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Kenfolg is a serif typeface with a modern stylish look that will give your designs a professional and artistic look. It is an OpenType font (OTF) and can be used for designing brochures, flyer, book title, magazines, blog posts, posters, and more! Shared at Dribbble by user Jessica Elle, free for personal use.

Ballistick is a beautiful signature script font with a harmonious balance between classy and contemporary. This font is perfect for any design project but particularly goes well in the creation of logos, branding, wedding designs, social media, advertisements, and product designs. It includes 59 ligatures to maintain the hand-lettered effect and extended Latin language support. Designed and shared at Behance by Nirmana Visual.

This is a classy, and contemporary pair of sans serif and script typefaces inspired by the 1980s and neon lights displays. Neon Absolute offers beautiful typographic harmony for a diversity of design projects, including logos, branding, social media posts, advertisements, and product designs. Designed and shared at Behance by Nirmana Visual.

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Voyager is an all-caps vintage inspired serif typeface. It has multilingual support and comes in three styles, regular, aged, and outline in OTF file format. It is best used for branding, print design, title headings and so much more! Designed and shared at Behance by Ochaya Designs, free for personal use only.

A beautiful script font inspired by bold and colorful hand lettering style. This typeface has a standart multilingual support and it's great for logotype, branding, logo design, digital lettering and any cheerfull and colorfull design needs. Designed and published at Behance by Yudha Ageng from YdhraStudio, and Graphic Design Freebies, free for personal use only.

B612 is a highly legible font family designed and tested to be used on aircraft cockpit screens. It contains regular, bold styles both with italics and an additional Monospaced version. The main characteristics of this font are the maximized distance between the forms of the characters with respect for the primitives of the different letters while harmonizing the forms and their spacing. Designed by Nicolas Chauveau and Thomas Paillot (intactile DESIGN) with the support of Jean‑Luc Vinot (ENAC). Prior research by Jean‑Luc Vinot (DGAC/DSNA) and Sylvie Athènes (Université de Toulouse III).

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This is an awesome colorful CSS font. Each character is a single element with a class of CSSans:CHAR and each individual word goes inside a .cssans__word container. This will make sure all text is being spaced properly. You can customize the colors, weight, size and any other CSS related variable to meet your needs. Created by Andronache Izabela and Codrin Pavel.

Grafier is a serif typeface with a variable format and OpenType stylistic alternatives that brings contemporary aesthetics to classic design. It comes in 5 weights from regular to black, and two optical sizes for text and display. Designed and shared at Behance by Alex Slobzheninov, free for personal use only.

Bodoni is a recognizably elegant and refined font family. Its design consists of letterforms with higher contrast between thick and thin strokes with crisp horizontal serifs. This typeface includes a whopping 56 font files, ensuring you will have the perfect Bodoni for both display and reading purposes. Recreated by indestructible type*.

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Handjet is a font family conformed by eleven elemental shapes, and each shape available in nine weights. All of these shape dynamics works within a single variable font, allowing users to interpolate between the shapes and produce custom variations. In total, you have one variable font and 198 single-style fonts with support for pan-European Latin, Greek and Cyrillic languages. Designed and shared by David Březina.

This is a simple geometric sans-serif font with an ultra-light structure. It comes with support for Eastern European languages, Vietnamese accented characters, Russian Cyrillic and Thai languages. YP Light works mainly for general branding purposes like logotype designs or signatures. Designed by Roland Hüse.

A modern uni-width sans serif whose individual character widths are constant across all weights. It has four styles (light, regular, medium and bold), and it's intended for screen reading, interfaces, websites, as well as wayfinding systems. It includes support for Latin Extended and Cyrillic, different sets of figures and currency signs, fractions and indices. Designed by Vitaly Kuzmin and released by Paratype.

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Soulcraft is a variable font designed with the idea of emulating vernacular lettering. Since it is a variable font, the user is able to change the width and slant of each individual character without relying on pre-defined font weights, and giving an energetic, unapologetic and dynamic feeling to the compositions made with the font. Designed by Erick Donate, Jean Wojciechowski, and Marcelo de Costa from Massimo Studio.

A font and pattern graphics resources with an attractive neon colorful style, available in PSD format. It will help you add some aesthetic yet modern look on your design, very eye-catchy and easy to use. It is perfect for social media post, printable card, poster, and advertising. Designed and shared at Behance by Aga Magdziak and Creative Tacos, free for Personal and Commercial use.

A variable typeface family of 10 condensed fonts including sans-serif of geometric construction and neo-Gothic style with short descenders and a humanistic finish in the curves to evoke a feeling of warmth and personality. The typography has 787 glyphs with uppercase and lowercase characters, advanced OpenType functions, several number games and the Bitcoin symbol. Created and shared at GitHub by deFharo (defharo), licensed under the SIL Open Font License.

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A retro-inspired typeface with a combination of hand lettering style. Every curve is made with a personal touch and has a very bouncy baseline making it ideal for logos, handwritten quotes, product packaging, header, poster, merchandise, social media and greeting cards. Designed by Identitype and shared at Behance by Pixel Surplus.

A clean, bold sans serif typeface best suited for presentations, posters, text, fashion, logos, branding, magazines, logos, and any other business related. It contains uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, and some multilingual characters. Designed and shared at Behance by Ahsancomp Studio, free for personal and commercial use.

Animosa is a clean modern sans serif typeface that features tons of unique characters. This font includes support for over 93 languages, 508 glyphs, and is available in 5 weights, extra light, light, regular, bold and extra bold. Designed by Stefano Giliberti, free for personal and commercial use.

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A display typeface crafted around a geometric grid and symmetric striped details. The font contains only uppercase characters (All-Caps) but can be mixed and perfectly paired with many fonts especially classic ones like Arial, Myriad Pro, and Helvetica. You can use Inverse in posters, headings, logo design, branding, and general colorful projects. Created and shared by Unblast at Behance.

A clean and condensed display font with a stylishly thin design structure. The font has three variations, regular, bold, and monoline; each with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters. This typeface works for logos, posters, web designs, magazine packaging and any design with the need for strong and bold feels. Designed and shared at Behance by Ahsancomp Studio, free for personal use.

Bobby Jones is an irregular display font oozing with personality. The font contains all-caps characters with soft and rough styles and outline variations for each style. It can be used for ad campaigns, logo designs, apparel, printed stationeries, and more! Designed by Behance user Tom Chalky for Pixel Surplus, free for personal use only.

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Anson is a sans-serif typeface with a bold geometrical style. It includes numbers, uppercase and lowercase characters variations with a strong versatile design made from geometric objects that works specially well for logos and general branding. Designed by Hanson Method, free for Personal and Commercial use.

A typeface based on the historical eye charts and optotypes used by opticians worldwide. The LogMAR chart consists of 10 letters and was developed at the National Vision Research Institute of Australia. Optician Sans is based on the same visual principles as the LogMAR chart, adjusted to be used as a fully functional display typeface. Designed by ANTI Hamar and typographer Fábio Duarte Martins.

Borsok is a round bold typeface with full cyrillic support. It is an All-caps font with lots of diacritics, numbers and special characters. It has an excellent visual representation that works well with quotes, headings, blogs, logos, t-shirts, invitations and all kinds of display purposes. Designed by Behance user Dastan Miraj.

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An inky brush script font that has a traditional vibe with its imperfect handwriting. It contains extra alternate letters and several ligatures to make your designs look even more naturally handwritten. Designed by Behance user Nasir Udin, free for personal and commercial purposes.