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A trendy UI kit inspired on a Smoothie's shop app, including all the primary interface components with their color palette. Created by Behance user Ernesto Alonso

A variable font experiment based on a slider created using Slick, by Codepen user Supremo

A beautiful sunbeam exposure image filter created by Codepen user Ko.Yelie

A responsive slider timeline made with Swiper library, ready to use on your website. Created by Codepen user Bruno Carvalho.

50 Hand Drawn Positive/Inspirational Vector Quotes Bundle, Only $9: Common EPS File, Separate SVG Vectors & Transparent PNG Exports In High Resolution, Commercial Use

A handy style guide created for Figma users, featuring all the ideal components implementation for a clean & accessible dark mode on your app or website. Created by Behance user Salman Hossain Saif

A minimal design inspired pack of white line icons ready to use in all your personal and commercial projects, designed on Figma. Created by Dribbble user Dima Groshev

A simple flat character generator that will give you a lot of fun while choosing and matching different body parts, features & accessories. Export your creations easily as vector SVG files or PNG images. Created by Codepen user Michael Schwartz

Add depth to your web page with a movable, and Rotatable camera for your scenes & sprites. Can move to in front of any element in your scene, whether it has been rotated or translated. Created by Codepen user WoodNeck using CSS3, 3D transform. This project is mostly inspired by Keith Clark's cool 3D work.

3000+ Backgrounds & Textures Megapack, Only $15: High Resolution Images 6kpx at 300dpi, Wooden Cross Section, Plank & Table Textures, Brick Walls, Grunge Painted Wood & Many More, Commercial Use

Fluffy is a UI kit that features all the components for an agency landing page. Created to be used on Sketch by Dribbble user Last Door Studios.

From the field to your projects. Fulbo was created to maximize the visibility of the numbers when the jersey is in motion. Includes five different styles. Designed by Alejo Bergmann & Emmanuel Baldor, both from Rostype Fonts

A beautiful set of flag icons ready to use in apps and websites. All flags are provided as PNG and SVG files, also including a catalog and a framework for easy use on Apple platforms.

Arturito is a typographic family from Rostype, designed by Cristian Tournier. Is a semi-slab typeface with high & down-box glyphs, developed for branding projects, highlights & headings

Lifetime Prototyping & Wireframing Software Access, Only $29: Drag & Drop Interface, 100+ Nestable, Functional & Scriptable Components, Mockup For Any Mobile Device, Collaborative Projects, 5 Users Plan, Full Component Customization & Styling, Advanced Mobile Events & Much More

A cool set of CSS buttons (with a bit of JavaScript), with a simple and clean look. Including round & flat shapes, gradients & different sizes for you to try on your web projects

Get the best aesthetics for your website with this retro pack that includes over 50 unique Bootstrap 4 components inspired on the beloved 90's Windows 95 interface (including icons). Created by Themesberg.

Get the perfect introduction to web design & web development with this complete HTML5 tutorial, shared by MDBootstrap & written by Michal Szymanski. A comprehensive guide intended for people who want to learn the basics of creating websites and applications.

Hack is an ideal font for source code utilization. Use it on your commercial and personal projects. Hack has expanded thanks to the open-source community

Lifetime (No monthly fees) Password Manager and Form Filler, Save time and Boost the Safety of your Passwords with Military-Grade Encryption, Only for $29 USD! (80% OFF)

Dugas, from Macha, is an ultra condensed & minimalistic font. Is the ideal typeface for posters, large scale artwork, titles & headlines.

Rude is a western-like serif font, created by Behance user Masha Chuprova. Rude is based in the Zantroke font and it is completely allowed for personal and commercial usage

A colorful case-study presentation created on Sketch. The delivered file is fully layered and editable. Start using it on your personal and commercial projects. Created by Behance user Mohamed Yahia

Aqum is a geometric & rounded sans-serif font. Use it in your personal and commercial projects. Delivered as OTF & TTF font files. Created by Behance user Slava Antipov

Lifetime Bootstrap 4 Website Generator, Only $29: For Windows & Mac, Intuitive Interface, 500+ Pre-made Content Blocks, 180+ Prototype Templates, 30+ Nav Panels, Export .HTML Bootstrap 4 Native Code, Google PageSpeed Insights Tested!

A simple web app to generate wave shapes, unique every time, in SVG format. Alternate the lines & create multiple styles. Easy to download, made by Z Creative Labs

Analyse and compare images with Javascript and HTML5 Canvas. Compatible with Node.js. Created by James Cryer and the Huddle development team.

WorPress Onion is a simple and powerful framework that will help you as a developer to build custom meta boxes, fields and more, quickly and easy.

Today's font is a special commemorative typeface that resembles the 50th anniversary of Pride and the Stonewall uprising. Find it on different desktop and web formats and also SVG. An special release by Feeld

180 Fonts, 29 Font Families From Hanken Design Co. Only $29: Delivers OTF & TTF Files, Premium Serif & Sans-Serif Fonts, Multi-Language Support, OpenType Features, Exclusive 95% Off!