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A collection of apps to boost your online productivity

Today being ‘productive’ has a whole new meaning as we live our working lives in cyberspace. It can be hard to quantify exactly what you’ve accomplished when there’s nothing tangible to see or touch, but these next apps can help. From dashboards to deal sites and a bit of everything in between they will help you coordinate and quantify your online work and give you a better idea of how you’re doing and where you are, task-wise. Check out a few and see which ones can help you today.

Mighty Deals – When you need web tools at great prices, Mighty Deals delivers.


If we’re being honest we know that there are a ton of ‘deal’ sites on the web, offering deals on everything and the kitchen sink. Problem is, most of these sites have deals on stuff that, for lack of a better word, stinks. Mighty Deals has deals on tools you can use, and they have a freebies page too for free stuff! If you’re sick of wading through page after page of junk trying to find a deal on something you need for your work give them a look. They won’t disappoint.

Best Feature – They change their deals constantly, adding better deals all the time.

5 Minutes – Web presence made incredibly simple.


OK, pop quiz- What’s the best way to make it BIG selling online? Answer; Presence, presence, presence. OK, so I might have borrowed that quote but it rings true; the fact is, web presence isn’t a good way to get noticed on the web, it’s the only way to get noticed. The 5 Minutes website proposes to get you that presence very quickly, and what they offer I believe is of high value. Can they deliver? I think yes. If you need to get noticed, give this one a try.

Best Feature – All of the websites you create are instantly compatible on most major mobile devices.

PostLing – Your social media, simplified.


Social media has, for all intents and purposes, become one of the biggest factors in creating a brand or a buzz quickly online. Its powerful stuff and PostLing allows you to harness this power to quickly create a web presence for your website, product or service using social media as the springboard. Write once and publish everywhere, keep up on what your social profile looks like, and use it to your advantage. It’s a great concept, no doubt. We’’ see where it goes over time.

Best Feature – Manage all your social media account from a single dashboard.

Unbounce – Landing Pages the easy way.


Landing pages are one of the lynchpins of internet marketing. If they’re built correctly they can be the difference between success and failure when selling online. Unbounce can help you build, publish and maintain landing pages, which in theory will enable you to funnel more potential customers to your promotions and increase your sales. In theory it could help an affiliate marketer immensely. My opinion is that it’s worth a good, hard look if you have multiple sites and promotions that depend on landing pages. (If they don’t they should, by the way.)

Best Feature – You can build fully functional landing pages without knowing a bit of code.

Capsule – Keep track of your most valuable asset; your customers.


No matter what you sell online, be it service or product, customer service is paramount to your success. The key to customer service is communication, and Capsule has a communication app that will let you keep track of your customers, and take better care of them, with a lot less effort. Manage sales, connect with contacts and maintain communication. Sounds like a winner to me.

Best Feature – Manage deals, bids and proposals from multiple websites on one convenient dashboard.

Invoice Bus – Send your bills on time and with a little style.


If you sell online chances are you sell in multiple currencies. When it comes time to send your bill Invoice Bus give you a great tool to do it correctly and with a bit of style, including drop reminders, thank you notes and a lot more to make sure your customers know you’re expecting payment and where it needs to be sent. Basic but powerful, if you have multiple customers in multiple countries this app may be very helpful.

Best Feature – Invoice in any language in any country with custom field labels.

Textexpander – A timesaving app for type-aholics.


I never learned how to type and, even though I do well with my two fingers, I always look for shirt-cuts to help me get my work done quicker. Textexpander is just the ticket to do that for me by letting me condense words and even whole phrases into only a few characters. It’s a wonderful time-saver, and it works very well. My typing speed has gone up at least 15%.

Best Feature – Create your own custom-made shortcuts. Very cool.

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