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175 recommended Google+ users to follow

During the short existence of Google Plus, we have noticed that anyone can become a relevant user, not because of the amount of followers they have, but because of the quality of the content they posted. Today we wanted to present you the users we consider might help you get inspired and those from whom you’ll learn something. They were carefully selected not because the number of followers , not because they are cool or because they are celebrities. We think all of these people create excellent pieces of art in all of their fields, so we were sure to check the content they posted and their respective websites, blogs and portfolios, and we think their contributions are awesome. Here are the best Google Plus users in every field in categories like illustration, painting, sculpting, general design, blogging, writing and others, acknowledging that there are many more users who are also great and post awesome content. So if you know another one who posts great content in these categories feel free to share their profiles with us in the comments and of course, don’t forget to add them to your circles.

Featured Recommendations


Alireza Yavari is the creative director and UX designer at DesignStudio23, in New York, Founder of www.RecommendedUsers.com, a great source to find interesting people to follow on Google+. His website features a lot of relevant personalities, with many of them in this list. The website is an inspiration to us, so we wanted to make a tribute to it.


Juan Pablo Sarmiento is the founder and main editor of IconShock, one of the largest icon companies in the world, WebDesignShock :) and ThemeShock, a great source for free WordPress templates and freebies. This is our collective Google+ account, there you will find useful resources for designers and web professionals…. we spend about 2 hours daily collecting nice tools, freebies, and resources to be featured in our Google+ account.



Description: I’m a freelance graphic, web designer, and illustrator. I’m spending lots of time for research for my clients, but mostly for myself, because of my passions about Art, Design, History and International Culture.


Description: Illustrator, Cartoonist.

WebDesignShock’s Note: Posts great illustrations from himself and other artists, most of them are not personal related posts.


Description: Founding member of the Plustastic Artist’s Collective. You can buy custom artwork from me and the other members of the Plustastic Crew at plustastic.

WebDesignShock’s Note: Posts illustrations, videos and art related links. Is a regular user because of the frequency of the posts.


Description: Graphic Artist, Illustrator, Translator

WebDesignShock Note: Posts great illustrations and some videos. Is a regular user.


Description: Rui Ricardo is an illustrator from Porto, Portugal, where he lives and works.


Description: Freelance Illustrator

WebDesignShock’s Note: Is not that regular user, but tends to share sets of illustrations.


Description: Illustrator since 1994

WebDesignShock’s Note: Posts sets and single illustrations from himself. Is a regular user.


Description: Concept Art and Illustration.

WebDesignShock’s Note: Posts great illustrations and is a regular user.


Description: Concept Artist

WebDesignShock’s Note: Posts good content but not that regularly.


Description: Illustrator and designer, posts mostly in English, with an occasional post in French.


Description: Illustrator

WebDesignShock’s Note: Brett Is a regular user, the illustrations shared are his creations.


Description: I’m a fantasy & sci-fi illustrator & concept artist. I’m available for freelance or full time work.


Description: Illustrator, posts mostly in English, French and Italian


Description: Illustrator, Designer, Artist, DJ, Musician, Father, Husband and semi-cool dude.


Description: Artist

WebDesignShock’s Note: Posts great pieces of art about women. She is a regular user.


Description: Artist

WebDesignShock’s Note: Great and recurrent illustrations, some cases shares personal stuff.


Description: Illustrator and graphic designer.


Description: Illustrator and Painter


Description: Illustrator and Designer


Description: Glenn Arthur is a self taught visual artist from Orange County, California. Born in February of 1979, he grew up in a conservative, religious household with little to no influence in art. After shedding his roots he quickly realized that creating art would be his calling. Although he constantly doodled and sketched throughout his youth, Glenn did not come into painting until later in life when a friend forced a paintbrush into his hand and said, “You need to do this!”


Description: Illustrator and graphic novels’ creator


Description: The purpose of my work is to connect to the cultural heritage that I have been disconnected from through imperialism and cultural assimilation.


Description: I’m a digital artist freelancer working remotely from my home studio in the south of France, Toulouse.


Description: Professional illustrator, concept artist and comic storyteller.


Description: Ronald is the Founder and editor of www.naldzgraphics.net, a design blog with tons of design resources & tutorials.


