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    • Illustrator Icons (62 submissions)

      Both single icons and icon sets for adobe illustrator.

      • Vector Web Icons Pack

        A pack of 44 free vector icons in a minimal style about miscellaneous regards that come available in Ai, EPS and PSD formats.

      • Material Professions Icons Set

        A set of almost 3500 icons regarding people professions or jobs crafted in a nice material design style that are available in Ai format and several PNG sizes ranging 24px to 512px.

      • Huge Line Database Icon Set

        A huge set of line style icons regarding database items and concepts available in Ai, SVG and PNG formats.

      • Free Vector Building Icons Pack

        A pack of 35 flat vector icons of buildings featuring long shadows that come available in Ai, EPS, PSD and PNG.

      • Windows 10 Icon Set

        A set of 300 Windows 10 icons finely crafted in its original grid, all of them being pixel-perfect and editable vectors available in Ai and SVG formats as well as PNG samples in 5 different sizes.

      • Blobs: Highly Detailed Flat Icons

        A set of 1000 two-styled and highly detailed flat icons that come in Ai, PSD, and SVG format making them fully editable and re-sizable.

      • Inkallicons: Free Water Icons Set

        Inkallicons is a free set of 150 icons traced with a watery ink brush line featuring clean and realistic minimal effects. These icons come in Ai, SVG and PNG formats.

      • Halloween Vector MultiPack

        A pack of 450 vector elements in Ai format for Halloween decoration including icons, avatars and generators for both scenarios and characters.

      • Cosmo Color Icon Set

        A set of 100 color vector icons available in both PSD and Ai featuring miscellaneous things like phones, fruits, smileys, weather conditions and more.

      • Bitsies: Free Outline Icons Set

        Bitsies is a set of over 140 free for personal and commercial use icons in colored outline style. The icons come in icon font, Ai, SVG, PSD, PNG and EPS format.

      • Office & Business Vector & PSD Icon...

        A set of 92 icons regarding office and business topics that come in Ai, EPS, PSD, PDF, PNG, SVG formats. The whole pack weighs over 170MB

      • Huge Security Material Icons Set

        A set of almost 2000 icons in material design regarding security topics. These icons come in both Ai and SVG format, as well as several PNG previews ranging from 24 to 512 pixels.

      • High Detail Social Icons Set

        A set of high detail icons representing the most representative social networks that comes in both AI and PNG files of 512 pixels. These icons feature a glossy 3D style and present a very nice and reflection on the floor.

      • Food Flat Vector Icons

        A set of 8 fully editable and scalable flat style icons that represent food ingredients. They all come in a single vector AI file in which you'll find a carrot, steak, wheat flour bag, cheese, fish, and more.

      • Free Outline PSD & AI Icons Set

        A set of 40 outline double colored icons crafted by buatoom and delivered in both AI and PSD formats. In this set, you'll find camera, bell, video game controller, smart watch, line graph and more icons.

      • Retro Vintage Style Icons Set

        A set of 50 icons crafted in a very retro and vintage style and realistic feel. All of the icons come in Illustrator format and 256px PNG files. Some of the icons featured are an old telephone, compass, lightbulb, and a radio.

      • Colorful PSD & Sketch Icon Set

        A set of 6 icons that come in 10 different style such as flat, line, black, among others and combinations. This set crafted by Sam Mountain is delivered in both AI and EPS formats.

      • Touch Gesture PSD & AI Icons Set

        A set of 15 icons crafted by Rena One representing touch gestures in outline style that come in both PSD and AI formats. All of the icons contained in this set are fully editable and scalable.

      • Hipster Vector Pack: Massive Vintage Design C...

        A huge pack of 530 retro and vintage hipster elements including 320 icons, 40 posters, and 170 badges. All of them come in fully editable vector format featuring 2 different versions of icons, 3 types of badges, 4 poster kinds with which you can get up to 3700 possible combinations. You'll also get 22 high-resolution photos and 4 realistic PSD templates.

      • Flat Kawaii Icons & Avatars Set

        A set of 300 avatars and icons crafted in flat kawaii style completely editable, scalable and combinable in vector format featuring masks, 3 different line weights (1pt, 3pt and 5pt), a pastel, bright and base color ASE palette, and extra elements regarding sports, food and more.

      • Socialoha Icons: Huge Social Media Icons Set

        Socialoha Icons is a very fresh, pixel perfect crafted set of 756 icons of all the most relevant social media networks nowadays. You'll find 6 different styles of Icons (clean, flat, material, black, filled and outline) in several formats (SVG, AI, GIF and PNG).

      • Vacation Flat Vector Icons Set

        A set of 12 nicely done and completely scalable icons regarding vacations and beach elements. These icons are designed in flat style and delivered in both EPS & AI formats.

      • Free Outlined and Flat Icons Pack

        A very elegant pack of 40 flat icons based on a greyish shade and bold outline style released by Ghani Pradita and delivered in AI format. The icons can be used in different designs, like online stores and backgrounds.

      • Editable Icon-patterned Illustrator Pack

        A pack with downloadable 5 icon-patterned tiles for Illustrator, the icons used to create them, and a bunch of ready to use wallpapers for desktop and iPhone. It has been created by Darius Dan using Swifticons, can be used with any CS version and weighs 15 MB.

      • Random Stuff: AI Flat Icon Set

        A set of 48 icons in flat monochromatic design which come in AI format. They are designed in grey-scale and some of the icons you'll find are beer, coffee, umbrella, skull and shopping cart. Created by Ghani Pradita.

      • Free Apple Watch AI Icon Pack

        A pack of 20 Apple Watch style icons in a single AI file. They were crafted in a flat minimal design by Flatstudio and free for personal use. The watch has screens for analytics, watch, weather, music, apps and more.

      • Free Vector Gesture Icons Pack

        A pack of over 50 gesture vector icons in AI format with an outlined style. The pack includes fully editable and organized layers. They're licensed for non-commercial use. Created by Wassim Awadallah.

      • Ego: Sharp Outlined Vector Icons

        A beautiful and unique set of vector icons with an outlined style and sharp edges. The set includes 100 editable icons, with categories like nature, animals, people, technology and more. The set is free and comes in SKETCH, AI, PDF, EPS, SVG formats.

      • Free AI, PNG & PSD Righteous Gestures Ic...

        A nice set of gestures with lots of hand gestures in AI, PNG and PSD. It has gestures for one to five fingers, including arrows, circles, crosses and more. This set can be used freely in any project and it is licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 License.

      • Organic Food Vector Icon Set

        A simple and useful icon set focused on organic food created in multiple formats (AI, PNG, SVG and EPS), totally editable and ready to use. In it you'll find fruits and vegetables with a beautifully outlined style. This set was created and released by Wojciech Zasina and it has a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

      • Multipurpose Outlined AI Icons Set

        A nice set of outlined icons for multiple purposes made in AI format. The set has 102 icon in a file that is really lightweight, including organized layers. They were created by Kevin Moran and you can download them for free.

