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Alex MacCaw

Let’s introduce Alex MacCaw from San Francisco, California, USA. Alex is a JavaScript and Ruby expert, author of the JavaScript framework Spine. His hobbies include traveling, photography and surfboarding. He has been in several cities to give speeches about Ruby on Rails. He has a blog where he addresses topics related to web development and some design.

MacCaw is also an author for O’Reilly with two published books: “JavaScript Web Applications” and “The Little Book on CoffeeScript”.

JavaScript Web Applications” is a book that starts with the basis that building JavaScript applications requires moving state from the server to the client side, a process which may result tricky. Hence, this guide will follow developers through all steps of apps creation, from their inception to the communication of the final release. Developers will learn to take advantage from the most responsive and improved experience offered by JavaScript applications.

“JavaScript Web Applications” guides developers on moving state from the server to the client side.

His second book, “The Little Book on CoffeeScript” is a relatively short guide explaining how to build great web applications by using CoffeeScript. MacCaw explores some of the features of this language, which is an enhancement to JavaScript, and finds some common errors when using JS and how to avoid those by using CoffeeScript. To do so, the book contains a set of good practices for using the language client-side as well as server-side.

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