Description: Rosalys is a French author & illustrator. Her creations are the result of many influences, of her admiration for Western painting and of her passion for Japanese pop culture. She expresses herself by various media – artbook, children’s book, comic book, poster, exhibition – and always puts in the spotlight femininity and beauty.


Description: I paint aliens in boxes, an illustration every now and then, and make artwork for 60 Minutes.


Description: Artist, Illustrator & Designer


Description: Kelly McKernan is a Neo-Art Nouveau artist and illustrator based in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a 2009 graduate of Kennesaw State University where she obtained her BFA with a concentration in drawing and painting. Over the last few years, she has been exhibiting her work locally with galleries such as Beep Beep Gallery, Young Blood Gallery, and MINT Gallery, as well as nationally with the likes of Thinkspace Gallery and Nucleus Gallery in Los Angeles as well as at the prestigious Art Basel Miami. Kelly’s work has been printed in numerous publications and she has also illustrated three published children’s books to date. She currently resides in Marietta, Georgia with her husband, Reed Cavanah.


Description: I like art, great designs and beautiful, awesome pictures


Description: Illustrator


Description: Oh, hey! I didn’t see you there. I’m Dave, the artist, co-creator and co-writer of the epic webcomic The Guns of Shadow Valley, which was nominated for Best Digital Comic in the 2010 Eisner Awards and just nominated for Best Online Work in the 2011 Harvey Awards. gunsofshadowvalley.com



Description: Art Director & Gallerist, I enjoy people with a photographic eye with a propensity for clear graphical structure without losing sight for the contrast between chaos and order…. and I’m fascinated by Czech glass art since I can remember…


Description: I make hybrid creatures out of brass and bone.


Description: I make things. These things include my webcomic (Marlowe the Monster), large installation art projects, and occasionally, cookies out of premade Toll House dough.


Description: I’m a contemporary artist who works with several kinds of clay & acrylic paint to create post cubism, abstract, and visionary realistic sculptures & paintings.  Born in Kansas in 1970 to sculptor Cathie Cordova, I was inspired by my mother to become an artist too.  As a child I won several art awards in local and regional art shows in the Midwest and on the East Coast.  During grade school my work continued to evolve from traditional forms of sculpture and drawing to FX movie monster busts and then to visionary realism towards the latter half of college. After leaving college I continued working in visionary realism but with each new piece I created, more abstraction came to the surface. At the time I wasn’t sure what style of art I was working in.  For awhile I thought it was abstract with a dose of surrealism.  Eventually after another 5 years my work took on the post cubist or what some think of as a Mayan style of carving. For me its a language expressed through lines, form, and symbolism.


Description: Mark Castator is a full time artist and sculptor based in Boulder, Colorado.   He is currently showing his work in Santa Fe at Winterowd Fine Art and Walker Fine Art in Denver.  He was  recently included in the art book Colorado Abstract: Painting and Sculpture for his graceful works in metal.


Description: Solopreneur · Artist · Maker · Creative · Educator · Fascinated by the design process & passionate about helping makers, artists & creatives turn ideas into great designs & products to build their business. I also make unique largescale functional silver tableware.



Description: Painter, posts content in French and English 50-50


Description: Illustrator & Concept artist


Description: Illustrator and artist Michael Fleming has been making fun artwork on various surfaces since the age of 3. He lives on the mysterious island of Alameda with his wife, two cats, and two Boston terriers.


Description: Painter


Description: I paint and create things. I create the comic ‘Patches’  for added silliness. I have a day job and work from home making sims(photo-simulations). Posts personal stuff with some regularity, but most of her posts are works.


Description: Thierry Lafontaine is the Senior Artist at Imaginism Studios.


Description: Kevin Ledo is a painter.


Description: Freelance airbrush artist specializing in Body Painting. All bodypaintings by Roustan. All photography by Roustan, unless otherwise listed.


Description: My name is  Mikko Tyllinen. AKA Mishelangello which is my username at several of my online portfolios and sites I’m a member of.


Description: Visual Artist & Illustrator.


Description: He’s a concept artist since 2009.


