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Andrea Trasatti

Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Andrea is a professional in Information Sciences at The University of Milan; after earning his degree he started building his deep background in several companies, where he worked as Developer, Senior Manager, Technology strategist before his arrival to Nokia, where he has worked as Community Manager and Web Evangelist. It may become obvious that Trasatti has accumulated a lot of experience during his career, and for that reason he decided to create his own blog where he shares this experience as well as his point of view.

With the burst of responsive web design, performance has become a concern for those who are already aware that content is the most important thing on the web and that responsiveness should respect that. That is why Trasatti shared and reviewed the Navigation Timing API in his article Measuring site performance with JavaScript on mobile, a worthy read for an insight in performance in responsive websites.

HTML5 forms (and IE10 (Mobile) was published in his blog as well as in the Nokia Code Blog and shows how IE10, available for Windows 8 and Windows Mobile, has improved its architecture to support certain features related to forms, implementing most of the W3C spec about HTML5 forms.

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