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This is a design of an iOS Wireframe Kit for eCommerce apps. The Sketch file contains 15 mobile wireframe layouts that will aid you in the prototyping and creation of your next mobile app. Designed by Dribbble user Kishore for Orizon Design.

A responsive eCommerce grid concept using CSS Grid. The grid responsiveness is organized via JavaScript with CSS hover interactions that Skew and rotate the elements within the grid. Created by CodePen user Andy Barefoot.

This is a responsive and retina-ready WordPress theme with a clean and bold design. It has 4 Different Blog Layouts (Archives layout, Homepage layout), each with sidebar switch options that are easily edited via the native WP Customizer, and custom widgets for social integrations. It supports WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, and comes already SEO optimized. Created by zThemeStudio, licensed under the GPL license

A clean landing page design for traveling websites in Sketch file format. It has a nice material design and a minimal UI concept featuring elements like hero header with a submission form, featured cards section, masonry grid, posts sections with multiple set of arrangements and more! Created by Dribbble user Jacob Voyles.

200 Vector T-Shirt & Merchandise Designs, Only $24: Ai, EPS & SVG Vectors Files, Retro 8Bit Illustrations, Characters, Cartoons,

A simple UI shop kit with a clean and simple design. It is highly customizable, so you can change pretty much everything you feel appropriate to fit your needs. The Sketch file includes five layouts featuring Home, Product detail, Cart, Search and Checkout sections. It also contains images and isolated symbols needed to build the layouts. Designed and shared on Dribbble by Mateusz Jurkiewicz for Miquido.

5 hover effects created using pure CSS that works specially well on images. Each effect is showcased in a three card set, with fluid transitions and an almost frosty glass overlay effect. The cards are structured using HTML and it is style and fluidly animated using Sass CSS (No special Sass trait is used, only pure CSS). Created by CodePen user fox_hover.

A minimal, responsive, yet elegant WordPress theme for professional bloggers. It is easy to use, customize, and doesn't require any programing knowledge to start setting it. It includes sections like hero sliders, 1-column posts, feature posts section; all with customizable options to give the personal touch to your blog and turning it into a unique site. Created by UnitedTheme.

A new breath for your business cards Get today as an exclusive courtesy of Anis Illustration a cool templates pack to creatively apply on your business cards, with a soft, clean & natural touch. Including patterns, an editable logo, and a ready-to-download free font. Customize & develop hundreds of possible card options on Adobe Illustrator and also Photoshop. Inside this pack 2 editable templates to create your own business card. 1 editable logo in front 2 frame/pattern in back File to download the free font

100+ Native Bootstrap 4 Website Wireframes, Only $14: Clean HTML5 Code, No Extra Classes & Styles, Dependencies To Official CDN Resources. Use Ready Templates.

This is a tab bar with a nice modern look and smooth transitions between tabs. When you select a tab option, it deploys a particle animation that sets into the active element and that changes depending on whether you are selectiong a close or a far element. The tab is structured using HTML, styled and animated with SCSS, and uses jQuery for the action selector and general effect deployment. Created by CodePen user Aaron Iker.

YouDontNeedWordPress or YDNW is a web platform for creating blogs from Google Docs and then start publishing posts. Basically, you will write the blog post with proper formatting in the Docs and the website will help you publish that. The platform is open source and you are free to contribute and/or host it yourself!. Created by GitHub user Pat Walls.

A clean and lightweight blogging WordPress theme. It features a masonry grid on the archive pages, a beautiful and minimal design, Gutenberg support, widget areas in the sidebar and the footer, infinite scroll loading, icon links to social media pages, custom logo support, a search overlay, and much more. Created by Anders Norén.

Butter Cake is a modular CSS framework based on flexbox. It gives developers the flexibility to create components done easily without writing too many lines of CSS. It includes over 100 helper Classes, elements designed with the "mobile first" principle, and featuring a fully modular and responsive overall experience. Developed by GitHub user Himas Rafeek, licensed under the MIT license.

Lifetime Access: Social Media Management Tool. Feature Rich Platform With Unlimited Social Media Profiles & Projects At No Extra Cost. Pay Once, Use Forever!