Description: Canadian artist illustrator, eccentric and maker of many a useless thing. I paint mainly in watercolors with a folk-ish fairytale Victorian-esque style. I sometimes dabble in making puppets, jewelry, kokoshniks and dolls of little woodland creatures wearing their winter jackets ;)  I have also been known to write terrible limericks and dreadful prose. Currently residing in Victoria BC Canada, with several naughty cats, a lovely child who wishes to be feral and a man who covets castles without roofs.


Description: She’s a painter,


Description: I have been going into the wilderness for the past 20 years to witness the landscape by painting and drawing what it is like to be there in mind and body. I commit to this venture so long as I am able. This is my beacon, the measure against which all the rest of my art must stand. When I’m out in the landscape I wait until the land seems to move; to come alive.


Description: Participant in life & spectator of human nature, optimist with a soft dose of skepticism, workaholic, devoted friend.

Digital Artists


Description: Concept artist/illustrator attending the Safehouse Atelier in San Francisco by day, continuing to freelance on the evenings and weekends.


Description: Artist, Teacher, Entrepreneur, Freedom Fighter


Description: I’m a freelance artist based in the south-west of the UK


Description: Bastien Lecouffe Deharme, aka “B.” is a french artist living in the United States. For him, writing and creating pictures are not dissociable activities. Thus he builds Retrocity, inspired by his references: the classics of science fiction, mixed with a healthy dose of “romans noirs” (Thrillers), movies and music.


Description: She was born in Quito, Ecuador, october 4th. Since she was a girl she’s been painting, playing with images, words, shapes and colors. She post in english and in spanish in the same proportion.


Description: Designer, paper engineer, illustrator & blogger.


Description: Illustrator, digital artist


Description: My name is Rodney Pike. Most in the art world who know me, know me as rwpike, which is my username at several of my online portfolios and sites I’m a member of. I am from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My work is a bit different than your average photo manipulator. I do all sorts of photo manipulation but photo-manipulated caricatures; political satire and caricature illustration is really where I’m at right now. I specialize in photo-manipulated caricatured illustrations perfect for magazines, books, posters etc. I also do caricature portraits. I have done and am accepting commissions. My clients include companies such as FHM Magazine, Tennis Magazine, Bauer Media and Miller Publishing Group. I am a member of the ISCA and NAPP. Check out my about.me web page. Posts personal stuff occasionally, but mostly work


Description: My name is Giovanny, I’m a student, moving forward to become a great artist. I’m here to find and know new people. I love art so much, so I will try to use G+ to find new artist all the way around, that’s my priority. So nice to meet you all, see you around. Concept art, 3d, illustration, sculpting, CG Artist in general.


Description: I am a graphic designer and photographer from Denmark but most of all I am an old guy who never grew up. Graphic designer and Photographer.


Description: Creative Digital Media Artist, founder of TinyGrab and Pitchie Ltd, TechCrunch TV Producer. 21 years young.



Description: I’m lucky enough to be the Co-Owner/ Manager of Jordana Wright Photography.  I also work extensively as a Professional Lighting Designer, Special Effects Designer, and Production / Event Consultant.  Currently designing another season of touring events at the Doudna Fine Arts Center on the campus of Eastern Illinois University.


Description: I am an architect who has establish a considerable reputation as an expert in the design, construction and restoration of diver’s masonry structures to luxury interior design. this reputation is not based upon publications or lectures, rather upon extensive design and construction, a rare phenomenon today.


Description: I like to create things and stuff… I try my best to balance a life of adventure, travel, photography, family, and chocolate. I suppose I’m generally known as the travel photographer that started http://www.StuckInCustoms.com. Every day I share a new photo, talk about the adventure, and also help teach people how to take better photos.


Description: Photographer/Graphic Designer/Artist


Description: Photgraphic, Interactive, Animation, Branding, Graphic, Print, Web


Description: Finnish industrial designer in Japan.


Description: Commercial photographer and studio lighting guru


Description: Photographer and photography teacher


Description: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I see it everywhere and in everything. Most of my work is personal but I hope it resonates with you on some level.


Description: Street Photographer & World Traveler, have writen 2 street photography eBook and published them for free…


Description: I started shooting about three of years ago. Photography is a source of inspiration that allows me to reveal the relationship between the outside world, people, forms, colors, structures, illusions and clichés and the inside world – dreams, thoughts, emotions, desires and wishes. Photography allows me to express self mental and emotional stimulation mixed with idea and vision and shape it into an art form.


