470+ Retro 80’s & Futuristic Design Resources.

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Premium material for your 80s & Retro aesthetics!

Tons of high-quality resources to boost all your Retro & 80s inspired designs: stationery, business cards, flyers, album covers, typography creations, etc. Glitch, Neon and Futuristic feel in over 470 Procreate Brushes (iPad), Layer Styles, Photoshop Actions, Fonts, Backgrounds, Text Effects and Textures included in this Mega Bundle. Fully organized and properly named layers featuring one click .asl layer styles, easy to use, easily customized or combined. Combine all the brushes to create new designs in IOS Procreate for iPad.
Backgrounds including high-res PNG with transparencies, in case you don’t have a vector software.$ worth of graphic assets. Only $19 USD!


  • 107 Different handmade Procreate Brushes to easily use on Procreate IOS iPad app.
  • 26 Exclusive Actions ready to load instantly in your Photoshop Actions Panel.
  • 85 Layer styles featuting one click install thanks to .asl format.
  • 41 Photoshop Text Effects with Smart Objets feature
  • Sizes up to: 3500 x 2500px, 300 DPI.
  • JPG and PNG image formats with transparencies for edition without vector software
  • Extended License
  • Compatible with Photoshop CS5+

What’s inside?

Procreate Brushes for iPad

  • 18 Glitch Brushes
  • 24 Space Brushes
  • Halftone Brushes
  • 9 Neon Brushes
  • Ink Stamp Brushes
  • Lens Flare Brushes
  • Grunge Brushes

Photoshop Layer Styles

  • Neon Layer Style
  • Letterpress Layer Style

Photoshop Actions

  • Entropy: 20 Photoshop Glitch Actions
  • Anaglyph Photoshop Actions

Text Effects

  • Glitch Text Effects
  • 80’s Inspired Text Effects
  • Ink Stamp Effects for Photoshop

Grid Landscapes, Backgrounds & Textures

  • Retro Inspired Grid-Lanscapes
  • Abstract Glitch Background Textures
  • Film Dust Grunge Texture
  • 30 Marbled Vector Textures
  • Toner Glitch Photocopy Texture
  • 20 Ink Stamp Textures
  • Abstract Wireframe Backgrounds
  • Dust and Scratches Textures
  • 18 Halftone Textures


  • System Glitch Font
  • Warp Drive Font

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