      • Scalable & Minimal Icons Set

        A compilation of clean, scalable and editable icons made in a beautiful sharp outlined way. They are free for commercial and personal use, and the package includes the icon set in AI format along with a brief licence agreement. It includes 200 icons but it grows daily. A project by Matt Cooper.

      • The Nice and Serious UI Icon Set

        A set with 96 icons, made in AI format in two weights. They are outlined and can be used in multiple kinds of projects. The set was made by Nice and Serious.

      • Free AI, EPS & PSD Photography Icon Set

        A set of 36 beautiful icons for photography purposes made in various formats, including AI, EPS and PSD. The icons are totally editable in every software or app that supports vector files, and they are free to use in any way like portfolios, apps, photography logos or watermarks.

      • AI, EPS, PDF, PNG, PSD and SVG Essential Icon...

        A free icon set designed by Bryn Taylor. 77 icons in a minimal, outline style to satisfy all of your design needs. These icons are free to use for your personal and commercial use with attribution. Among its features you'll find: - Scalable vectors - Pixel-perfect precision - Easy colour modification of any icon - AI, EPS, PDF, PNG, PSD, SVG and icon font included - Free download

      • Free Flat AI Social Icons

        A pack that contains 80 free flat social icons made in AI format, perfect for modern websites. The icons are flat and they have a long shadow. All icons are 100% vector so their edition and modification must not be a problem.

      • Free Outlined AI, EPS, SVG & PSD Icons

        A gorgeous set of 100 free outlined icons for multiple purposes, made in three sizes and several formats like AI, EPS, SVG, PSD, so you can edit them (although they already look really nice). These icons can be used in wheather, travelling, presentations, and many more projects. This set was created by Zlatko Najdenovski.

      • Puppet: Outlined Vector Icon Set

        The PuppetScientists icon set is a compilation of 100 icons with an outlined style and simple rounded shapes. It includes vectors in AI, EPS and PDF formats, and it includes 24px, 32px, 64px and 128px sizes. The set is free for non-commercial uses without attribution.

      • Free AI Isometric City Map Icons

        A pack of 30 isometric icons for building a city for a game or a website. The colors and the shapes can be modified, and the set includes apartment buildings, houses, condominiums, gas station, shop, factories, roads, trees and more. All of the credit goes to

      • Free Outlined Kitchen AI Icons

        A beautiful set of 100 outlined icons for kitchen purposes made in AI format. They can be used in restaurants or small businesses for food delivery, giving them a nice familiar touch. The icons are totally editable in Adobe Illustrator and they were created by Behance user Belc.

      • Iconic Retro Vehicles Free AI & PSD Set

        A beautiful set of old style vehicles in AI and PSD formats for easy edition. The set includes iconic cars in history like the 1964 International Metro, the 1949 Chevrolet 3600 Truck, the 1959 Ford Country Squire, the 1955 Vespa 150GS and many more. Their style is semi-realistic, and it is totally free to download and use.

      • Vector, PSD & PNG Retro Shopping Icons

        A free set of vector shopping icons with a retro style. They are flat, but the pale color tones used make them look like from another age. Of course, the design of the icons also matters, for instance, they resemble those old adverts from WW2 and post war. These icons can be edited with Photoshop, Illustrator and any other program that admits working with vectors.

      • AI, SVG, Sketch and Icon Font Outline Icons

        A clean and beautiful SVG icon pack with support for Rails, Sinatra and Node.js. This set includes versions for both developers and designers. Developers have the icon font option to integrate into their CSS, while designers have the AI, SVG and sketch formats. You can download them and use them for free.

      • Hand Drawn Vector Social Icons

        A set that includes 56 beautiful vector icons for social networks. They are hand made, which can be used in children sites or as part of the portfolio of an illustrator. It includes icons for the most relevant social networks, some news aggregators, video providers, and it even includes icons for social communications. they come in EPS, PDF and SVG formats.

      • 130 Free Hand-drawn Interface Icons

        This set contains 130 beautiful icons in a flat style and puffy shapes. They have irregular shapes, almost as if they were vectorized automatically in AI. They can be used in personal and commercial projects, made in SVG format so they can be easily edited. The set also contains versions in PNG. These icons were created by Freepik, and they are totally free to use.

      • Touch Gestures Icons in PSD, AI, SVG, PNG and...

        This is a set of more than 100 icons showcasing different touch gestures, perfect for mobile application introductions or guided tours. The icons are unicolor and they have an outlined design that works perfectly with photography and blurred backgrounds, just like those effects in iOS. The icons were designed by Jeff Portaro and they come in different formats like AI, EPS, CSH, PSD, PNG, SVG. They are free to download but you need to add your mail.

      • 60 Free Outlined Icons

        This is a set of 60 icons created in an outlined style. They include two widths of outlines, one thicker, which is used for the exterior of the icon. There are icons for several purposes like clocks, satellite dishes, billboards, house appliances, video and mobile devices, books, messaging, users, and many more. They can be used perfectly in any mobile app; its colors can be changed easily, and they come in organized PSD, AI and EPS formats, all free for download. They were created by Yegor Shustov.

      • 35 Free Advertising Icons in Different Format...

        This resource is an exclusive icon set created by Vecteezy, who have provided a complete advertising icon set with a fresh retro-look. There are over 35 useful icons, and they all come as full AI, PSD, and EPS files. You can download the whole icon set for free.

      • Flat Outlined Weather Icons

        A collection of 24 weather-like icons. They are created with a flat and outlined style, a perfect solution to use with photographs as backgrounds. The set includes the regular symbology for the sun, some clouds, rain, wind, lightnings and the moon. They are free to use and were designed by Jakob Treml, provided in an organized AI file.

      • 220 Vector Icons: Freebie in AI

        ​The following is a set with 220 Handmade vector icons created with Illustrator. The files included: AI, EPS & transparent PNG. It's sizes are 48 x 48px, 64 x 64px, 128 x 128px, and they are great for websites, devices, apps or other presentations. You can use these icons for your personal or commercial projects.

      • Drupalize.Me Free Icon Package

        ​The set we can see here includes two beautiful creations inspired by Drupal. It is composed of flat-styled icons within drops and circles. The first group of icons uses drops and two colors (and its variations), and the second group is multicolor. They are in AI format.

      • Social Media Icons In AI

        Put together a full set of 89 social media icons. Full permission to download, use, edit, share etc.

      • Summer Icon Set

        HEY GUYS, here are 23 summer icon things I made last night. For You. For Free.

      • Spring Time Icon Pack

        Some icons that I made the other day. I've attached the .ai file, please use responsibly.