Description: I specialize in portraits, events, interiors, architecture, press, editorial and street photography. See my portfolio: Dariusz.Majgier.pl


Description: I am a photographer live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Selling stocks, conduct workshop and mentoring photography tour.


Description: I love black and white photography.  In 1999, at a time when it seemed highly improbable to make a living selling photography on the web, I opened my New York City black and white photography store.


Description: I am a photographer and I shoot anything but I find capturing moments on the streets more interesting.


Description: A street photographer at heart, greatly inspired by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Walker Evans, Lisette Model, Jules Aarons, Garry Winogrand, Diane Arbus and many others.


Description: Apple, Android, Nikon, Lightroom, NIK. On G+ since July 8, 2011. www.leannestaples.com Co-founder of Shoot the Street with +Joshua Evan Powell.


Description: Photographer | Architect


Description: Vivienne Gucwa is a photographer, writer and native New Yorker. She firmly believes that there is a tremendous amount of beauty and diversity to be found in the landscapes and cityscapes of New York City and her goal is to share that beauty and diversity with the rest of the world.


Description: I am a Seascape photographer based on the south coast of NSW, Australia. Seascapes are my favourite photographic subject. I’ve always been blessed enough to live near the coast and the oceans ever changing wild beauty continues to draw me back time and time again.


Description: Currently working at Adventure Sports in Santa Cruz, California as well as running a photography business.


Description: Photographer, Guide, Lecturer, Adventurer, At age 27 this full time photographer specialises in wildlife landscape and commercial photography.


Description: I have been a naturalist ever since my earliest memory. For almost two decades, I have made my home in the American West, which I believe to be one of the greatest natural treasures of this world. Its sublime vistas, rich history and amazing diversity provide me with an infinite source of inspiration. Yet, it has also been my misfortune to see much of the West fall victim to political shortsightedness and greed. I have made it part of my life’s mission to discover and share its hidden beauty.


Description: I’m Philippe Sainte-Laudy, I live near Strasbourg in France. My goal in the world of photography is to strive for originality, and create my images into an artform. Photographer by passion for years, I have my own little business today.


Description: Alaska based professional outdoor photographer Ron Niebrugge


Description: Fine Art Landscape & Nature Photographer,


Description: I work at Google as an Android Software Engineer, primarily focusing on anything graphics and animations related. When I have some spare time, I love taking photos. Nothing makes me happier than hitting the road with my camera!


Description: I love capturing life, love & beauty through a lens… I just moved to NYC. I am a former Canadian figure skater with a Masters degree in Linguistics who is passionate about photography, technology and developing amazing iPhone apps like Camera+.


Description: I am an underwater photographer based in The Bahamas.


Description: Works at Milesholden photography since 1993


Description: I’m a professional photographer since I turned 16. I did public live slideshows in Europe for over 15 years, having up to 120000 visitors per year.


Description: I work at Charles University in Prague. Essential part of my work consists in science microphotography which I do with passion. In my “free time”, I work as a professional landscape photographer and try to travel for photography as much as possible.

Web Design


Description: Senior User Experience Designer near Minneapolis, MN with 15 years experience in creative Web and Graphic Design for desktop, web and mobile applications with an emphasis on usability, accessibility and web standards.


Description: I am graphic and web designer from Brazil but currently living in San Francisco. I work as Senior Designer at Google in Mountain View and love to bike and run in San Francisco. In December 2006 I started a blog called Abduzeedo, the idea was share my experimentations and record my abduction by the world of design, which set the theme for the blog.


Description: Dave Shea is the creator of the CSS Zen Garden, founder of Bright Creative, and a former co-organizer of Web Directions North. He blogs sometimes at Mezzoblue and Flickrs a bit more often than that.


Description: Co-founder of Silverorange in 1999, Creative Director at Digg from 2005 to 2009, Director of Design at Tiny Speck from 2009 to 2011 and Co-founder of Milk Inc in 2011.


Description: Mike Rohde is a designer, user experience designer, Sketchnote Guy and blogger, working and living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have a passion for simple, effective and usable design and for sharing my experiences with others.

