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3D lettering has recently become very popular in the areas of design and marketing thanks to its ability to make text much more dynamic and visually striking. Thanks to technological advances, it has become very easy for designers to create realistic 3D lettering to be used in many projects, from advertising to graphic pieces for social networks. However, it is also really important for you to know how to effectively incorporate this type of lettering into your designs, and that is exactly what we will be discussing in this article. In addition, we will introduce you to Artify’s 3D lettering bundle, which is a versatile and innovative package that will give you access to more than 300 3D lettering designs in various styles, from bold to modern to elegant and classic.

What is 3D Lettering

3D lettering is an important trend in design and marketing because it creates visually striking and memorable content. This technique adds depth and dimensionality to typography, making text more engaging and impactful. 3D lettering is used in various contexts such as advertising campaigns, social media graphics, and branding. This type of lettering can also make design more attractive and memorable than traditional flat fonts because it creates illusions of depth and it may seem more tangible and realistic.

Uses of 3D Lettering

Standing out from the crowd is crucial for any brand, advertisement, or design project, and with the correct uses of 3D lettering you can now create visually stunning and realistic designs that grab your consumers’ attention. The uses of 3D lettering are vast, from branding to web design, advertising, packaging, and more. In this section, we will explore the various applications of 3D lettering and how it can help elevate your visual design.


Brands are using 3D lettering to create distinctive and memorable visual identities in crowded markets. This technique is being applied to logos, packaging and promotional materials to convey the brand’s personality and values. 3D lettering adds depth and dimensionality to text, creating a sense of tangibility that reinforces the brand’s message and helps it stand out from the competition. In addition, the customizable aspects of 3D lettering, such as color, texture, and lighting, make it a versatile tool for creating a variety of brand materials that can be adapted to different contexts and audiences.

This pack of 3D Characters, 3D Icons and 3D Lettering Alphabet Designs has more than 50 3D lettering alphabet designs that come in different colors and styles. They are perfect for designers who want to create typography that catches the eye and showcases a brand’s name or logo in various branding materials that match the brand’s style and values. The PNG files also make it easy to use the designs in different projects since they have a transparent background. You can experiment with different styles to create unique typography designs that fit various applications.

On the other hand, this Procreate Brushes and Lettering Styles pack contains over 650 brushes and lettering styles that you can use in the Procreate app. They are high-quality and designed specifically for use in digital art. With a variety of calligraphy, marker, and paint brushes, you can add unique textures and depth to your artwork. The included lettering styles also make it easy to create custom typography for your branding or artwork. These brushes and styles are easy to install and use in Procreate, making it simple for you to add professional and creative touches to your digital designs.


3D lettering is being used a lot in advertising because of its ability to capture people’s attention and make designs more memorable, dynamic and engaging. Because of that, brands end up effectively communicating their message and benefits. 3D lettering can be easily used in a wide range of advertising formats like printed ads or digital banners.

This Creative Font Styles Bundle is a collection of many creative font styles that features a few 3D styled fonts like the one above which is made for childish and fun related design projects that will end up with a attention-grabbing style that is sure to impress. The graphics included in the pack make texts stand out and grab attention which is important for advertising. Every one of the 29 font families is delivered in OTF file format.


3D lettering is becoming increasingly popular in packaging design, as it helps create unique and eye-catching branding materials that stand out on store shelves. By adding depth and dimension to text, 3D lettering makes packaging more visually appealing and draws the viewer’s attention, while also conveying the brand’s personality and values. It can be used on product labels, packaging boxes, and even shipping boxes to create a consistent and memorable brand identity. The versatility of 3D lettering also enables packaging designers to experiment with different colors, textures, and lighting to create packaging that appeals to their target audience.

This 3D Vintage Letterpress Toolkit is a set of graphics that can add a unique and luxurious touch to packaging design. The toolkit features vintage letterpress graphics with wooden and metallic variations that can be easily customized to create eye-catching logos, typography, and posters. The 3D presentation of the graphics creates depth and dimension, which can make products stand out on shelves and convey a sense of quality and luxury.

