has a header for the value, and right below you can find the columns for the product descriptions, whether if it is a Standard, Pro or Maxx plans. It includes buttons and other design elements created under a minimal style.

      • Free PSD Product Pricing Table

        This is a simple and fresh table for product pricing with buttons, a hover effect and info line. It is divided into three parts, the first for product description, the second for some values and the third one for buttons with links with more details. The whole design has a nice flat style, with clear and light typography, easy on the eyes, and an overall bright feel.

      • Free Grey PSD Pricing Table

        This modern design for a pricing table represents the beauty of the transition between glossy to textured to flat, with light effects to make it pop. This is a three column design, with the one in the middle overshadowing the other two. It is perfect for giving relevance to one of the plans. Most of the light effects and lines are raster but can be worked out anyway.

      • Strong Contrast Pricing Table

        This pricing table is a hard and striking view because of the high contrast between the black, white and the vibrant vermilion of the highlighted pricing option. The design includes three columns: Standard, Advanced and Professional, all made of a header with a the kind of plan and the price for each one. Below we have the features and the Sign Up button.

      • Flat Black, Red and White Pricing Table

        Here there is a flat black, red and white design for a pricing table that works great on a white background for its color scheme and simplicity. However, it can also work with any contrasting background color. The typography is special here, being a bit puffy allows it to be more effective in grabbing users' attention. The red of the button also motivates the users to click and take action.

      • Simple Icon Pricing Table

        This is a rather simple but effective form of pricing table with a white background and spherical icons for the kick. Editable but mostly raster layers. It helps the user decide on the plan they want to get by adding icons each one of the plans. Just below it, every column has its own feature set so the user can make an even smarter decision, and finally, there's the price.

      • 960 Grid System Photoshop Price Table

        This is the 960 grid system price table for hosting services (or anything else…) fully editable in Photoshop. This freebie has been created under minimalistic requirements and makes use of the beautiful set of circle icons uploaded to Tempees, adding effects to the box to make it distinct from the rest. Also, like other designs of this type, it includes a ribbon for a unique plan.

      • Flat Colorful PSD Pricing Table

        Colorful proposal for a flat pricing table, three columns with a white base and a low saturation. However, the colors are vibrant, both at the top and the bottom. The widget is divided into four parts: the type of the plan, the cost, the features and the action button. This editable PSD format file contains four useful vector icons and it's free

      • Soft Blue PSD Pricing Table

        This is a clean pricing table designed for variable length in shades of light grey and blue. In the PSD, there are three types of plan widgets, and the only difference among them is the amount of features included. However, the file is a fully editable, free PSD for your comfort, allowing you to add anything in just seconds.

      • Colorful Designer PSD Price Chart

        This is a vibrant and energetic pricing chart design, sporting four different colors for each option’s title, one of which is selected as best choice. A complete and fully editable PSD to integrate into any project, whether it is a website or an app.

      • Professional Flat PSD Pricing Table

        These are some columns forming a cool pricing table with a professional style. They are perfect to be used in any corporate or business website to improve the visibility of their products. The table counts with the common elements like the plan name, the price, the features and the action button.

      • Basic PSD Pricing Table

        Here's a basic pricing table, with boxes in two diverse colors. Among its design characteristics, it has outlined borders that integrate with a "recommended" label when it's active; a clean typography is also present, soft colors with a neutral hue and low saturation. This resource is free for you to download and use.

      • Free Clean Wavy PSD Price Table

        Here we can see a beautiful clean pricing table with wavy top and hosting-like icons included. It is intended for cloud hosting services' plans. It uses a cloud icon at the top, and more icons to depict servers and space. The color management is also interesting since it uses a light background, shades of grey and blue for the important parts, like the price and the sign up button.

      • Slanted Orange Pricing Table

        This is a compelling set of trapezoidal boxes, a pricing table design that provides high dynamism while maintaining a geometric balance. They were created with a flat style, using the colors white, yellow and orange, and complementing the design with a ribbon so you know what plan is better. The shapes within the PSD, however, are raster images.

      • Gray and Blue PSD Price Table

        This is a gray pricing table design enriched with blue tones, and beautiful textures and borders. It has complementary ribbons with colors so the user knows what column is active. The only not so nice part is the big blocks of layers within each folder. It comes in PSD format for easy edition.

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    • Flat UIs (35 submissions)

      A list of flat user interface design kits intended for use in social media mobile applications and mobile control panels, provided in PSD format.

      • One-page Flat PSD UI Kit

        A UI kit for building one-page web sites that comes in five separate PSD files featuring land page, sign in/up page, and a few more examples. This creation of Karim Tarek is designed in flat style and is delivered under Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported license.

