3D Characters for Blender & Figma, Rigged 3D Models & Use-Ready Illustrations

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Today’s package delivers a unique collection of 3D characters and models, featuring 140 use-ready illustrations of male & female characters in different poses, performing difference actions, and wearing different outfits, including sports wear, medical clothes, casual wear & others, which you can drag & drop into your projects straight out of the box!

You’ll receive a collection of 14 unique characters, with 10 different poses per character for a total of 140 use ready illustrations, as well as 60+ decorative elements featuring objects and abstract shapes that you can use for scene creation, including medical objects, sports objects like weights & basketballs, and other misc objects like lightbulbs, loud speakers, bells, desks & many more, which you can use to create marketing materials, social media graphics, and workspaces for your characters easily through drag & drop simplicity

You’ll also receive files for Figma so you can integrate these characters and assets into your Figma projects, customize their colors, and create awesome content that features a trendy and consistent 3D design style

Here’s the kicker: the pack also delivers the source files of these characters for 3D blender in .blend file format and they are fully rigged, which means their 3D model has a skeleton that you can manipulate to create your own custom poses for them easily, or even animate them!

Regularly these 3D models & illustrations would cost over $136, when purchased separately, so what are you waiting for? With this deal you can get this amazing collection today for just $39!

You Will Receive:

  • 14 unique characters (males & females)
  • 140 use ready illustrations (10 unique poses per character)
  • 60+ decorative elements
  • Files for Figma
  • Source files for 3D Blender in .blend format
  • Fully rigged 3D models, create custom poses easily
  • High resolution PNG renders, use ready
  • Renders have transparent backgrounds
  • Male & female characters
  • Fully customizable colors
  • Medical, sports & casual outfits
  • Elements to create scenes & workspaces
  • Abstract shapes included
  • Commercial use license


A collection of 3D characters for Blender & Figma, features a collection of use-ready characters in high resolution PNG files as well as rigged models for 3D Blender, and files for Figma – with this collection you’ll receive 150+ use-ready characters & illustrations, 60+ elements for scene creation & source 3D models to create your own custom character poses

Contains 4 different packages

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Medical 3D Illustrations

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Sports 3D Illustrations

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3D Character Illustrations

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3D Casual Characters

Terms of Use

  • All the files included in this package are royalty-free for use in both personal and commercial projects.
  • You can modify any resources to fit your project, however, we are not legally liable for any misuse of these resources.
  • We do not ask for you to include any attribution or link back to the product’s author or bypeople.com.


  • You cannot redistribute, resell, lease, license, sub-license, or offer these designs to any third party
  • You cannot include or upload these models or illustrations to other websites or media-sharing tools and offering them as a separate attachment from any of your work
  • You cannot create products that compete with the products included or with the product bundle as a whole
  • You cannot include these models or illustrations in your software or application for your users to edit them and to download them in any way
  • These files can be used, as elements of the design, in products sold through a marketplace, POD services, custom client requests. You cannot, however, resell or redistribute the illustration files you will receive from us, or sell them in rasterized or editable vector formats unless they have been heavily modified and can be considered original works.

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