3D Characters & Scenes Pack – High Resolution Isolated Characters & Compositions

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Grab this collection of 3D characters & objects featuring 100+ illustrations in a neat, soft 3D design style, delivered in high resolution transparent PNG files

The pack delivers each character in a variety of different versions including isolated or with several objects included, and also includes transparent PNG versions of the decorative objects themselves so you can create your own scenes with these trendy assets for both digital & print use

Regularly this set would be priced $99, but for a limited time you can grab this collection of 3D character illustrations & objects today for just $19!

You Will Receive:

  • 100+ 3D characters
  • Delivered in PNG file format
  • 4K resolution assets
  • Transparent backgrounds
  • Isolated characters & objects
  • Compositions included
  • Extended license


3D Character in Scenes

3d character holding a star in one hand above its head 3d characters carrying a very large lightbulb 3d characters having a conversation 3d characters discussing work at a desk 3d character receiving a trophy or reward 3d girl explaining the contents of a chart 3d girl walking with spinner luggage 3d girl opening a box 3d man pushing a cart full of gold bars 3d man proposing to a 3d woman character 3d man carrying a gear cog 3d man looking at his alarm wrist watch 3d man running with a price tag 3d man kneeling down searching the ground with a magnifying glass 3d man holding a large 3d clock 3d robot and 3d man carrying a large box 3d man taking off on top of a 3d rocket 3d man standing in front of a security vault 3d woman using a megaphone to give an announcement 3d woman organizing a filing cabinet 3d woman pushing a shopping cart full of products 3d woman sitting on a desk talking on the phone

3D Isolated to Create Scenes

3d illustration of a desk in blue & purple colors 3d illustration of a large sealed box 3d illustration of a small open box 3d shapes of speech bubbles to add effects to characters 3d illustration of a filing cabinet 3d shape of a blue gear cog 3d shape of an orange gear cog 3d geometric shapes scattered on the floor 3d geometric shapes scattered on the floor 3d illustration of a cart filled with gold bars 3d illustration of a large clock 3d illustration of a large lightbulb with a wire 3d shape of a magnifying glass 3d illustration of a price tag with the dollar sign 3d illustration of a desk colored red & orange 3d illustration of a rocket 3d geometric shapes scattered on the floor 3d illustration of a secure vault 3d illustration of an empty shopping cart 3d geometric shapes scattered across the floor 3d illustration of a pie chart & graphs on a wall

3D Characters Isolated

a group of 3d characters talking to each other 3d illustration of a girl dressed in purple 3d illustration of a man dressed as a security guard 3d illustration of a man and a robot walking 3d illustration of a blonde 3d character 3d illustration of a male 3d character flying 3d illustration of a male 3d character kneeling down 3d illustration of a man doing a pushing motion a male 3d character performing a running motion 3d illustration of a 3d man speaking 3d female character kneeling down 3d female character dressed in pink clothes 3d female character gesticulating and speaking 3d woman walking 3d woman speaking through a megaphone

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