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Anko is a complete Serif font family created by Eko Bimantara, that includes seven different weights.

This free template created specially for any industrial, manufacturer, engineering or construction website. It was created using HTML5, Bootstrap 4, jQuery and SCSS.

A large pack of icons created under the Material Design style and classified into three different categories. Created by Pixsellz. Compatible with Sketch App, Figma, SVG, Invision Studio, Adobe XD & Photoshop. This set features popular graphic tools and assets for your digital projects

Blueprint is a React-based UI toolkit for the web development, created as an open source project at Palantir. It is optimized for building complex, data-dense web interfaces for desktop applications which run in modern browsers and also on IE11.

1500+ Girly Doodles, Illustrations, Patterns & Cards Pack, Only $19: Vector EPS & PSD Files, Isolated PNG Clipart, Seamless Patterns, Ready-Made Cards, Cute Characters & Illustrations, Commercial Use

This pack contains 15 fonts and one set of initial letters, produced by Rafael Ribas & Alexis Faudot (researchers at ANRT). This open source licensed can be used upon personal or commercial projects. This digital typefaces are the result of a thorough an academic analysis and redesign of the 15th century originals.

Hamilton is stylish and minimalist presentation template delivered as Powerpoint and Keynote format files. This template comes in PowerPoint format that is familiar for mostly everyone so you can customize and adapt it easily for your own projects. Created by DirtyTemp.

Medec is a UI Kit for Adobe XD specially designed for health services apps, it contains more than 35 screens and 4 major modules with a clean design and completely ready for development.

Don José is a sans-serif high-box font family that includes 5 different styles: Black, Roots, Mustache, Journey & Textile. It has also a black weight, of all its variants, which makes it really useful to use on headlines or highlights. Designed by Cristian Tournier.

1840+ Massive Vector Engraving Style Illustrations Pack, 24 Categories, Ai & EPS Vector Formats, PNGs With Transparent Backgrounds. Perfect for making logos and branding projects, stationery, apparel design, and much more! Only $29!

Neve is a fully responsive and lightweight WordPress theme, optimized for AMP & SEO. Created to load faster and to display on any device. Works perfectly with Gutenberg and all of the most popular page builders. It is also WooCommerce ready & RTL.

Flexbox will help you to create and write your own flexboxes, you only need to input the distribution that you need and download the CSS code for your site

Senda is a stencil font designed with geometric shapes in mind. The left side is represented by a triangle and right side by a circle. Created by Beco Creative Studio.

A minimal and versatile Sketch template that can be used for apps or websites related to the world of fashion and lifestyle. These design templates are free to use on your projects or to be inspired by. Created by Mass Impressions.

131 unique high-resolution mockup, based on real images and also including smart objects feature to get photo-realistic effects. Normally this bundle could be priced up to $380, get it only $14! Limited-time promo.

This a dashboard for React made with material style UI components, React and create-react-app to help you in your app development!

Krom is a carefully organized Wireframe Kit that will help you making professional prototyping projects in just a few minutes with its big and useful layout and components library. Includes 12 screens and 50+ symbols, style guide, and PDF documents.

Shepherd is a JavaScript library that will help you to create guiding simple step-by-step guided tours for the users of your app. It uses Tippy.js, another open source library, to render dialogs for each tour "step".

Slant is a free font specially created for Web and print purposes. Delivered as multiple web font formats WOFF, WOFF2 & EOT, as well as an OTF file for easy installation. Created by House Industries.

Get today more than 1000 Packages and Boxes Mockup Files in an extensive bundle for only $29 with a 95% limited discounted price of its normal $550 USD. Find different materials and presentations (Box, Paper, Metal, Plastic and Bottle) and hundreds of possible matches and finishes for your packages.

A JavaScript library to create reorderable drag & drop lists on modern browsers and touch devices. No jQuery required. Supports Meteor, AngularJS, React, Polymer, Vue, Knockout and any CSS library

A beautifully crafted collection of click-to-copy CSS effects including hovers, loaders, buttons, input effects and more. Designed with a focus on fluidity, simplicity, and ease of use. Powered by CSS with minimal markup and ready to use open-source MIT licensed.

This is a circular image transition made by David Khourshid and Stephen Shaw, using CSS masks, some fancy text effects and mouse position tracking with CSS variables.

This virtual reality-themed vector line style icon set designed by Kiran Shastry, is free for commercial and personal usage for Sketch.

A brand new bundle of 33 fonts in a wide variety of styles, weights & multilanguage support, normally priced $490 if purchased individually, Only $19 for a limited-time

Luda is a lightweight, no dependency UI framework for web developers. Supports modular imports in asset management tools. Features a built-in baseline grid, column grids, modular type scales and more. Based on Mutation Observer API with its components' lifecycles handled automatically.

Loki is a brushed handwritten script font with a strong sans serif base that makes it perfect for big titles. The Font was created by Krisjanis Mezulis and Ieva Mezule. Free for commercial and personal projects.

Storytime is a WordPress theme created storytellers and authors of all kinds, with a clean and simple design that makes it pleasantly readable, ready to use with Gutenberg or the classic editor.

This a navigable information card created using mostly pure CSS and Splitting.js for dividing words and characters. Created by Codepen user Adam Kuhn

820+ Isolated Objects From 3 Different Mock-up & Scene Generators! Ultra High-Quality Assets In PSD format, Separated Shadow Layers For Every Object, Pre-made Scenes & Background Textures Included. Get this bundle for just $19! (98% Off)