      • Cog Icon

        Simple cog icon created by Sebastian Hager in

      • Mini Vector Icon Set 

        I've always wanted to create a set of Icons.There are also two videos showing the technique on how to create two of these 6 icons. English isn't quite the language I use every day and my jaw isn't used to it (Great excuse!)

      • Popular Web Icons

        Elegant social icon set for every imaginable purpose. Feel free to download this set.

      • iOS7 Grid

        iOS grid icon template created for improving icon design for the new operating system from Apple.

      • Metrize Icons, 300 Icons for Designers & ...

        Free Collection of 300 Metro-Style Icons for Designers and Developers. …

      • Free Colorful Social Media Icons

        This is a beautiful showcase of free, simple social media icons for corporate and professional websites. It includes icons for the most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email, which are in turn are active, and have animations. And it also includes LinkedIn, Tumblr, Blogger, StumbleUpon, Google Plus, Dribbble, reddit and many more social icons.

      • Free Icon Pack: 375 Retina-Display-Ready Icon...

        Mar 15 2013 by | 12 Comments _bsap.drop('6989dd4b5220d0b14530453de7387991', 1243576); This free icon pack contains 375 icons that are already optimized for the Retina Display. This pack includes the icons’ editable AI and EPS vector files in case you need to modify them.This freebie was created by, a search engine that helps graphic and web designers locate high quality photos, vectors, illustrations and PSD files …

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    • Profile Widgets And Boxes In PSD (24 submissions)

      Profile widgets and boxes created in Adobe PhotoShop

      • Free Avatars Pack

        A complete pack of 77 avatars released in PSD format by Grzegorz Porada in a resolution of 200x200 pixels each.

      • Spotify Profile Widget PSD

        A petit Spotify profile widget that displays both basic stats and the song being currently played. It is a fully editable file  created in Photoshop. It shows the profile pic, the name, the link for the Spotify user, the number of playlists, the amount of favorites, and hours played. The style of the widget is minimal and it uses simple pastel colors.

      • Flat Follow Profile Widget PSD

        Here we have a flat styled profile follow widget with an activity gauge. From here, visitors can get information on your profile, how active you have been lately and follow you right away if they wish to do so. It might also work for a thumbnail widget with a fave, rate or share functionality. The fully editable and layered PSD file is included.

      • Instagram Widget: a Free PSD

        This is a vector shape built PSD file of an Instagram mini profile widget. It has a dynamic picture gallery, with thumbs that darken when the user hovers over, also showing the number of likes the image has and its comments. It also has little dots at the bottom right so the user can see another "page" of the gallery. Right below it has a profile picture, the amount of photos and followers, and lastly, the "Follow" button.

      • Translucent Mini Profile Widget

        This is a translucent mini profile widget or complemented with minimal icons, available as an editable PSD. The icons included are for profile, info and share; when you activate this last one, another menu pops up, showing icons for Google Plus, Instagram and Facebook. Right below, there’s a Follow button in green.

      • UI Freebie: Social Widget in PSD

        This is a mobile app home screen/profile page showcasing a dropdown from the navigation bar on the top. The widget includes several icons at the top. Such icons depict charts, a messaging box, a calendar and more. Right in the middle of the widget there's the user's profile pic, followed by the name and location. Also, it shows the amount of followers and following, besides a "Follow" button. It's available as an editable PSD file.

      • Simple Profile Information Widget PSD

        Here we have a simple profile outside of a box created as a fully editable PSD file. It seemes to be hanging from a timeline, showing a photo, the name and the location of the user. It also shows a link to a relevant website, some tags and the social networks. The image has a counter in an iOS 7 notification style, and lastly, it has two buttons: one with a check mark, probably to like the actual profile, and another for settings.

      • Food Themed Profile Widget in PSD

        A food themed profile box, fully editable as a set of smart objects inside a PSD file. The widget is divided into 2 parts, one with a plate in which the photo is contained, and the other with the name of the user, the amount of followers and a star (probably decorative). Just below that there are some icons (heart, food, and location).

      • Instagram Web Profile Widget in PSD

        A PSD displaying the interface of the Instagram web profile page, completely ready for your use. The interface is composed of the regular photo showcase from Pinterest, a profile pic, the username, a description with a link, the number of photos, following and followers, and after that, a container with little thumbnails for other images.

      • Mini Twitter Profile Widget PSD

        Here you have a clean Twitter profile concept widget delivered as a fully editable PSD file. The location data on the bottom could have either a transparent or solid background, depending on the style you're aiming for. Among the elements on the widget, we can find the classic avatar, tweets, followers and following data, along with a single tweet.

      • Dribbble Profile Widget

        This is a concise widget for a Dribbble profile with basic information and a field to upload new shots. The widget is designed with a dark, minimal style made of rounded shapes, sleek gradients, slight shadows and a few transparencies. This Dribbble profile widget can also be used to show your account data with a different style.

      • Dribbble Profile Card in PSD

        This is a concept for a profile card for Dribbble that displays the personal information in the center and thumbnails of the shots as a gallery on both sides. It was created with a simple flat design, decorating it a bit with very subtle shadows. It's composed of a header with a logo, the amount of shots and followers. Right below we can see the username, description and social links.

      • Small Profile Widget PSD Widget

        Here's a mini profile with contact information and profile picture, all editable in Photoshop. The file contains, as an extra, several optional images for the header’s background. It includes the social information (as the amount of followers and following) on the left, and the personal information (address, website, resume link, send message link and more) on the right.

      • People Widget with Pretty Simple and Minimal ...

        This is one people widget acting as a mini profile to follow or as a tool to add someone as a contact; it might work as well as a thumbnail in a gallery. Its design, pretty simple, with minimal effects to enhance the widget, has a little plus sign at the top right corner, an image and a caption. It's is fully editable in …

      • Clean PSD iPhone Profile App

        An iPhone profile screen in five different colors. The design has 100 percent shape layers and icons that can be implemented into any app design. The flat style and the pastel colors (which are subtle, non-intrusive, clean and beautiful) give the design a touch of professionalism without losing its playfulness.

      • Flat Style Dribbble App PSD Concept

        A stylish concept of a mobile app for Dribbble consisting of profile, gallery, details, comments, and upload screens, all with a flat and pink graphic style, and made in vector shapes in Photoshop for easy editability. Among the design elements you can find there are menus, social icons for sharing, liking and commenting; tooltips, and many more items to make a great mobile app.

      • Add Collaborator Modal PSD

        An elegant solution for adding collaborators for a project, search for people on the right section, and read more about them on the left. Everything is editable and has vector shapes, except for the lovely circle buttons and the search input up on the right.