      • Photoshop & Sketch Free To-do App UI Kit

        A versatile to-do app UI kit that includes 130 screens, 10 special themes and more than 250 user interface elements. It's available in PSD and Sketch formats, it is totally editable and scalable. This freebie weighs over 300MB (PSD) and over 700 MB (Sketch).

      • Free Material Design UI Kit

        A free material UI kit made in PSD format, totally organized and ready to use as is or to be edited. The kit has the regular UI components like menu bars, profile widgets, charts, post previews & thumbnails, search bars, buttons, forms and many more. It also includes icons. The set can be used for personal and commercial projects.

      • Clean, Dark & Free PSD UI Kit

        A completely clean and elegant UI made in PSD format. It includes more than 55 multi-purpose design elements with a minimal style, its elements come in vectors for easy edition, includes icons, wireframes and more. It is free and it was created by Tomasz Mazurczak.

      • Free Flat PSD User Interface Kit

        A simple PSD user interface with several design elements like a login form, weather widget, search, profile box, contact form, slider, video and audio player, disc cover and more. It comes in blueish tones and it's free. It was created by Oveni Design.

      • Free Material UI PSD Kit

        A free material user interface kit that comes in PSD format and comes packed with more than 40 UI elements, 40 templates, 7 application categories and 30 icons. Besides, it has an organized layout, works with Photoshop CS6 and it weighs more than 172MB, so you get an idea of its quality.

      • Website UI Kit PSD Template

        A flat and beautifully designed user interface in PSD format, made with a dark style but complemented with vibrant colors. It includes some nice elements, necessary in web design like a horizontal menu with icons and labels for settings, accounts, messages and favorites; a login button with thumbnail a side menu, with notifications; a profile widget that includes comments, views and likes; a newsletter, a sign in form, statistics widgets, weather, calendar, tweets, video, social and more.

      • Material Design PSD UI Kit

        A cool UI made with the Material design guidelines (not quite accurately, though). It includes various design elements and widgets like menu, icons, profile box, weather widget, video and audio player, featured content widget, stats widget and calendar, all in PSD format with editable vectors. It was created by Oliur Rahman and you can download it and use it for free.

      • Publica: Free PSD and AI UI Kit

        The Publica kit is a free and complete UI with tons of design elements, a flat design and neutral colors. It is perfect for organizing a complete website, or take parts of it for different types of websites, like one-page designs, portfolios, corporative layouts, blogs, newspapers, magazines and more. It was created by Raul Taciu and Vlad Cristea, and it is free so you can download and improve.

      • Free Flat PSD UI Kit

        An excellent flat user interface made in PSD format with tons of design elements that suit an online store easily. Among the design features you can find there are: - Shopping cart products widget - Buy now buttons in different colors - Regular buttons for various purposes - Range sliders - Percentage circular sliders - Pagination elements - Pricing tables - Calendar - Rounded buttons - Active and inactive stars for rating elements This UI was created by Johnny J and it is free to download.

      • Bootflat: Sketch UI Vector Kit

        The Bootflat UI kit is a compelling creation based on Bootflat, an open source UI package based on Bootstrap, but offering support for Sketch users since the original comes in PSD formats only. It has a beautiful flat, simple design, that includes several design elements among which you can find: - Color swatches - Buttons - Labels - Badges - Tooltips - Popovers - Forms - Selects - Checkbox and Radios - Toogles - Alerts - Tabs - Navbars - Pills - Progress - Pagination - Accordions - Many more elements! This UI was created by Teracy and it's totally free.

      • Free Blueish PSD UI Kit

        A beautiful PSD UI kit designed in a set of blue tones. It is a compendium of components such as widgets, search bars, players and more. Among them you can find: - Video player widget with actionable buttons, icons and sliders. - Calendar widget with date, featured image, days of the month and notes editor. - Views widget with shot views, likes, comments and bars in different colors. - Weather widget with icons and labels for climate states. - Smaller version of the weather widget with temperature and icon. - Profile box with thumbnail, description label and button. - Search box with an icon. - Map with location …

      • Bs: Small PSD Flat User Interface

        Bs. is a small flat User Interface template that you can download and use freely. Among its features it includes pixel perfect design, a fully editable PSD file, 100% vector shapes, organized layers, easy color edition. The fonts includes and used are the Ubuntu Family & Bebas Neue.

      • Amsterdam: Flat CSS User Interface

        CSSDeck user Vadzim surprises us again, this time with a complete user interface made in CSS and HTML. It is called Amsterdam, and it's composed of several design elements with a simple flat style and clean colors. Among the features it has, we can find: - A profile widget with a big thumbnail, name and description labels and a button. - Video player. - Weather widget with temperature, logo and date. - Content widget with feature image, title and description. - Calendar widget including day of the week, month, and the respective numbers. - Music or podcasts player. - Search widget. You can use this UI for free …

      • Designer-naut: Flat PSD UI Kit

        A UI kit in blue, white and gray color tones that includes buttons, drop-down menus, list items, menu, pagination, progress bar, search box, a slider, toolbar and widgets, all within a fully layered PSD file.

