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A multi-purpose Sketch App template designed to help SEO agencies create a compelling front-end web design. It includes 7 fully editable, layered, carefully organized artboards which works for showcasing marketing, business, technology, creative, branding and agency websites. Created by Behance user Tran Mau Tri Tam for Mass Impressions.

An 8bit-like CSS framework that provides the necessary components to transform layouts into full arcade experiences. It only requires CSS, does not depend on any JavaScript and is compatible with the newest version of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Developed and shared on GitHub by nostalgic-css (B.C.Rikko), released under the MIT license.

This is a box with several progress bars which can be fulfilled by clicking the related button below. It is structured with HTML preprocessed on Pug, styled with the use of Sass Mixins and variables, and with on-click and filling actions controlled via vanilla JavaScript. Created by CodePen user Ali Soueidan.

This is a media slider showcasing Top 2018 music albums with a sort of grunge monochromatic style art. It is built with CSS, Splitting.js and SVG filters. Only tested and optimized for Google Chrome. Created by CodePen user Adam Kuhn.

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This is a set of 35 simple glyph icons with a color round line style art. The icons are contained as vectors in a single Sketch artboard, which makes them easy to customize and use with your projects. Designed by Dribbble user Wilbur Xu.

A set of social media templates for Pinterest with a bold minimal design and subtle Scandinavian vibes. The templates are versatile and they work perfectly for any kind of message, concept or graphics, although its design was conceived focusing on fashion stores and traveling-themed blogs. Created and shared at Dribbble by The Designest.

Floaty is a basic responsive CSS Float based layout solution that works even in the older browsers. It is based on Flex and CSS GRID (SMART CSS GRID, 60 GS, Flexy, Katana, Flex One) and only weight 0,6 Kb(0,35 Kb gzip). Vladimir Carrer (vladocar), licensed under the MIT License.

A set of 6 carefully crafted header UI elements for Sketch. The elements have a minimal design with dark and light variations which makes them perfect for flat aesthetic concepts. The set also includes pixel-perfect, retina-ready and scalable vector shapes already optimized. Designed by Stefano Peschiera.

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This is a dark admin dashboard based on Google's material design guidelines and Angular development. It is fully responsive and user experience focused containing widgets, maps, charts, forms, and gages sections, several UI elements like buttons, cards, icons, tables, colors, and components like toggles, tooltips sliders and even more! Designed by CreativeIT, free for personal and commercial use.

This is a circular element that on hover transforms itself into a box card with a Zoom-like transition. It uses only CSS and properties like transform, hover and flexbox (No JS), and it is structured by the use of plain HTML with an SVG icon. Created by CodePen user Yancy Min.

A gorgeous collection of watercolors elements with an artistic and authentically hand-crafted style. It offers carefully digitized vector versions of minerals, leaves, flowers, seashells, and compositions that will perfectly complement your toolbox and come in handy for your design projects. Designed by Dribbble user The Designest.

A set of vector houseplant illustrations with a unique and colorful style art. The plants are in Adobe Illustrator (AI) and EPS file formats which makes them completely editable and customizable. The illustrations are contained within a single artboard with identifiable color schemes on the side of each illustration. Published at vectorforfree.

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This is an on-hover effect for expanding a box within a section grid. It is structured with HTML and the effect is achieved through CSS with the use of transitions and hover properties. Created by CodePen user James.

Anson is a sans-serif typeface with a bold geometrical style. It includes numbers, uppercase and lowercase characters variations with a strong versatile design made from geometric objects that works specially well for logos and general branding. Designed by Hanson Method, free for Personal and Commercial use.

A set of 12 notification themed icons, designed with simplicity in mind. These icons are a play on some of the most recognizable alerts and badges that we use nowadays in social media; all with a humorous and delightful concept that brings playfulness to your projects. Designed by Burnt Toast Creative.

A couple of pure CSS switches with a nice clean design and a monochromatic color palette. The switches do not use Javascript for the toggle action and instead, they make use of the checkboxes-label approach that only uses CSS for styling a setting the switches. Created by CodePen user Zed Dash.

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An Instagram social template pack in PSD format. It includes 8 standard posts and 4 ad stories designs. The templates are super simple to use, just drag and drop your own image into the .psd file, adjust the text, and you are good to go. Designed by Dribbble user Erik Cruz.

A simple, unique and elegant minimalist HTML template that focuses on blogging themes. It is compatible with HTML and Kirby CMS, with support for post format types like quote, video, and gallery. It is suitable for any kind of personal, travel, hobby, lifestyle, and tutorial blog styles. Created by Aristotheme.

This is a set of vector illustrations with a color flat style art. The set contains characters, objects, and backgrounds in different vector formats which makes them easy to scale, resize, and change every color or shape as you wish. Created and shared at awesome-illustrations.

An easy to use interactive table generation JavaScript library. It helps in the creation of interactive tables in seconds from any HTML Table, Javascript Array or JSON formatted data. It is built to support all modern desktop and mobile web browsers and works on all major JS frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular. Developed and shared on GitHub by Oli Folkerd (olifolkerd), licensed under the MIT license.

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A set of Microsoft icons that are portrayed following Google's material style. They were created by following a more tangible (Material) Google icons experience and testing how they would look if we followed Microsoft's design look and feel. Designed by Dribbble user Stefka Ivanova.

A multipurpose Powerpoint template that can be used for any type of presentation. This unique template gives you many possibilities of creativity with shapes, elements, and icons all 100% vector editable for easily change the colors and structure of your slides. Designed by Miko Aldric, free for personal use only.

This is a gradient hex color visualizer that works as a random color picker. It has a nice a fluid transition between changes that are activated through clicking on the random button. It is structured using HTML, plan CSS for its style and for the core gradient generator it uses Vue.JS with Tweenmax. Created by Codepen user Clément Roche.

A collection of hand-picked color palettes for sketch to inspire your designs and make beautiful website applications. The system is based on 60-30-10 color ratio rule and it helps you to balance and apply the colors to your design. It is simple to use and without frills, just colors plain fun to browse. Created by Stefano Peschiera.

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