      • Contact Profile Widget

        A small profile that will show you information about a contact and give you two options: call and message. Apart from those two selections, it will display a picture of the contact, their name and a bit of extra information about them. The colors are soft and very pleasant. Composed of editable vector shapes in a PSD file.

      • Instawidget: Free Instagram-like Profile Box

        Here’s a beautiful concept for an Instagram widget, with the profile and user’s photos. The design is composed of an images’ header, a profile pic, the follow and visit profile buttons right in the middle of the widget, the profile description and link on the left, and lastly, the icons for the number of photos, friends and following people. This is a free editable and layered PSD.

      • Twitter Follow Widget PSD

        This is a rebound of another project, turning it into a small widget for people to follow other Twitter users with just one click. It does not focus on showing loads of info about a user, but on following them right away showing only the following/followers info and the big ''follow'' button. PSD available for free.

      • Slide to Unlock User Widget

        A super interesting widget where users can follow the famous ''slide to unlock'' instruction to go on to the next screen, making this ideal for mobile devices. The best part is the addition of a rounded thumbnail where we can show an artist's image if music is playing, for example. The solid blue color gives it a nice touch, as well.

      • Flat Message Widget

        A beautiful rework of a messaging widget, but featuring a supremely simple style, following the latest design trends. It consists of a simple square widget that can show the latest message you received in a classy, space-efficient way. Despite the simplicity, it still shows an avatar image and an icon for easier reference.

      • Glass Message Widget in PSD

        This is a very simple and beautiful message widget, with a well-organized PSD file for you to play around with. The main box has a transparent background that mixes quite well with the background the designer has put together. A message icon wraps up the design, painted in a fresh green color. The PSD is completely free.

      • PSD Twitter Profile Widget

        A flat-styled concept for a Twitter user profile widget. It offers information on the amount of followers/following and features icons for writing a new tweet, upload a photo, tweet a link or enter general settings. It's a quite simple design, featuring nothing more than white and blue to dress up the widget.

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    • Web Templates HTML (107 submissions)

      A collection of HTML website templates, perfect for multiple purposes like corporations and new media, designed with fresh, modern styles and ready to be used anywhere.

      • Cluster: Creative Portfolio Bootstrap Templat...

        A clean, minimal, and fully responsive bootstrap template that features parallax and nice and smooth damping effects for its scrolling functions and rearranging of elements as window size varies

      • Outline: HTML5 One-page Bootstrap Template

        An HTML5 powered template for Bootstrap that features a nice retractile menu for one-page navigation, parallax effect, hover effects, line icons, and comes totally ready for Retina screens.

      • Kreo: Flat Dark & Golden Web Template

        A one-page web template that features a flat style with a dark and golden scheme and full-width containers.

      • Alabanda: Portfolio Business HTML Template

        Alabanda is a clean and minimal HTML5 template that has several features of the latest web technologies.

      • Meetup: Free Responsive Bootstrap Template

        Meetup is a one-page responsive bootstrap template built with Bootstrap v3.3.5 for several device types and client-side validation using JS for contact form.

      • My play: Video Portal Bootstrap Template

        My play is a video portal Bootstrap template delivered in both PSD and HTML that features a top search bar with account options, a static left sidebar and a main scrollable layout in which videos are displayed by thumbnail cards with title, views and user who upload it.

      • Lens: HTML Responsive Showcase Template

        A web template for showcasing projects, products, photos, or anything you'd like on a window-size webpage that features a retractile right-side menu.

      • Kuntitled: Free Responsive HTML Bootstrap The...

        Kuntitled is a single page theme for Bootstrap, fully responsive, featuring a few graphic effects. It was crafted by PanKogut. An e-mail is required for downloading and contribution is optional. It is licensed for personal or commercial use.

      • Responsive Material Starter HTML Theme

        An HTML theme with a responsive grid and material style, which works as a framework for creating a completely mobile supportive. The theme includes a big header area with a uniform color, although you can add an image, services, blog posts and simple footer.

      • Cafe: Restaurant-focused Website Template

        A complete web template for restaurants, cafes and pubs. It focuses in big images, is totally responsive and includes areas for header (big), about, products and services, experience area, staff, contact, and social buttons. It weighs 190MB zipped.

      • Eventually: Coming Soon HTML5 Web Template

        A web template made in HTML5 for a soon-to-come website. It is great to give your future audience a visual cue on what to expect regarding your next site, and also to avoid those blank "not found" pages. It is responsive, and it has the option of gathering the email address.

      • Fractal: One-page Portfolio HTML5 Template

        Fractal is a minimal one-page HTML5 template for professionals and freelancers who need to show their work. The template has a big featured area with and a mobile wireframe for showcasing apps, caption and action buttons. It includes social icons as well.

      • Highlights: Responsive Single Page HTML5 Temp...

        A template created in HTML5, fully responsive and perfect for both a minimal website or an email newsletter. The template is divided into an about area, stuff done, blog post area and contact. It has social buttons for page liking and sharing as well.

      • Brushed: Dark One-page HTML Template

        Graphic designer Alessio Atzeni has created this template called Brushed, a dark HTML creation with a single column layout and responsive design. The template has a simple flat design, complemented with blog posts thumbs, portfolio area, about us, contact and social icons. It is free.

      • Dream Wedding: Event Planning Flat Responsive...

        An HTML template for those who are planning on getting married and want to simplify the process by creating a website. It is great for couples who want to show their love even after the wedding is done. The template has the necessary elements for a big event, has high-resolution images and it's supported on browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 10, and Opera.

      • Meetup: PSD & HTML Event Landing Page Te...

        A template in PSD format for events and presentations. It has a coming soon counter on top, menu, some beautifully illustrated icons for various purposes and more design elements. It uses the Roboto font and Roboto Slab, and it was created using Photoshop and Illustrator.

      • Retrospect: Beautiful Flat HTML Template

        A cool flat HTML template which makes use of images and little chunks of text. It has a single page design, which makes ti great for corporate and portfolio sites. I has areas for logo, blog, services, contact and more.

      • Volcano: HTML5 Responsive Zurb Foundation Tem...

        An HTML5 Zurb Foundation template that also happens to be responsive. It is minimal, and it's divided in several parts, some of them based on text and the others based on images. It includes beautiful CC0 imagery and awesome flat icons. The template comes ready to be used, but you can also improve it thanks to its clean code.

      • Thomsoon: Free HTML Responsive Portfolio Them...

        A compelling portfolio theme made, it looks nice on multiple devices. It is multipurpose, including 9 files in HTML with navigation and an AJAX effect for fading. It also has a minimal UI for both mobiles and desktops and it adds the PSD for easy modification.

      • AfterWork: Parallax Coming Soon HTML Template

        A really simple coming soon template called AfterWork. It is a minimal template focusing on the time the project will be ready and decorated with a big rotating image background. The template goes beyond by showing features of the upcoming product, a contact form and a map.