Description: Vitaly Friedman loves beautiful content and doesn’t like to give in easily. Vitaly is writer, speaker, author and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, an online magazine dedicated to professional designers and developers.

Description: I am the founder and editor of Speckyboy Design Magazine and CodeVisually. I have many years experience within the web design industry and have a passion for the latest web technologies, current design trends, and love fresh tools and resources. I am based in the beautiful small town of Inverness in the north of Scotland.


Description: Graphic Designer and Partner at Go Media. I’m founder of Weapons of Mass Creation. I’m a happy husband, aspiring b-boy, and a film lover. Artist, designer, entrepreneur.


Description: Mayhem Studios is a small award-winning design firm located in Los Angeles, California, developing identity and brand recognition for the business sector across the nation. The successful Studio is run by principal & creative director Calvin Lee.


Description: Graphic Designer, Logo Designer, Web Designer, Blogger, Creative Thinker, Social Media Nut, Freelancer & Link Sharer.


Description: I’m a designer, writer, and speaker who loves all things web.


Description: Graham Smith – runs imjustcreative; a logo and brand identity design studio with over 23 years experience in: logo and graphic design, advertising, marketing, commercial print and reprographics.

Web Developing


Description: I’m the head of the webspam team at Google. That means that if you type your name into Google and get porn back, it’s my fault. Unless you’re a porn star, in which case porn is a completely reasonable response.


Description: I’m a coder and blogger based in San Diego, California by way of Brooklyn, New York. Currently I lead development on ThinkUp, an open source social media insights engine the White House uses. I blog at Smarterware, co-host This Week in Google, and made atodo list app for the command line and Android.


Description: Owner of MGImedia, Speaker at The Lavin Agency, TV Host at CTV, Podcaster at TWiT & Blogger at Globe & Mail, Fast Company and Yahoo!)


Description: Currently working at SurveyMonkey


Description: Loic Le Meur is the founder & CEO of Seesmic and LeWeb conference.



Description: Matt Mullenweg is the Co-founder of WordPress, good links and photographies


Description: I’m an online marketeer & web developer with an addiction to WordPress, social media adept and blogger. I evangelize the use of open source products, try to find new methods to promote sites in search and like having fun with my family!


Description: Starbucks addict. Sarah McLachlan fan. Nomad Theorist. Lover of WordPress. Founder of StudioPress. Partner and Chief Product Officer at Copyblogger Media.


Description: Developer, Designer, Writer at WordPress


Description: WordPress core contributor


Description: I like to say that I’m an accidental web designer.Once upon a time, I was a new wife and mom with a healthy appetite for technology and design. One day, my father suggested I build a website for his 3d design business. I guess he saw the potential of taming my obsession with the internet and molding it into something useful, but I never dreamed it would turn out to be such a huge part of my life. Web Designer, WordPress Developer


Description: WordPress Core Developer


Description: Lisa Sabin-Wilson is the founder of E.Webscapes Design Studio (founded in 2000), a blog and web site design and development company specializing in premium WordPress themes, made to order to your specifications. She has designed and developed over 1,000 personal and professional WordPress web sites.  Lisa is also the co-founder, and Creative Director, of Allure Themes – a commercial WordPress theme provider with an emphasis on themes designed for women.


Description: I’m a front-end web designer & developer based in Cambridgeshire, England.


Description: WordPress ninja, Python junkie, Twitter addict. Poke me if you need anything done in the web.


Description: Blogging, WordPress, and User Experience expert, speaker, trainer, photographer, and world traveler. Author of “Blogging Tips: What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging” and “Social Web for Crafters.” She is also author and host of Lorelle on WordPress, Bitwire Media, The WordCast Network, WordCast Podcast, Taking Your Camera on the Road, Stories of Our Journeys, and more. Blogging since 1993 and on the web since way before.


Description: Director at Sindex Systems Inc. since 2004


Description: WordPress stuff, quilting, homeschooling. Rural New Brunswick


Description: I’m a Developer / Consultant and enjoy helping others push the limits of WordPress. I’m also a Musician in some of my spare time and play the Baritone Ukulele.


Description: Geek, hockey nut, Kiwi, WordPress developer.


