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Alex Gibson

Alex is a freelance developer, living in Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom. He is known for being an expert in using HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well implementing front-end web technologies. When Gibson is not freelancing, he co-maintains Mobile Boilerplate, which is as the name implies, a boilerplate that helps as a baseline for web application development.

He also writes occasional guest posts for HTML5 Doctor and for his own blog, where he shows off some results of the implementations in which he has been working, giving a personal touch to such posts.

In one of his articles, he praises the advantages of moving to static websites: Moving to Jekyll and Github pages. One he found was the use of Markdown, which let him write clean posts and also let Jekyll render and translate those into HTML documents. He praises the improvement that implies an easier version control and content quality since pages are hosted in Github. In addition, this practice also provides plugins, as Jekyll takes care of these, allowing the use of CSS preprocessors to ease laying out processes and enable full portability.

Mobile first is one of the practices that Alex Gibson recommends the most when carrying out site redesigns on his article “Site redesign, a mobile first approach”.

Another interesting post from his blog is titled Site redesign, a mobile first approach, where Gibson brings out the importance of the use of mobile and content first principles by carrying out accurate practices of responsive web design focusing on small resolutions, and giving the necessary importance to content by using Content Choreography concepts.

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