      • Moderno: Free HTML5 Responsive Template

        Moderno is a minimal one page HTML template ready to be used in small businesses and startups. It is divided in several areas for featured slider with caption, works, success stories, contact, and social footer. The theme uses Google Fonts Montserrat and Lora, and Google Maps for adding your location. Font Awesome icons are also included.

      • Backyard: Engaging HTML Landing Page

        A minimal template made in HTML with all the necessary features for any professional or even to show the products and services of a company or startup. It has areas for featured product, app features, contact, pricing table, partners, testimonials and more.

      • Triangle: Free Responsive Multipurpose HTML T...

        A free responsive theme called Triangle based on Bootstrap 3. The template features Font Awesome icons, has a simple flat design focusing on white space, ajax contact form and works perfectly for blogs and portfolios.

      • Jonaki: HTML & Bootstrap Job Board Templ...

        Jonaki is a one-page template built using Bootstrap 3 and HTML, perfect for creating a corporate job board. The template has a clean layout and code, it's W3 validated, responsive and easy to install. The template has a top bar with logo, menu and login, featured image slider, extended search, work, users, available jobs, testimonials and footer.

      • KreFolio: Startup Agency Landing Page Templat...

        KreFolio is a responsive one-page template made with Bootstrap and HTML, specially made for newly created businesses or startups. It was built on Bootstrap 3, including Font Awesome 4 and jQuery. It has 3 color variation (Blue, Blue-nutshell, Green), and .htaccess file for improved caching.

      • MP: Minimal HTML5 Portfolio Template

        MP is a sleek template made in HTML5 and CSS which has 6 different pages, totally responsive (index, about, contact, portfolio, shortcodes and projects). It was built using the Kube framework, and it includes tons of design elements to be used freely in your next creation.

      • Spatial: Multipurpose One-page HTML Template

        Spatial is a nice multipurpose template with a one-page layout made in HTML. A template that includes the basic layout elements like big header image, caption, blog area, thumbnails, features area, contact button and social icons. Spatial template is free and it's licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.

      • White: One-Page HTML & CSS Theme

        White is a creative one page HTML & CSS theme that can be used as a portfolio, agencies, and more. It has a menu on top, featured image with thumbs for easy navigation, features area, team, testimonials, and footer. White is responsive, and it was created by Eva Theme.

      • Barrier: HTML5 Business Web Template

        A beautiful and responsive template made with validated HTML5 and CSS3, based on Twitter Bootstrap 3. It includes FontAwesome icons, a portfolio layout with 4 columns, pricing tables, post formats, Prettyphoto and Google Maps integration, contact form, Droid sans, Helvetica and lora web fonts and more. This template can be used for free.

      • Photon: Responsive HTML5 & CSS3 Landing ...

        Photon is a beautiful landing page made in HTML5 and CSS3. A template that uses big images, contained within an organized layout. It is responsive and includes icons for featuring products, thumbs grid, sign up form and social icons, among others. The template can be downloaded for free and it was created by HTML5UP.

      • Spectral: Minimal Responsive One Page HTML5 T...

        Spectral is a compelling one-page template made in HTML5. The template is responsive, has a nice structure, really simple layout and a great use of images. You can use the template in any project, works on mobile and desktops, and it's lightweight. It was created by HTML5UP.

      • MP: Minimal HTML5 Portfolio Template

        MP is a free, fully responsive, minimal HTML5 portfolio template that includes 6 different HTML page templates for contact, portfolio, index, shortcodes, project and about page. It was built using the Kube framework and it includes elements like headers, buttons, grids, tables and more.

      • Meghna: One Page Business HTML Template

        Meghna is a one-page business template made in HTML, ready to be coded or modified if you need. It is a template that includes the regular header, a big logo area with images, about us area, services, works, skills, team, plans, testimonials, latest posts, contact and footer. The template is free and ready to be implemented.

      • IT Worker: Responsive Portfolio HTML & C...

        A beautiful flat and responsive HTML & CSS template called IT Worker. The main features of the template: - Image slider for each reference project - Filterable portfolio - Testimonials carousel - Working Contact form - Cool onpage animations - Styled google map - Animated counters for projects with parallax background - 6 colour variants - Html5, CSS3 - Fully responsive - Well structured code - SEO friendly - Cross browser compatibility (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE 8 +, Opera) - Google Maps on contact page

      • eNno: Free Simple Bootstrap Template

        A free template for Bootstrap, perfect for small business and stores in need of a simple site to show their products and services. The template has a simple layout with menu, featured image slider, features area, services and products area and more. The template is free to use in any way.

      • Kitchen-Master: Flat Bootstrap Food Web Templ...

        Kitchen-Master is a cool template with slanted divisors made in HTML and ready to be used in any food-related project like a restaurant's website or even food distributors and bloggers about food. It has a fancy flat style, being responsive and Bootstrap ready. It is free.

      • Transit: Flat Responsive HTML5 & CSS3 Te...

        Transit is a responsive one-page HTML5 and CSS3 template, created with mobile devices in mind. The template includes a simple top menu, big featured image with title, description and action button within, features area, about and team area and contact form. It was created by Templated.

      • Project Source: Dark & Light Responsive ...

        Project Source is a simple dark-styled and responsive website template made in HTML5. It has a two-piece slider, regular logo and menu area, features area, services, pricing table, contact form and footer, all in one page.

      • Spark: Minimal One Page HTML5 Template

        A minimal One-page template created with HTML5 called Spark. It is a simple theme designed with the latest technologies and advanced techniques, making it a compelling one-page option for company websites and others. The theme is free.

      • Strata: Simple Responsive HTML & CSS Web...

        Strata is a beautiful template made in HTML5 and CSS3, divided in two parts in its desktop view: on one side, it has an image bar including a profile pic, a little description and some contact info, on the other side there's the blog. Strata can be used by bloggers and writers for free. It was created by HTML5 UP.

      • Spirit8: Responsive Business HTML & CSS ...

        Spirit8 is an HTML and CSS template crafted for businesses, small companies and even freelance creatives who need a professional site to show their services and products. It includes several areas like big logo, about us, team, services, clients, testimonials and contact. It can be used personally or commercially.

      • Alpha: Free Responsive HTML5 & CSS3 Temp...

        A responsive template freebie created in HTML5 and CSS3especially crafted for apps and portfolios. The template includes a big blurred image as the header, top fixed bar, title and caption with sign up buttons. Also, it has a "features" area, a sign-up form and social icons. It was made by HTML5 UP.

      • Phase Shift: Colorful Pinterest-style HTML5 T...

        Phase Shift is a masonry template made in HTML5 complemented with big images, thumbnails and colorful elements. The template also includes descriptive elements and icons, contact form and social icons. It can be used both commercially and personally with attribution (Creative Commons Attribution license).