Description: I’m a digital creative professional living and working in Seattle Washington. For the most part you will find me designing & developing projects for WordPress such as Press75.com, ThemeGarden.com and SimpleThe.me which is coming soon.


Description: Web Application Developer. Mobile Application Developer. Biker. Hiker. All around Outdoor Enthusiast and IT Guy.


Description: Web and Graphic Designer, Blogger & Writter

Description: Showcasing Web Treats without Hitch, Aidan Huang works as a web designer and in web development at Onextrapixel.


Description: Blogging was a medium that Darren Rowse stumbled upon by accident in 2002 as he was researching a new project – little did he know that just 18 months later he’d be one of the world’s first professional bloggers making a living from it.

Description: I am the editor of Psdtuts, the world’s most popular Photoshop tutorial website. I am also the founder of Colorburned, an author, and designer.

Description: Founder of Hongkiat.com – One of the most popular design and technology weblog with more than 5 million pageviews monthly.

Description: Designer, Blogger, Thinker, Illustrator, Cook, Photographer, Mum, Nerd, Foodie, Leo, Go Getter!!


Description: Author of Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions and former chief evangelist of Apple. I publish approximately ten-twenty posts per day. My posts are numbered so that you can tell if you’ve missed any during the day. Each night at midnight Pacific time, I reset to 0.


Description: Editor in Chief of Mashable, tech expert,social media commentator, cartoonist + robot fan.


Description: Executive Editor and host at CNET/CBS Interactive, link on CNET, mostly videos


Description: Writer for TechCrunch, former ReadWriteWeb. Obsessed with mobile. posts 50-50 personal stuff (mostly related to mobiles) & work related stuff. She provides so far, TechCrunch links only.


Description: Works at The Oatmeal, posts good contents related to web development.


Description: Richard MacManus is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief ofReadWriteWeb, one of the most popular technology blogs in the world. ReadWriteWeb provides analysis of Web products and trends to an intelligent audience of engaged technology decision makers, Web enthusiasts and innovators.


Description: Founder & Director of Dashes.com


Description: I’m a technology strategist. Yes, I’ll work with you. Posts good links and videos


Description: I am an appellate, intellectual property, and technology lawyer, a blogger and columnist, and a podcast host. I practice appellate and technology law, primarily on a consulting basis. I have more fun than should be allowed hosting this WEEK in LAW and writing columns for The American Lawyer — both gigs that came my way due to the good graces and endorsements of folks I met online. Blogs I write or have written include Bag and Baggage, Lawgarithms (CBS Interactive/ZDNet),Between Lawyers (Corante), and The Industry Standard.


Description: Founded zeldman.com (1995), A List Apart Magazine “for people who make websites” (1998), Happy Cog design studio (1999). Cofounded The Web Standards Project (1998), An Event Apart(2005) – the design conference for people who make websites, A Book Apart (2010). Author, Designing With Web Standards, 3rd Edition and other works. Co-star (with Dan Benjamin), “The Big Web Show” weekly video podcast. Occasionally posts personal stuff.


Description: Director, MIT Media Lab, he is also a board member at Mozilla Foundation, Global Voices, WITNESS and is the president of Creative Commons.


Description: Lee Odden is the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing a digital marketing and public relations firm specializing in strategic internet marketing consulting, training and implementation services. TopRank provides a holistic mix of online marketing expertise including: search engine and social media marketing, business blog consulting and online public relations.


Description: Om Malik is the Founder of GigaOM, a tech news, analysis and trends blog. posts content related to de website.


Description: I’m now working at Rackspace to build a new community of people fanatical about tech startups called building43 at http://www.building43.com. You’ll also see my videos onhttp://youtube.com/scobleizer but the best place to watch me now is on Google+, on Twitter or on my blog.


Description: Co-Founder/Editor- PlusWeeekly, Founder- ytSwift, Consultant-Accentur. Tech Blogger, Consultant, Web Developer, Entrepreneur.


Description: Founder of deliciousdays, cookbook author, food photographer & passionate traveller


Description: Works at The Guardian, The Atlantic and The New York Times & worked at National Geographic Society (2009), The Rough Guides (2007).


Description: Founder and Chief Information Forager at Food+Tech Connect, an information company that connects food tech innovators with the data, information, and people they need to build better businesses and make more informed decisions.


