450+ Spooky Halloween Vector Character & Scene Generator. 450 Halloween Design Assets.

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If you’re looking for spooky scary characters and illustrations for the Halloween season, you’ve found the last one you’ll need to complete your assets collection here! From DesignShock’s repertoire we’ve brought you this is awesome Halloween themed pack of graphic resources that contains everything you’ll need to create digital and print compositions, including icons, avatars, illustrations, characters, monsters and much more, as well as generator files that you can use to build custom characters & scenes!

The package contains 450+ vector assets in total, with spooky, cute and kawaii design styles that you can use to create fun illustrations and characters with a halloween theme, everything delivered with 100% vector source files in Ai format for Adobe Illustrator, SVG vector sources that you can work with on any software that supports vector shapes, as well as PNG files for every asset in 5 different sizes, with transparent backgrounds and crisp high resolution pixel quality

You will receive 102 design elements, icons & avatars in the “Cute” design style, 80 “Flat” vector icons, 150 premade spooky cartoon characters, and a vector designs generator with 160 elements from 9 categories, including brushes, textures, scenes & much more

This spooky collection of Halloween designs will allow you to create compositions for both digital and printed media easily through drag & drop, simply mix & match the elements you want using the generator and arrange them as you want! Exclusively available here, you can get it for only 19$!

You Will Receive:

  • 450 items in total, spooky, cute, and kawaii designs for Halloween season.
  • 4 different styles and design trends.
  • Vector Generator Included to create your own custom designs.
  • 100% Vector editable files.
  • Contains Vector Ai and SVG, as well as PNG files in 5 sizes.
  • 102 Cute design items, 70 icons + 32 avatars.
  • 80 Vector Flat Icons.
  • 150 premade Spooky Cartoon characters.
  • Vector generator with 160 elements, 9 item categories, includes brushes, textures, scenes, and much more!

Check out a preview!

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