      • Horizons: Small Company HTML5 & CSS3 Tem...

        Horizons is a nice template created in HTML5 and CSS3 especially for small businesses, freelance creatives and portfolios. It has a simple top menu, a featured image, caption and action button. Also, it includes design elements like widgets, blog posts area, business features, and more. It is free.

      • Ex Machina: Flat Travelling HTML5 Template

        Ex Machina is a beautiful HTML5 template perfect for technology blogs, travelling and other related topics. The template has a flat style, including a menu, logo and big featured image. Then it shows a simple thumbnail area, blog posts, two sidebars and footer widgets. The template is free.

      • Gumba: Free HTML5 & CSS3 Single Page Web...

        A crafted theme thought for content highlighting and mobile visualization. It is an HTML5 / CSS3 single page template with elegant typography, dark background, bright colors and beautiful images. The template can be downloaded for personal and commercial uses and it was made by designer and coder Rick Waalders.

      • Beetle: Responsive HTML & CSS Template

        A landing page and responsive template made in CSS and HTML that can be used as a portfolio, a resume for a freelancer, or simply for bloggers. The template has spaces for Latest News, App Showcase, Skills, Quotes, Map and many more elements. It is licensed under MIT, so you can use it any way you need.

      • Ceevee: HTML5 & CSS3 Portfolio Template

        A clean, modern and responsive web template made in HTML5 and CSS3, perfect for portfolios and resume sites. It has a simple design, yet powerful and complete option to show your areas of expertise, abilities and more. The template has a beautiful front featured image, logo area and description, menu and social sharing icons. You can use this template freely, and it's is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

      • Good to Go: Single Page HTML Medical Web Temp...

        Good to Go is a single page template for mobile that can be used to start a website for hospitals, medical colleges, forensic labs, chemistry labs, health care centres. It uses jQuery slider for web and mobile templates and it supports all browsers and mobile phones. It provides three different designs for different browsers if you are planning to create only mobile sites for smartphones like iPhone, Android and others smartphones.

      • Roots: HTML5 WordPress Starter Theme

        Roots is a WordPress starter theme based on HTML5 Boilerplate & Bootstrap that will help you make the best themes. Its markup is accessible and minimal, and  along with ARIA roles and microformats. WordPress code output is aggressively cleaned up. The template markup is controlled by a theme wrapper and is handled by one file instead of being scattered across all template files like typical themes. It is Bootstrap ready, optimized for production use and it has clean URLs, even with WordPress.

      • Lithium: HTML5 One-page Template

        Lithium is a compelling responsive HTML5 one-page template. It has been created with Grunt, CoffeScript and SCSS. This theme has several design elements and organized content, perfect for a portfolio or a startup. Among the features you can find: - Big featured area that can contain a plain color or an image and it will look equally excellent - Big centered logo - Moto area - About area - What I do area with little content widgets - Projects area with thumbs - Photography area with thumbs - Subscribe area - Social area - Footer A theme was created by Vadim Goncharov and it is free to download.

      • Trendy: Responsive Bootstrap Theme + PSD + HT...

        This is the Trendy GUI, a complete Graphic User Interface that includes PSD, icons, HTML and Bootstrap theme versions. As you can see, it's a huge pack of resources for designers and developers who want different and trendy options for their next projects. This is a full design pack that you'll get to download completely free! This is what you'll find within the freebie pack: 1. A Trendy GUI (Click to Preview) with a flat and colorful style. It is a fully editable and pixel perfect creation that includes vectors in a PSD format file, and even tough pink and purple are its …

      • Hydrogen: HTML5 & CSS3 One Page Template

        Hydrogen is an HTML5 one-page template that is responsive. It has been created using Grunt, CoffeScript and SCSS. It includes HTML5 and CSS3 files as required, has SVG's, filtering, contact form, Google map and more. - To use it, you need to clone the repository to install Grunt dependencies. - Run Grunt in the terminal to compile SCSS and CoffeScript files. - Open the project in an editor and modify whatever you like. It was created by Vadim Goncharov and it is free to download.

      • Fast News: HTML5 and WordPress-ready Magazine...

        Fast News is a magazine theme that comes in WordPress and HTML5 versions, and it's ready to be downloaded for free. You can use its versions by adapting them to the CMS you use, whether it's WordPress or any other. It can be used for news websites or online magazines, delivering content faster than ever.

      • zDeliccio: Free Responsive HTML5 & CSS3 ...

        zDeliccio is a lovely HTML5, and CSS3 template perfect for food blogs or websites, including restaurants or cafes. It was created by Template Monster, and ZeroTheme made its responsive design. It includes a logo area, menu, a relatively big slider with a caption and quotes, widgets and more.

      • zFamilyCenter: Free Responsive HTML5 Theme

        ​zFamilyCenter is a free responsive HTML5 theme created by Template Monster and Zerotheme. It appeals to blogging about familiar aspects, it's responsive and was built with HTML5 and CSS3, including a grid system and 2 or 3 columns. It is cross-browser.

      • Frame: Responsive Portfolio HTML5 Template

        ​A theme that is free for download as an accessible, responsive HTML5 template for creative professionals. It is ideal if you want an online presence that is easy to maintain without requiring a CMS or any installation.

      • Ophiuchus: Responsive HTML5 & CSS3 Templ...

        Ophiuchus is a free responsive HTML5 and CSS3 template that is perfect for business. It is built using the Bootstrap framework and it's fully responsive. The template has a flat style and was created by Behance​'s user Jenn Pereira.

      • Solid: Responsive Multipurpose HTML Template

        ​Solid is a free responsive and multipurpose HTML template; it was built with Bootstrap, comes with 7 pages and its ideal for web agencies and freelancers. It also uses Font Awesome, Masonry Javascript, PrettyPhoto lightbox and beautiful hover effects thanks to Codrops. The theme includes the Retina.js to work nice with retina display devices. This theme was created by blacktie.

      • Halcyon Days: One-Page HTML & CSS Templa...

        A freebie that comes in the form of a pixel-perfect HTML5/CSS3 template created by Peter Finlan. It is particularly useful for simple sites such as portfolios or start-up sites as its big and simple divisions make for a quick view of the content. It is built with some of the latest technologies, including Bootstrap, Smooth Scroll, Animate.css and more.

      • King of Pasta: PSD & HTML Website Templa...

        King of Pasta is a web template meant to be handled the way you truly want to. First, it is offered in both PSD and HTML/CSS formats. The former is well organized in layers and is easy to customize while the latter comes with great jQuery effects built in. Courtesy of Mohamed Sobhy.

      • Flatfy: Minimal HTML & CSS Template

        A gorgeous template created with the latest tools around such as CSS3, HTML5, jQuery and a 12 column grid bootstrap framework, and it shows. The template has a solid, modern look and is heavily animated, but this doesn't stop it from running smoothly and carrying a lot of features.

