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Developer Tools for Android App

This app was originally just created for making some development tasks a bit easier for the own author. However, He released it to Google Play hoping that someone else might find it useful. It works for Android 1.5 and up, and doesn’t need any permissions to run. The full list of features is:

– See resource qualifiers in use

– See available system features

– See screen dimensions in dp, pt, in, sp, px, mm

– Start Dalvik Explorer (3rd party app)

– Start aLogcat (3rd party app for viewing logcat)

– Start ManifestViewer (3rd party app for viewing AndroidManifest.xml ++)

– Start Get Camera Parameters (3rd party app)

– Go directly to the Android 4.3’s permission manager (App Ops)

– Go directly to the device’s developer settings

– Go directly to the list of installed applications

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