250+ Instagram Masks in PSD format, Optimized Post Sizes, Smart Objects Feature & High Resolutions, Multiple Styles & Effects, Only $14! Conventionally $50 USD (72% OFF)

Turn your Instagram profile into Art!

Make your photos look amazing and attract attention on Instagram instantly with the Ultimate InstaMask Collection: 250 Instagram Masks in PSD format, Easy to use and customize with Smart Objects feature, including Double Exposure, Grunge, Geometrical, Promotional & more masks styles. File sizes are 1080x1080px and are optimized for Instagram. Every Photoshop file has a .jpg equivalent for easier previewing. However, they can also be used on other Social networks as profile photos or whatever you want, as well. Worth of $50 USD in eye-catching graphic social media resources, Only $14! A 72% OFF Special Discount for a limited time!

See how it looks on instagram!


  • 250 Instagram Masks in Photoshop Format
  • Smart Objects feature for easy edition
  • 1080x1080px files sizes, completely optimized for Instagram
  • JPG file for easy previewing of each one of the masks
  • Step-By-Step Beginner’s Tutorial for Windows and Mac users

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