      • Ninestars: Creative Bootstrap Theme

        An attractive one-page HTML and CSS template powered by Twitter Bootstrap. It is mostly intended for portfolio and creative people who want to showcase their content with a fresh and modern look. It is fully responsive and has a menu hidden on the top left that comes in and out at the press of a button, resulting in an elegant navigation aid.

      • Evento: HTML Music Events Template

        A fantastic theme specially crafted to promote your next event in a way that's both informative and attractive. It is divided into colorful sections with awesome icons and hand-drawn illustrations in the background. You can also include a countdown timer to the event, maps and more.

      • ThemFast: Flat HTML Bootstrap Template

        A flat responsive theme mainly used for websites that intend to show and sell products for customers, although you might want to adapt the theme to your needs because of its modern look. Big icons and vibrant colors make for an attractive experience that's quick and straightforward.

      • E-Shopper: E-commerce HTML & CSS Templat...

        A clean and classy e-commerce template made in CSS and HTML that will allow you to display your products with style and sell/ship them right away to your customers. The template itself is clean and modern-looking, utilizing white and delicate orange details, as well as a big amount of images (vital for showing the products you're offering). 

      • Seven7: Landing HTML Page Template

        Seven7 is a classy template intended to serve as a landing page on which to show the features and advantages of your application, product or service in a modern and attractive way. The template contains sliders, images and icons to make the experience quick and easy. You have a version for each device, even the older phones.

      • LifeTrackr: Flat HTML Landing Page Web Templa...

        ​LifeTrackr is a flat and professional landing page template for your apps. It can be customized easily, and it comes as a free flat responsive web design template. You can use this template for any website and integrate it quickly since it was created in HTML.

      • Green Village HTML Web Template

        ​Green Village is an email HTML template with clean and minimal design suitable for many purposes. Easily suits mobile devices, browsers and desktop email clients. The downloadable .ZIP includes a layered PSD file and the HTML source.

      • Aditii: Flat E-commerce Responsive Web Templa...

        A cross-browser compatible website template created in code version (HTML and CSS) and PSD format that has a very pleasant blue background, which makes it very appealing to the eyes of any client. It is a responsive website template with four content sliders on top, where you can display the latest brands or products with a catchy description and price.

      • Cuda: Portfolio Flat Web Template

        ​Cuda in a portfolio template created in HTML and PSD formats. It has a flat responsive layout, with fancy styling, great color variations and organised elements like icons, widgets, texts and imagery. GraphicBurger made the PSD version.

      • Merlin: Free HTML Bootstrap Template

        ​Merlin is a nice template created in HTML for blogs and single page sites. It has a big image slider that works as an anchor for new visitors, while it engages them through the use of simple iconography and typography. You can download it for free.

      • Voyage: Flat Responsive Travelling Web Templa...

        Voyage is a nice, simple template in code (HTML and CSS) and PSD versions so you can adapt it to your next project easily. This template can be used in any travel blog or website, including the necessary element to show your experiences or motivate others to travel.

      • Author: Flat Responsive CSS & HTML Web T...

        ​Author is a personal portfolio made in CSS and HTML that comes with a free flat responsive web design template. You can use this template for any type of website. This web template is built in a fancy style and it includes a good color scheme and grid styled elements.

      • Motive: Corporate Flat Responsive PSD & ...

        Motive has been designed in PSD and adapted to HTML with good color scheme and nice blurred backgrounds and clean elements. It has a responsive layout that can be used in any type of corporate and modern website. Also, it includes a slider with caption and smooth animations, and widgets all over.

      • Bluebox: Flat Corporate PSD & HTML Websi...

        ​​BlueBox is a design made specifically for a corporate web agency in editable PSD format. This can be used for any professional business, composed of a modern design, flat and clean with a professional appeal. It is responsive and mobile friendly corporate web template. This concept Adam Engledow.

      • Yolk: Responsive E-commerce HTML & CSS T...

        The guys at W3Layouts bring us Yolk, a flat eCommerce HTML and CSS template that will allow you to showcase all your products with elegance in multiple devices, now that it comes in desktop, smartphone and old mobile versions for the comfort of your users. You can also make a blog for giving additional information and feed your customer community.

      • Foto: HTML5 & CSS3 Portfolio Template

        Foto is a beautiful template that comes in both code (HTML5 and CSS3) and PSD file to better suit your working style and make sure you take the most advantage from it. As you probably guessed by its name, this theme is aimed at photographers, illustrators or anyone who wants to put images as the main source of content.

      • Twenty: Responsive Startup HTML5 & CSS3 ...

        A beautiful, responsive HTML5 and CSS3 template created by the skillful team of HTML5Up. The theme is very simple, but also quite elegant, featuring sections composed of background images followed by flat white backgrounds filled with icons for a splendid visual aesthetic. Of course, the template is available for free by clicking the download button above.

      • Variety: Responsive Portfolio HTML Web Templa...

        A stylish, cross-browser template built with HTML and CSS, fully modifiable in order to satisfy any specific requirements. It includes a good few tools to show your portfolio in an easy and elegant way, such as a big gallery, responsive design, a neat contact form and a gallery section with a ''view more'' hyperlink.

      • Brandi: Corporate Flat Responsive HTML Web Te...

        ​​Brandi is a parallax corporate flat responsive web template that allows you to present all the unique features of the company in three different sections. With a perfect grid layout, this HTML5 and CSS free website template provides an inordinate portfolio section where you can exhibit your work the best way under five neat categories.

      • Magister: Free One-page Bootstrap Template

        Magister is a free responsive, single-page HTML5 template built on Twitter Bootstrap framework. This free bootstrap template is great for personal or “Coming soon” landing pages, and it includes transition effects and sidebar navigation to be clean.

      • Golden: Corporate Flat Responsive Web Templat...

        Golden is a free theme with premium capabilities for corporate sites. This flat responsive web template fits perfectly in any business, like agencies and creative studios. It includes items' images on a black background, and this template will be ideal for a website that offers services for daily needs. It can be downloaded for free.

      • zValencia: Responsive HTML5 Cuisine Template

        A beautiful restaurant theme that will make your recipes look even more delicious on both desktop and mobile (responsive design is included). It comes with soft effects and elegant typography that give the page a sense of glamour best suited for a specific kind of restaurant, although you can always download the template and modify it to suit your needs.

      • zGenesis: Responsive HTML5 Template

        An uncomplicated theme created by the Zero Theme theme basing itself on a grid layout that allows a very smooth responsive behavior in order to adapt to any device. This is very important giving the aim of this theme: Business and corporate websites.  Download for free with the button above and enjoy the show!