A 3D helix loader created using CSS animation attributes on Sass. It is structured using basic Slim HTML iterations for creating the elements and uses Sass functions for giving movement and variable proportions to the circular elements. Created by CodePen user Jerry Low.

A standalone browser-based code editor built with JavaScript. It matches and extends the features, usability and performance of existing native editors such as TextMate, Vim or Eclipse. It can be easily embedded in any web page or JavaScript application. Ace is developed as the primary editor for Cloud9 IDE and the successor of the Mozilla Skywriter (Bespin) Project. Developed and shared on GitHub by Ajax.org B.V.

A material-design inspired theme for the ghost blogging platform. It is fully responsive with an intuitive desktop UI and an unobtrusive mobile navigation. It features support for email collection, infinite scroll pagination, platforms like Disqus or Facebook, and an AMP ready template. Created by GitHub user silasjelley, licensed under the MIT license.

A sans-serif Devanagari typeface, designed with vertical and horizontal cuts. Pragati comes in 2 weights (Regular and Bold) and 1180 glyphs for each variant. It was specially developed for the screen as web font and desktop font. The Devanagari was designed by Marcela Romero, Pablo Cosgaya and Nicolás Silva. The Latin version of Pragati is reminiscent of late nineteenth century American typefaces. Pragati is licensed under SIL Open Font License, 1.1.

Visual Drag & Drop Bootstrap Website Generator, Only $19! Lifetime Updates, Unlimited Commercial Use License.

A beautifully designed powerpoint template with a contemporary style that fits into multiple presentational niches. It includes powerful slides, charming infographics, amazing photo layouts, cool colors, maps, Smart Art diagrams, and many other features. This is your way to express yourself, your business and your company. Designed by ShapeSlide.

A lightweight JavaScript library for creating fluid and interactive gradients animations. With Granim.js, you can build custom full-color gradient transitions that look smooth and mesh nicely with any website. It is built on vanilla JavaScript, so it can run alongside jQuery or any other JS library. Developed by GitHub user Benjamin Blonde (sarcadass), licensed under the MIT license.

This is a 3D text effect achieved by the use of a simple SCSS mixin. The mixin creates a 3D blocky looking text with features like text-shadows, gradients, and opacity. Created by CodePen user Liam Ega.

A creative lifestyle blog template with a stylish design and a beautiful typography set that makes it an ideal template for your blog site. It features styles for standard, video, audio, and gallery post formats. It is fully responsive, retina ready, and it is built with a clean and organized code which makes it very easy to customize. Created by GraphicSlot.

8k+ Infographic Elements In 600+ Ready Made Templates, 16 Categories: Medical, Business, Timelines, Marketing & Much More. Only $24

A pack of over 480 beautifully crafted icons for common actions and items. Additionally, Eva Icons supports 4 animation types: zoom, pulse, shake and flip. The icons are provided in two visual types: Fill and Outline and in formats like PNG, SVG, font, Sketch, and more! Created by akveo, licensed under MIT license.

Howler.js is an audio library for the modern web. It defaults to Web Audio API and falls back to HTML5 Audio. This makes working with audio in JavaScript easy and reliable across all platforms. It features a single, consistent API for all of your audio needs makes building your audio experiences fun and easy. Howler.js has full support for codec files like MP3, MPEG, OPUS, OGG, OGA, WAV, AAC, CAF, M4A, MP4, WEBA, WEBM, DOLBY, FLA. Developed and shared on GitHub by Goldfire, licensed under the MIT license.

A creative homepage template with a blue color gradient palette proportionally used on backgrounds and graphic elements. It comes in a single PSD Photoshop file format and its structure consists of elements like a hero header with a nice premium illustration, featured widgets, 3-column grid for blog posts and a wide footer section; all with a good balance between space and graphic elements. Designed by Dribbble user Zahid Hasan Zisan.

This is a pure CSS gooey morph animation effect. SVG is not involved in its structure and it is animated by primarily making use of border-radius, plus some opacity and basic transform CSS properties. Created by CodePen user Piotr Galor.

2390+ Vector Design Assets, 446 Ready-Made Logo Templates, Only $19: Editable Ai, EPS, CDR Formats, Huge Variety Of Content, Commercial Use. Over $3214 In Valuable Assets