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Introducing Shopia, an AI-based content-writer that can write pretty much anything you need within seconds! Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3, Shopia is fully equipped to write all kinds of content with natural and high quality results, perfect for everything from blogs, e-commerce, product descriptions and amazon listings to emails and email subject lines.


  • Generate articles and product descriptions automagically
  • 25k words per month – doubled by each additional code used (up to 200k)
  • SEO content, 25+ languages, plagiarism and grammar checkers
  • Perfect for Blog Writers, Amazon Sellers, Social Media Managers

With Shopia you can find groups of key articles to write for your niche by analyzing the top Google results for each keyword, and then generate content that hits key SEO metrics, all in a few clicks.

You can choose from over 80 AI writing tools including bulk generators, and combine them to write exactly the kind of content you need in Shopia’s long form editor. Send and schedule your content to anywhere with integrations to 5000+ apps via Zapier, making it easier than ever to automate your content creation process. Connect your generated content to Google products, your blog, Mailchimp, social media accounts, eCommerce platforms, email clients & much more.

Shopia can generate content in 25+ languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, and it features built-in plagiarism and grammar checking tools to ensure that all of the generated content is 100% original.

With this deal you can get lifetime access to Shopia, and you can purchase multiple codes to stack them in your account and multiply your benefits even further!

You Will Receive:

  • Lifetime access to Shopia
  • 25,000 words per month
  • Access to 80+ AI Writers
  • Write in 25+ Languages
  • One-click 2500+ word articles
  • 20 SERP Analysis Searches
  • 10 Topic Clusters
  • Bulk Generate Content with any AI writer
  • 20 AI Generated Images
  • Integrate with 5000+ apps with Zapier
  • Code stacking: each code purchased doubles all features above
  • 5 User seats per account

By purchasing and stacking extra codes in your account you can essentially double your benefits:

  • 1 code:
  • 25,000 Words
  • 20 SEO Reports
  • 10 Topic Clusters
  • 20 Image Credits
  • 5 Users
  • 2 codes:
  • 50,000 Words
  • 40 SEO Reports
  • 20 Topic Clusters
  • 40 Image Credits
  • 5 Users
  • 3 codes:
  • 100,000 Words
  • 80 SEO Reports
  • 40 Topic Clusters
  • 80 Image Credits
  • 5 Users
  • 4 codes:
  • 150,000 Words
  • 160 SEO Reports
  • 80 Topic Clusters
  • 160 Image Credits
  • 5 Users
  • 5 codes:
  • 200,000 Words
  • 320 SEO Reports
  • 160 Topic Clusters
  • 320 Image Credits
  • 5 Users

Write 2500+ Word Articles in Seconds

Plan and execute content strategies using Shopia’s end-to-end article writing workflow. This includes blog planning based on keywords to writing quality, SEO-optimised and plagiarism-free articles.

Long-form Editor with 80+ AI Templates

Choose from over 80 different writing templates including AI generated images. Mix-and-match them to construct the perfect content copy.

Bulk Generate Content

Upload inputs via CSV and generate content using over 80 different templates. Articles and Product Descriptions made in seconds.

SEO Content & Research

Automate the SEO research process by generating content based on those insights. Create a full blog content plan in one click with topic clusters. Select the top Google results you like and Shopia will generate similar content for you!

Automated Image Finder

Shopia is the first to automate the image finding process for your articles. Shopia will find keywords for different parts of your blog article and find relevant images for you to use.

Plain Text to HTML

Shopia will turn your plain text articles into formatted HTML documents, with proper bullet points, highlighted keywords, phrases and more.

SEO Competitor Research

Key on-page SEO metrics to generate content based on top SERPS.

Support & Guides

Get access to support, onboarding guides, a knowledgebase and video resources to get you up and running with Shopia in no time

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