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A beautiful infinite animation for your loading processes that will make the wait less tedious. Created by Codepen user Aaron Iker

A cool CSS neon sign effect created purely on CSS. Created by Codepen user Ananya Neogi

A versatile animation that will clearly outline the download processes for your websites and development projects. Created by Codepen user Aaron Iker

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Control the areas where colors blend only and the strength of the dithering affecting the noise image. Created by Codepen user David J. Aldred

A parallax effect inspired on the showtime.com website effect. Created by Codepen user Ali Klein

An animated indicator that will be a great addition for your website's menus. Created by Codepen user Mert Cukuren

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A cool glitch effect that you can use over all your images and even videos on your website to create amazing headers with that modern cyberpunk style

A recreation of a drag out pen including an electric guitar for product displaying and tour. Created by Codepen user Jamie Coulter

A revision of the useful CSS grid style guide, made by Codepen user Olivia NG, following the principle of Brad Frost's "Atomic Design".

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An easy switching function based on SASS for generate a Dark/Light selection for your site's UI. Created by Codepen user Kaio Rocha

A ready-to-use functional grid menu template based on CSS. Created by Codepen user Simon

A cool displacement effect for your SVG images that will apply with the scrolling interaction of the user. Created by Codepen user Mert Cukuren

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A nice sample of a Vue sliding interaction for UI. Created by Codepen user Henry Desroches, inspired by a Dribbble shot.

A cool scrolling animation for your website images or photo-slides based on a lateral out-of-plane movement, created on CSS by Codepen user ImGonzalves

This is a circular image transition made by David Khourshid and Stephen Shaw, using CSS masks, some fancy text effects and mouse position tracking with CSS variables.

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This a navigable information card created using mostly pure CSS and Splitting.js for dividing words and characters. Created by Codepen user Adam Kuhn

This is a comprehensive set of weather icons with a bold line style based on SVG's and animated using CSS, preprocessed with Sass. They're looped animations and will bring interactiveness to your weather-related projects. Created by Codepen user, Kasper De Bruyne.

An animated CSS switch animation inspired on a Dribbble motion study case, made by Aaron Iker

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A Dribbble moving gallery study recreation made by Jacob Foster

A cool CSS slider made with Splitting.js and lots of checkbox & radio button hacks by Adam Kuhn

An emulation of double-exposure photographic technique using canvas blend modes. Double exposure combines 2 different images into a single image.

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Made by Mikael Ainalem, using clip-path times two to make an irregular shaped object filling out a cut-out shape in an unfold open menu effect.

Find 30 different ways to recreate a grid layout with the same markup using CSS flex-box

A collection of trendy CSS gradients that you can use for your projects. Created by Tamino Martinius.

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An amazing paper bird 3D-like flying animation, made entirely using CSS coding. Created by Yusuke Nakaya.