1290+ Professional Art Brushes Megabundle. Long, Medium & Short Length

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Awesome Illustrations & Compositions

Give your illustrations & designs a stunning touch with this collection featuring 1290+ unique & authentic art brushes for Adobe Illustrator. You’ll get hand-crafted brushes created using acrylic paint, several different brush types and sizes, drawn with a wide range of calligraphy pens, markers, Conté pencils and sticks, on a variety of textured papers, scanned at 600 dpi, meticulously refined in Photoshop and then carefully vectorized in Illustrator. Every segment of every brush was aligned and rotated to a perfect center axis, so each brush will start exactly where you start it, end exactly where you end it, and follow every anchor point in-between. The results are a vector brush pack optimized for a perfect balance of speed, precision and quality.

Because most illustrations are made up of a wide variety of different path lengths, the pack brings you brushes divided into four different types to help minimize distortion of the brush textures. Want more details? Check out the features and previews below!



This Bundle Contains:

  • 1298 Brushes For Adobe Illustrator.
  • 5 Art Brush Styles: Conté Pencils & Sticks, Acrylic Dry Brushes, Watercolor Brushes, Marker Brushes, and Calligraphy Pens.
  • 4 non-repeating art brush types to minimize stretching, compression and distortion:
  • 250 Long Length Art Brushes for use on long paths.
  • 273 Medium Length Art Brushes for use on medium length paths.
  • 579 Short Length Art Brushes for use on short paths.
  • 196 Pattern Brushes for use on long or short paths.
  • 80 Vector Splatters


Styles & Previews:


Dry Brushes


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Conté Pencils & Sticks


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Watercolor Brushes


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Gnarly Brushes, Vol. 1


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Gnarly Brushes, Vol. 2


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Gonzo Brushes


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