      • PSD Android Launcher Theme

        A unique Android interface with a colorful creation brought to us by Dribbble's user by Sergiy Ganushchak. It includes the regular interface elements like signal strength, Wi-Fi, battery, and hour. Also, it has a Google Search bar and right below it, a weather widget with an icon of the current weather state, indicators of temperature, date and time. At the bottom, we can see some app icons, which are rounded, and next to them we can see a little bit smaller icons for featured apps. Its style is flat.

      • Breezy: PSD User Interface Kit

        ​The Breezy UI kit contains a total of 14 widgets built on the 960 grid system and enchanted with the most eye-catching and inspiring colors of summer trends. It comes as a layered PSD file with vectors so it can be modified easily. This freebie was made by uiFest.

      • Unity: User Interface PSD Kit

        A remarkable, funny, flat and free mobile and web UI kit created by Unity Interactive, available in a layered PSD file. The file includes a detailed color palette and shadows, widgets for several purposes, post thumbs, icons and great typography. It works under the MIT license.

      • Flat Graphic User Interface Kit

        A free PSD set includes loading bars, sliders and radio buttons, checkboxes, switches and drop-down menus. The buttons have diverse states like default, hover and active. Also, this set includes beautiful icons so you can easily make things identifiable, all of them being fully editable, with a design that comes in a flat style with three colors: blue, green and red.

      • E-commerce Web Elements PSD Template

        A complete set of e-commerce elements with organised layers within a PSD. The file includes a navigation bar in the header, a product banner and thumbnail, stats, shopping cart, map, and a bar graph with commerce and social elements. All of this comes as a PSD editable file.

      • Flat Blogging UI Design PSD

        A flat design that thrives with its well-accomplished areas of color and its reduced color palette to generate a dynamic blogging app or tool. It is very polished and useful PSD, including elements like a text editor, with saving, preview and publish buttons, a "related posts" widget, a calendar, a tag generator, a menu with search, a subscribe form, map, categories and more. This UI was created by Riki Tanone.

      • Minimal Responsive Cyan GUI Kit

        A minimalist responsive graphic user interface with nice cyan and blue tones. The GUI includes various design elements like menus, widgets, all sorts of buttons like toggles, check boxes and radio buttons. The set also has search bars, icons for liking, views, comments, volume, login forms, video players and text editors, among many more.

      • Orange & Blue Flat UI PSD Pack

        An extensive user interface concept inspired by the current flat design trend. It includes everything you need to run a somewhat basic website and even add some complex features into the mix: Buttons, toggles, circular avatars, messaging widgets, map windows, progress bars and much, much more awaits for you in this package.

      • Kraken: Flat User Interface Elements Kit

        A UI kit styled according to the latest flat design trend that we're seeing more and more often in modern websites. It contains an important amount of elements to give functionality to our project, including sliders (with tooltips), buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons and more. Everything is vector-based.

      • Flat-Styled UI Kit PSD

        A considerably large set of UI elements created by Dribbble’s Andreea Nicolaescu, completely based on flat styling. The variety of tools available is quite wide, including audio player, calendar, progress bar, calculator and navigation buttons and dropdowns. You can use this set personally and commercially.

      • WireKit: iPhone App Wireframing Kit

        Make iOS application development a little easier on yourself by grabbing this fantastic tool, including well over 50 of the most commonly used elements in the iPhone 5, all measured from the device itself. It comes in two graphic presentations: Solid and Stroke. Uploaded to Dribbble by Adam Whitcroft.

      • iGravity: Editable PSD Flat Screens

        Hi guys, I have been receiving a lot of requests from Dribbble players about how to achieve the gravity effect that was seen in my previous shot for the TinyLove app. So I've decided to give away 4 different PSDs that includes up to 4 screens in a single shot.

      • Clean Flat User Interface PSD Kit

        A complete set of UI elements created by the people at Designmodo in PSD format. Carrying a stylish flat look, it can make your web project look fresh and simple while providing pretty much all the items you would need to give the development full functionality, at least with the most basic features. The UI is editable 100%

      • Flat Square User Interface PSD Kit

        Another useful UI Kit created in PSD by the team at Designmodo and released for free. This time around, the main characteristic is the implementation of the now common flat design trend with simple, but impressive elements that include search bars, audio players, menus, weather widgets and much, much more.

      • Handcrafters & Freelancers PSD UI Kit

        A group of UI elements provides not only a way to develop websites and web projects, but is also aimed at handcrafters and freelancers in order to help them showcase their work and promote themselves in order to find jobs and create a following. It applies modern-looking flat styling.

