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Andy Hume

As most of the authors on our list, Andy is a developer focused on websites and web applications building. Hailing from Brighton, UK, he has worked in projects for BBC, NBC, Mozilla, Sony, Computer Arts Projects and Microsoft, among others. He currently is part of the Software Architecture Team at The Guardian in London.

Andy has been writing articles for his own blog since 2004, and he’s completed more than 90 entries so far, writing about practices and good elements for web development. He has also written a couple of articles for The Guardian, where he describes some characteristics of his job and their impact on the digital edition of such publication.

Hume is a client-side architect at The Guardian.

One of these articles is called HTML5 and Native apps: the hybrid approach which argues against the common belief that Mobile Applications that use web technologies to work or display some kind of information are slower than native and prone to lag frequently. He arguments that web technology implementations on native applications will enhance their power as they could be more appropriate to display some contents and elements, such as HTML; this is the reason why The Guardian bets on HTML: a stable and reliable format now and in the long-term.

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