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Alex Sexton

Alex Sexton describes himself (in the short description under his name on his blog) as a Web hacker and JavaScript enthusiast. He is the creator of Yepnope, a conditional loader that claims to be superfast and loads just the scripts that users need.

He is Senior Labs Engineer at Bazaarvoice and member of the jQuery subteam. Sexton has also participated in some other projects such as Modernizr, a JS library able to detect HTML5 and CSS3 features in user’s browser.

Since 2009, he has been writing on his blog about several topics regarding JavaScript and large client-side applications. With the help of some peers, he created Yayquery, a podcast where they discuss features, approaches and several matters related to the jQuery library.

Among the several articles Alex has written, we’d like to highlight a couple of them; first, let’s talk about The UX of Language, where he describes that, with the passage of time, we have started building web apps rather than web documents. These applications have become more interactive and personalized, and for that reason, some importance should be given to the correct use of language (or languages), strengthening the need of planning good algorithms. This argument also includes the fact that if an application lacks a good flow, it will be pointless how much time and effort you spend on design and interaction as it might be missing the most important thing: content. He also makes a brief introduction of a toolkit developed by him, the Jed Toolkit.

The Jed Toolkit by Alex Sexton, created to ease the internationalization process of web applications using JavaScript.

This second article showcases the benefits of the aforementioned toolkit, which is able to ease the process of internationalizing applications in JavaScript. Sexton illustrates by using several examples, how tedious it may be to create translation templates by the bare use of conditionals and switch/case sentences. Another remarkable point here, is the toolkit’s adoption by the Dojo Foundation, a curated community home of 100-point open source projects, a fact that, according to Alex, will be enough to proof that users will have a safe, unencumbered and quality resource on such a tool.

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