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Borsok is a round bold typeface with full cyrillic support. It is an All-caps font with lots of diacritics, numbers and special characters. It has an excellent visual representation that works well with quotes, headings, blogs, logos, t-shirts, invitations and all kinds of display purposes. Designed by Behance user Dastan Miraj.

An inky brush script font that has a traditional vibe with its imperfect handwriting. It contains extra alternate letters and several ligatures to make your designs look even more naturally handwritten. Designed by Behance user Nasir Udin, free for personal and commercial purposes.

A sans-serif Devanagari typeface, designed with vertical and horizontal cuts. Pragati comes in 2 weights (Regular and Bold) and 1180 glyphs for each variant. It was specially developed for the screen as web font and desktop font. The Devanagari was designed by Marcela Romero, Pablo Cosgaya and Nicolás Silva. The Latin version of Pragati is reminiscent of late nineteenth century American typefaces. Pragati is licensed under SIL Open Font License, 1.1.

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A neutral Grotesque typeface that had great clarity in its form, and ideal for wide variety of signage. It has horizontal terminals, uniform widths, and comes in a highly functional and flexible font with true type features like x-height, which makes it easier to read in smaller sizes and at distance. Designed by Artem Velychko, free for personal and commercial use.

A modern abstract and stylized font which is inspired by architectural forms. It suits poster design, logos, packaging and more. The font contains uppercase characters and numbers in TTF file format. Designed by Graphic Pear and shared on Behance by Unblast, free for both personal and commercial use.

A modernist sans serif typeface based on the reinterpretation of a typographic model widely used during the 20th century. It contains uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation marks among other special characters with multilingual support. Anisette has 6 styles thin, light, regular, medium, bold, and black, and works exceptionally well for branding and logo design. Shared on Behance by user Adrià Martí.

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A stencil font with slits in their strokes that make them appear as though they have been cut but in a way that they do not seem mechanical, located where necessary. The font contains 904 glyphs and diacritics with support for more of 30 languages. Designed by Gatti & Omnibus-Type Team, licensed under SIL Open Font License 1.1.

This is a typeface deliberately designed to be hard to read for helping you remember your study notes. It is a fun mashup between Helvetica and forget fonts; its design is slanted seven degrees to the left with breaks in each letter's structure, making your brain work harder to identify each word, and thus boosting retention. File includes OpenType font file and PDF information booklet. Designed by Melbourne's RMIT University Behavioural Business Lab.

A font family with a stylish condensed style and 3 weights. It has numbers, punctuation, symbols, uppercase, and lowercase characters with multilingual support. Badrick can be used to create logos, texts, presentations, posters, magazines, notices, titles, name card, magazine, web layouts, invitations, headers, branding, and any other business related. Designed by CreativeUltra, free for personal and commercial use.

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A display vector font constructed of splashed paint letters. It adds a cool and fun effect to your designs, especially posters (only uppercase letters available). Each character is created and separated on different layers that can be easily modified with Adobe Illustrator. Designed by Aga Magdziak, free for personal and commercial use.

A condensed sans-serif typeface with 18 styles from thin to black and their italics. It contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and lots of diacritics which gives it multilingual support. It is great for logos, headlines, titles, branding, print, magazine, architecture and more! Designed by Behance user Rajesh Rajput, free for personal and commercial use.

A variable typeface that includes 4 separate stylistic groups, intended to be layered for special inline and shade effects. The styles are all contained in a single font file, accessible by activating various OpenType features. Designed by Eduilson Coan, Gustavo Soares from dooType, free for both personal and commercial projects.

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Sudo is a font for programmers and command line users. It has a monospaced design that works well for terminal and programming sources. The font contains 4 styles, regular, bold, and italic variations (Use at 16 pixels size for optimal results). Designed by GitHub user Jens Kutilek (jenskutilek), free for personal and commercial use.

A modern Sans Serif typeface that supports OpenType variable font technology. It comes with nine weights variations that allow you to adapt your content to all manner of context and media. It also has extended characters with support for over 50 languages, lots of diacritics and unusual punctuation such as the interrobang. You will find the font in TTF, OTF and as a web font that you can easily link in your code. Created by indestructible type*.

This is a wider version of the Times New Roman typeface. This font has 4 styles: Bold, Regular and Italic variations, and the characters are 5 to 10% wider. It is perfect for printing media where legibility is the main priority like newspaper and books. Created by MSCHF.

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This is a modular responsive SVG font that allows you to customize the size, color fill, stroke, position and more, with just a few changes in your CSS and with no use of JavaScript at all. It contains 93 glyphs with infinite scalability properties and compatible to work with any font and with any framework. Designed by Ana Estrada, free for personal and commercial use.

A headline font with a linear stylish structure and over 150 glyphs. It includes alphabet in uppercase, numbers and lots of special characters with diacritics to complement the support with additional languages. Designed by mikkonuuttila, free for commercial and personal projects.

An all-caps typeface with a general bold structure and sort of oblique serif endings. The font should work on both Windows & Mac OS with support for over 26 languages, 194 diacritics, and 4 styles (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold-Italic). Designed by Behance user Gabriela Bury, and it's free for personal and commercial use.

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A slab serif typeface with semi-rounded details and a sleek structure, giving it a strong personality while still keeping high readability. The family comprises six styles including three weights (light, regular and bold) with corresponding true italics, ligatures, and supports over 130 languages. Designed by Alessio Laiso, licensed under SIL Open Font license.

A four-weighted sans serif display font that has a peculiar European humanist silhouette. It goes well as a multipurpose brand font and it has support for all Western and Central European languages, and a few Latin-character-based African languages. Designed by Grayscale Ltd and released under the SIL OFL License.

This is a modern cursive typeface suitable for creating watermarks, posters, social media posts, branding, product designs, labels, and more. It is equipped with 2 variations, a regular and an inner stripped variation. It also comes with multilingual support, uppercase, and lowercase characters and TTF or WOFF file formats. Created by Behance user Stripline Co.

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A versatile Sans Serif font family inspired by Italian graphic design from 20's and 30's. It comes in 16 styles, designed to be balanced, modern and easily adaptable to web, print, and signage applications. Regime takes aesthetic canons from fonts like Futura and Mostra, inheriting their proportions, low crossbar and the peculiar sloping in the "S" glyph. Designed by Valerio Dell'Edera and published on Behance by FreeFonts.

A futuristic sans-serif font, perfect for use in headlines, branding visual identity, poster, logo, magazines, and any display media. The font can be found in TTF and OTF file formats and contain uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and some special characters. Designed by Behance user Azer Nesib, free for personal and commercial use.

A geometric Sans Serif typeface influenced by the 30s and the Art Deco movement. It comes in 6 unique style weights thin, light, demi, bold and black with an All Caps Variation and language support for Latin Pro and Latin Standard. This geometrical sans offer strong identity to any branding and editorial projects. Designed by Jean François Porchez and published by Typofonderie.

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A geometric typeface for headlines with a heavy art deco feel. It has over 100 discretionary ligatures, maintaining in its design a geometrical approach, slightly cleaner, yet capable of legibility even in longer texts. Designed by Erik Jarl Bertell, free for personal and commercial use.