Description: Food writer, posts photos on food links on different subjects but related to cooking.



Description: President and Editor-in-Chief of Aol Huffington Post Media Group.


Description: Editor of Wired Magazine, author of The Long Tail and Free, chairman of 3D Robotics/DIY Drones, founder of GeekDad. Former: Economist, Science, Nature… Failed physicist, wannabe economist, fulltime geek.


Description: Kevin Kelly is Senior Maverick at Wired magazine. He helped launch Wired in 1993, and served as its Executive Editor until January 1999. He is currently editor and publisher of the popular Cool Tools, True Film, and Street Use websites.


Description: I write about technology from a consumer’s point of view. My areas of focus include consumer web apps and mobile gadgets, as well as travel- and car-related tech.


Description: I’m the Howard Rheingold who writes books and hangs out online. Writer, teacher, online instigator.


Description: Marc Benioff is Salesforce’s CEO since 1999, was Senior Vice President of Oracle Corporation and was part of Apple’s Macintosh division back in 1984.


Description: I’m a technology/internet addict, happily employed by the TWiT Netcast Network as a producer/writer/editor and host ofTech News Today (M-F), The Social Hour (Mondays) and iPad Today (Thursdays).


Description: Founder and Director of The Education STREaM, Inc. My passion is Education. Always searching for innovative ways to reach each student. I spend my weekends reviewing apps, Internet tools and Reading articles across the curriculum of Science.Technology.Reading.Engineering.and.Mathematics (STREaM). During the week, I answer questions or Academic Coach students from grades K-20 – on different social media, Google Documents and face-to-face locally. In most cases, I get paid in thank you’s! Do I want to get paid, of course, I strongly believe that those days are near.



Description: As the head of marketing for CPX Interactive, my role is to hone and deliver the company’s messaging…both internally and externally. This challenge is particularly interesting as the company sits at the nexus of a continually evolving industry, where boundaries are shifting quickly. But the truth is that online advertising is only beginning to realize its fullest potential and the opportunity to play an active part in defining that process lies at the heart of what drives both CPX Interactive and me, personally.


Description: I’m a Silicon Valley-based writer, columnist and blogger, covering technology and culture. My work appears all over the place, most frequently Computerworld, Datamation, Cult of Mac, PC World, InfoWorld, MacWorld, CIO Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle and The CMO Site.


Description: Steve Rubel is EVP/Global Strategy and Insights for Edelman – the world’s largest independent public relations firm. In this role, Rubel works across the firm’s practices and geographies to help clients unify their communications strategies across traditional, emerging, owned and social channels.


Description: Kelly Ellis is one of Google plus coders, she’s a Software Engineer at Google.



Description: Tom Lowe posts good photos about related to space


Description: I make films. I write software. I love sci-fi. I research social media. Someday, I will make a sci-fi film about a software developer and release it on social media.


Description: Director, Director of Photography, Digital Media Professional. Works as a Manager in Multimedia Services for The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society.


Description: Gear Hire, Freelance Cameraman, Editor, ENG, EFP, SNG, TVC Documentary, Production & Filmmaker: Content Curator of All Camera Gear: Contributor to @Cinescopophilia.


Description: I make movies, take photos, live on an island and have a wonderful family… Life is good!


Description: I’m Mike, an Indie DSLR filmmaker, freelance editor/cameraman and blogger from Manchester. I love travelling, cooking and eating (also drinking). I film on a Canon, I edit on a Mac.



Description: Game Developer Evangelist at Adobe Systems. he tends to post great content on programming and creation of games.


Description: I am interested in everything that is gaming related, all genres, all hardware. It doesn’t matter if you create games or just enjoy them, if you take any part in the circle of games, you matter to me.


Description: IGF Grand Prize 2007 – Aquaria, Co-Creator of the Winnitron Indie Game Arcade Network


Description: Play video games. Talk about them. Host GBTV. Make guides.


Description: Indie game developer. reviews on Video Games


Description: Game programmer, amateur game designer, armchair media theorist, and crazy interface speculator.


Description: I make stuff that makes other stuff in video games work. Sometimes I move arbitrary points around in virtual space. A lot of the time I make tools to make it easier for other people to do instead. I also draw stuff.

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