Web Design

In web design, 3D lettering is becoming more popular because it can make website text look more realistic and engaging. Designers can use 3D lettering to create unique and dynamic typography for important elements like page titles and headings. This technique can also be used to emphasize important information or call to action on a website, creating a better user experience. By using 3D lettering in web design, brands can maintain a consistent visual identity across different channels, like social media and offline marketing materials.

This Marquee Light Bulbs toolkit is the perfect solution for anyone looking to add a vintage style to their web design project or social media graphics. The kit comes with high-quality graphics in different colors and fonts so you can easily customize every design.

Challenges of Using 3D Lettering

  • Legibility: Legibility can be a challenge when using 3D lettering because it adds dimensionality and therefore complexity to the design. Perspective and added shadows can sometimes make text harder to read from certain angles, sizes, or distances.
  • File size: When using 3D lettering, file size can be a challenge as they are more complex than 2D designs and require more data to represent their added dimensionality and texture. This results in larger file sizes that can be difficult to manage and store, taking up a lot of storage space and slowing down software and hardware used for rendering and display.
  • Rendering time: When using 3D lettering, a big problem is the time in which the designs are rendered since if the typography is very heavy and detailed, the file will take longer to render. This can affect project deadlines and productivity.
  • Compatibility issues: Sometimes the software used to create 3D fonts may not be compatible with the software in which the final design is being made, this may conflict when printing or uploading to an online page, since the result may look inconsistent.

To address these challenges, it’s important to keep in mind these strategies:

  • Keep it simple: It’s important not to overdo it and keep the design simple and easy to read, because if it’s too complex, it can end up being hard to understand. In addition, when printing large-scale or very small-scale projects, designs with very complex 3D lettering may not resemble what was designed digitally.
  • Consider the context: It is always very important to always keep in mind the context for which you are designing, you always have to think about the audience you will be addressing, the medium where you are going to show it, what is around it and the message you want. convey. The context can greatly influence the decisions to choose 3D lettering, for colors, sizes and styles.
  • Test the design: It’s really important to test out the design when using 3D lettering in a project. This helps you make sure that people can read the lettering and understand what it’s supposed to mean. If the design isn’t good, people might have trouble reading it or they might get confused about what it’s supposed to say. By testing out the design in different places, like on a computer screen or on a sign outside, you can see if it works well or if you need to make changes. You can also get feedback from other people to help make the design even better. 

How Artify’s 3D Lettering Pack Solves those Problems

At Artify we have created this 3D Lettering Pack for everyone who wants to create 3D lettering quickly and easily. The pack includes over 200 pre-made lettering designs in different styles and formats, and each design is fully customizable. This means that designers can change the color, texture and shape of the lettering to fit their project’s specific needs. What’s more, the pack is very affordable, so even if you have different budget constraints you can access it. With its user-friendly interface and customization options, Artify’s 3D Lettering Pack is an excellent choice if you want to add high-quality 3D lettering to their projects.

Features and Benefits

As we have already said, the bundle includes pre-made designs of different styles and formats, including PSD, AI and PNG files with transparent backgrounds. But it is also important to recall the many features and benefits Artify’s 3D Lettering Pack has:

High Resolution

The pack offers an array of highly detailed 3D lettering designs that can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you need large compositions or small elements for print or digital media, like branding, advertising, packaging, etc., this pack has got you covered.


The package is extremely useful for anyone who doesn’t want to waste time or money as the options for pre-made designs and customization capabilities make it very easy to achieve professional finishes without having to pay an experienced designer or buy expensive and complicated softwares.


The package’s typography and premade quotes are available in 5 different design styles (showed below) with unique color palettes which means that it’s wide range of templates and pre-made designs are fully customizable in terms of color, size, texture, style, etc. thus giving infinite possibilities for your projects. You can mix and match letters, numbers and symbols to create your own quotes and compositions.

To conclude, even though 3D lettering has become widely popular, creating effective designs may be challenging because of issues like legibility, file size, rendering time, compatibility and limited font options. However, Artify’s 3D Lettering Pack and many other bundles provide a user-friendly solution that simplifies the process, saves time and money, and offers customizable options and pre-designed templates to fit different design needs.

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