      • Photoshop Flat UI Kit Freebie

        A small bundle of big elements for web designing, coming with a clean flat designed and a pink color scheme that you can modify at will after grabbing the PSD file. The package includes widgets for calendars, weather, login screens, video playback and more.

      • Flat-styled PSD User Interface Set

        Another set of beautiful UI elements applying the now-common flat style design trend that gives a modern and fresh look to our projects. The kit features a few alternative items that you don't see too often: A phone widget, "search on Dribbble" and "download PSD" buttons, mini icons for profile managing and more.

      • Small Flat UI PSD Kit

        A small set of amazing UI elements created with flat design in mind, providing a modern, colorful and attractive look. A good part of the kit focuses on social features (sharing buttons, Twitter and profile widgets, login screen) so you might still have to use another set in order to make a full site.

      • Flat Vertical Widgets UI Kit

        A flat user interface that provides simple and elegant widgets, perfect for a vertical layout with a vibrant but concise palette. The widgets work for different purposes, as a media player, a revenue widget, a login, a profile badge with social elements, a task planner, an event planner and a clock. This is a freebie, and you can edit it as you like. The PSD is organised so you don't lose time.

      • Semi-dark Free PSD Flat UI Kit

        An appealing and colorful kit of UI elements based on the now famous flat design trend that's taking over the modern internet. Among the elements we can find buttons, dropdowns, text bars (with tooltips), progress bars, checkboxes and much more. Free PSD by Devin Schulz.

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    • Usability Tools (13 submissions)

      A list with compelling and useful tools, extensions and apps for usability improvements.

      • Bonsai: Freelancers Contracts Management

        Bonsai is an online web tool for freelancers to be able to generate secure contracts that feature eSignatures and integrated escrow.

      • Device Metrics: Devices Screen Sizes Online T...

        A nice collection made by Google with every device's metrics like screen size, the aspect ratio, width, height and pixel density. It's a great tool for designers and developers to know the dimensions of the most relevant devices. This is a public list that can be used freely.

      • Huginn: Ruby Web Agent Building System

        Huginn is an open-source system for building agents mainly written in Ruby which perform automated online tasks. Some of their features are reading the web, watch for events, and take actions on your behalf by creating and consuming events and propagating them along a directed graph. Created by Andrew Cantino and licensed under MIT.

      • Kirki: WordPress Websites Customizing Toolkit

        Kirki is a website customizing toolkit for WordPress. It extends the customizer functionality. It makes it easier for everyone to create beautiful and meaningful websites. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

      • Instant Articles: WordPress Posts Preloading ...

        The Instant Article plugin for WordPress allows the posts to load instantly with page pre-render and DNS prefetching. It is not recommended to use more than 4-5 URLs for DNS prefetching. The plugin is well rated and reviewed and it's licensed under GPLv2.

      • BreakpointTester: Responsive Design Testing T...

        A bookmarklet which scans website stylesheets to find user defined media query breakpoints. It helps you establish the breaking points to know in which devices your website works nicely. Just add it to your browser and activate when your website load.

      • Sassline: Sass and Rems Text Formatting Basel...

        Sassline is a text formatting baseline grid which uses Sass and rems to make a site's text readable and appealing. It aims to set beautiful typography across the web, and can be used for prototypes, blogs or full websites.

      • UsabilityTools: Online Remote User Testing To...

        UsabilityTools consists of 3 suits that lets you optimize your website for better UX, conversion and user engagement. The set allows you testing your prototypes with screenshot click tools, manage the information architecture with and test your users with survey. The tool set can be used freely with some limitations.

      • RegExr: Regular Expressions Creation Online T...

        RegExr is an online tool that will help you learn, create and test regular expressions. One cool thing about it is that the results update in real-time as you type, look for a match or expression for details, save and share expressions with others and search and rate community patterns, among others.

      • Typecast: Public Web Fonts Showcase & Fo...

        Google Typecast is a cool tool to let you know how a specific font would look with real chunks of texts. The tool allows you to select any of the thousands of fonts available in Google Web Fonts, and it formats them to show you how headings look, it adapts the sizes and displays various styles as well.

      • Browser Typeface Rendering JavaScript Engine

        Since fonts will look heavier on OS X and iOS than on other platforms, this useful JavaScript engine makes a specific typeface look nice in mobile devices, just as they look cool in desktop computers.

      • ReadRemaining.js: Remaining Reading Time jQue...

        ReadRemaining.js is a really cool plugin made with jQuery that allows the users to know how many time left they have to read in a simple tag next to a chunk of text. The plugin is lightweight and it can be implemented easily into any website.

      • Web Developer SEO Cheat Sheet

        The web developer SEO cheat sheet is a useful document with the most relevant keys to managing content and improving it to be relevant on search engines. The latest release includes relevant information, deleted info that's no longer relevant, best practices and and Rich Snippets implementation.

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