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In this manual you'll learn how to deploy a Javascript/Node.JS application on Heroku cloud platform service (PaaS). Heroku supports many programming languages: Python, PHP, Java, Javascript (Node.js), Clojure and Scala.

A complete book to give to from beginner to advanced in the world of react-based native animations. Published by CodeDaily.

An online learning text created by Nicholas Johnson, that will help you as a beginner on JavaScript language and also as a ninja coder to update your knowledge also on jQuery processes.

High-resolution & easy video exportation, with predefined timelines, in this pack of 100 Animated Photos & Videos, regularly priced $19, only $9 for a limited time.

iOS Succinctly is a full guide for developers of iPhone and iPad apps. Created By Ryan Hodson. Go from creating a simple, single page to managing assets in a complex, multi-scene application

A complete guide and tutorial for web developers using the Ruby programming language. Features a vast set of tricks and experiences beyond the usage of Rails on Ruby.

A friendly online book and walk-through tutorial created by Internet Is Hard, intended for teaching complete beginners in the most important topics of HTML, CSS & Web Development.

1059 UHD Backgrounds & Textures, Only $19! Ai & EPS Vector Formats, Transparent PNGs. Ultra HD Resolutions!

Find on this professional walk-through all the basic documentation for the creation of a simple blog application. You'll be able to get and install CakePHP, create and configure a database, and create enough application logic to list, add, edit, and delete blog posts

A complete throughout simple and concise guide that will help beginners and advance users inside the version 5x of the Laravel framework. Written by Dayle Rees.

A complete selection with 1000+ pages of the most important and frequent topics for developers and programmers that want to enforce and learn new tricks for all the basic components of the Android operative system.

6300+ Material Design Icons, Only $14! Vector Files Ai & SVG, Extended License, 24+ Industries From Web Design Icons to Medical, Education, & Multimedia Icons.

Start disclosing thousands of possibilities with SVG language using this professional guide, meant to provide a quick but thorough introduction to building SVG inline. The ideal amount of knowledge to getting started.

Find in this useful online learning resource all the basis for the CSS fundamentals that are used in any website's layout. Written by Greg Smith and designed by Isaac Durazo

Start now building your NodeJS projects with this complete guide. Created by Gitbook user Another UI Guy, this book aims to provide the sufficient learning needed to get a good foundation using this JavaScript run-time environment

400+ Components e-Commerce UI Kit, Only $14! Award Winning UI Kit In Sketch File Format, 180 Web Gradients, 250+ Icons, Extended License.

Laravel Best Practices is a living repository of tools and methodologies to put on practice on the Laravel framework, a useful guide for beginners and also advanced developers. The contents are continuously updated with more helpful information and examples as they become available.

A complete selection with 400+ pages of the most important and frequent topics for developers and programmers that want to enforce and learn new tricks for all the basic components of the JavaScript language.

PHP The Right Way is a trustable guide to PHP best practices, coding standards, and tutorials. No matter your level of knowledge on the PHP language, with this large collection of topics you'll always learn something new. Compiled and developed by Phil Sturgeon and Josh Lockhart

47 Creative CV Templates, Only $12! Vector Ai, PSD, & InDesign Files, Neat & Organized Layers, Modern Styles From Corporate to Artistic Designs.

An useful learning resource for NodeJS users that will guide you through the basics of Node.js, including topics like non-blocking I/O, the event loop, modules, and the Node.js runtime environment. Developed by Emanuele DelBono

A complete selection with 100+ pages of the most important and frequent topics for developers and programmers that want to enforce and learn new tricks for all the basic components of the HTML5 language.

This is a book that gives you a solid introduction to animating using CSS, combining theory with practical lessons. You will learn how, and why to use animation on your web pages and hopefully be inspired to try it on your own projects. Created and shared at GitHub by CSS Animation and Donovan Hutchinson, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

1840+ Massive Vector Engraving Style Illustrations Pack, 24 Categories, Ai & EPS Vector Formats, PNGs With Transparent Backgrounds. Perfect for making logos and branding projects, stationery, apparel design, and much more! Only $29!

This Javascript book series consists of five books, each of which explores a key aspect of JavaScript development comprehensively. Created by Nicolás Bevacqua and licensed under Creative Commons.

This is a guide for those who want to learn about web development. It outlines the practice of front-end engineering, how to approach it and what tools are used when practising it in 2018. It's also useful to gain insights into the practice of front-end development. This guide is written by Cody Lindley, a front-end/JavaScript developer and recovering Flash developer with over 20 years of experience in the field.

A Non-Designer's Guide to Creating Visually Captivating Presentations is a book that will raise your awareness on how to prepare and build fantastic and practical presentations. It walks you through a set of visual examples with case studies and cheat sheets for practical design. In general, this book comprehends the means to visually make the audience care for the content of your presentations.

Ultimate Tech Training Bundle: Lifetime Subscription for $19! 800+ Courses to learn Programming, Web Development, Software Testing, Mobile Apps, Networking, e-Commerce, Design, Data, IT Certifications, and much more! (98% Off)

The need to optimise our sites and apps for performance has become more important than ever. In this free e-book front-end developers, engineers, and web performance advocates explain just why performance matters how to convince your clients and how to improve the performance of your sites.

If you get it right, typography can be incredibly powerful. Take the mystery out of font selection with this step by step guide from Google Fonts!

We ve compiled insights from O Reilly authors editors and speakers so you can dive deep into the latest in technology and business.

856+ Massive Vector Wireframe Templates Bundle + Extended License, $775 Worth of Assets for Only $24USD (97% Off)

Spawned from a series of discussions online about whether School is better than Self Teaching and vice versa, and a lack of resources online dealing with the fundamentals of Design Theory, Reddit user Quanticus compiled this awesome eBook containing concepts that are meant to be building blocks to help aspiring designers assess what they're creating and learning how to think about design, instead of providing set-on-stone rules to follow. Big ups to Quanticus for writing this awesome resource!