      • Flat Responsive HTML Web Template

        An extremely versatile template that can be used for serious approaches such as the one of a business, as well as more entertainment-oriented concepts such as magazines and personal blogs. The flat style and large variety of elements make this a powerful, modern tool for today's web.

      • Leo Images: Responsive HTML Gallery Web Templ...

        Leo Images is an interesting theme that can serve two purposes: Blogging and gallery displaying (its definite main focus). The best attribute we found in the galleries was the possibility to filter the images through a countless number of keywords, making the exploration of big chunks of content a lot easier.

      • Calm: Personal Portfolio and Blog Template

        An extremely simple but attractive responsive web template that can be a great asset to build a portfolio website or one that's based on images and a fancy grid layout. By default, it comes with a dark background, but this can be easily changed to give the page a totally new mood depending on what you intend.

      • House Framing: Real Estate HTML Template

        A theme designed originally for real estate businesses or brokers who want to promote themselves online with a professional looking website. It has three different versions that adapt to the type of device the website is displayed in. The huge jQuery slider that comes up on the page will allow users to see available properties right away.

      • Eden: Free Exterior Design HTML5 Template

        This theme provides a sophisticated look to your website by applying a few nice touches that are sure to catch some looks from your visitors. The now-trendy retro style is present while geometric shapes and blurred images make for a modern, almost hipster appearance. A subtle, elegant option for any situation.

      • zWiseSolutions: Responsive Corporate HTML5 Te...

        zWiseSolutions is a classy and modern-looking HTML5 template that can do wonders for your business' image online. The clean layout means all the information is the focus of the page, while big images complement the overall look of the site. The navigation menu above lets you divide the info into pages for easier understanding.

      • Tessellate: Glowing Minimal HTML5 Template

        HTML5 UP brings us an awesome template: Tessellate. Among it's most interesting features, we can find full responsiveness, responding to any screen size smoothly, something ideal for the constantly-growing projects with mobile interfaces in mind. It provides a pleasant, clean feel with smooth gradients styling the divisions' backgrounds.

      • Flatty: HTML App Landing Page

        ​Flatty is a flat landing page designed to show your next app, site or product made in HTML. With a fresh style and minimal design, you can now show your product with style.

      • Wijayakusuma: PSD & HTML Landing Page

        Wijayakusuma is a landing page with a big countdown, perfect for sites that are about to be launched. It’s a coming soon page created in HTML that also comes in PSD format. This page is responsive, includes the free PSD and HTML ready to be implemented. It was designed and coded by Bagus Fikri.

      • Mission: Corporate Flat PSD & HTML Web T...

        A free responsive website template that has a strong and massive mountain image on the homepage, which gives a strong and solid impression of your business. It could also instill a love for nature. It was created in HTML and CSS3, but it also includes the PSD files to edit the design. This template is free to download.

      • Stylish Portfolio: Full Website HTML Bootstra...

        Stylish Portfolio is a single-page Bootstrap theme that features a scree-size header and a retractile corner menu that allows you navigating along the page by smoothly scrolling as you click each section link.

      • Brushed: Free Responsive One-page HTML &...

        Brushed is a free one-page responsive HTML and CSS template based on the Twitter Bootstrap Framework. It is optimized for Retina Displays (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and MacBook Pro Retina). Perfect for studios, digital agencies or creative people in general. You can use this template for any project.

      • Parallelism: Free Portfolio Site HTML & ...

        Parallelism is a cool freebie for a portfolio site template. It is partially responsive (automatically adjusting rows based on viewport size) but it uses a horizontal scroll, not precisely handy. It has been built on HTML5 and CSS3, and free for whatever you want to create. It was created by Dribbble's user aj.

      • Escape Velocity: Free Responsive HTML & ...

        Escape Velocity is a free responsive site template built with HTML5 and CSS3. It contains a cool menu on top, a header, some beautiful flat icons and lots of widgets. It is flat, but it uses a noise pattern to make it look like old paper, and it was released for free under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, so use it for any of your personal or commercial projects, just be sure to credit the author.

      • Delphic: Free HTML & CSS Minimal Templat...

        Delphic is a clean and minimalist HTML and CSS template that is convenient to use as an online creative portfolio, and it is totally free! Now it includes new features like patterns, fonts, working contact form, vertical carousel, horizontal carousel, cycle slider, blog page, single portfolio post, tabs, toggle, rich styling options, among many more.

      • Socialike: Free HTML & CSS Website Templ...

        The HTML & CSS version of the premium WordPress Tumblog theme Socialike with 3 bonus homepages. It has 3 sliders (Awkward, Nivo, and Piecemaker), blog, gallery and styling options. Also, it has beautiful realistic icons to help descriptions be more assertive, admits lots of different media, like videos, images and more, and then organises them into the post in a compelling way. It is free only for personal use.

      • Produkta: Free Responsive HTML Bootstrap Prod...

        A set of 4 responsive Bootstrap landing page templates of different sorts called Produkta. This set contains templates for featuring videos of upcoming products, new iPhone application promotions, and for announcing eBooks and assorted coming soon projects. All of the templates can be used for both commercial or personal projects.

      • Obscura: Free Responsive HTML & CSS Temp...

        Obscura has a free HTML and CSS version that is inspired by the responsive premium WordPress theme of the same name. If you do not think you have enough knowledge on HTML and would like to have a theme with an admin panel along with post formats featuring full-screen gallery, working contact form, and font, color and background options, it is perfect for you.  This template is a responsive blog creation with 8 post format options (standard, image, gallery, video, quote, link, chat, audio) and an amazing full-screen gallery. With these features, it is convenient not only for photographers but everyone …

      • BisLite: Free HTML & CSS Website Templat...

        A modern business website template made in HTML and CSS in its coded version, and also made as PSD. Named as BisLite, the website template comes in three pages — home, portfolio and contact us. The template is composed of a big slider, some widgets for text with icons, other widgets for images, and more. It has a flat style. BisLite template is free.

      • Nina: Free HTML & CSS Minimal Template

        Nina is a free HTML and CSS minimal template for blog or portfolio purposes. It contains five complete pages (Home, About, Portfolio, Blog, Contact), created by Flay. It has a responsive version and you can download the PSDs if you need to make further adaptations, but you have to pay for them.

      • Andia: Responsive HTML & CSS Portfolio T...

        A free responsive minimal style Bootstrap template named Andia. This template comes laid out in several fully responsive pages, including home, portfolio, services, about, contact, and it’s perfect for creating a website for a small business or a personal portfolio.

      • Responsive HTML5 & CSS3 Template

        A responsive HTML5 and CSS3 design for any blog. It has the regular elements of a website such as a header, menus, featured post frame, content widgets and more. Images and links have nice hover effects. The containers have simple shadows and the layout comes in a minimal style. You can always grab the code and modify it, for free.

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