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Anil Dash

Living in New York City, Anil is passionate for technology startups since he uses those in his job by applying their innovations on the development and reinvention of communities and institutes. He aims to introduce such new technologies to people who do not have fair access or don’t even know the new interactive world surrounding us. As you can see, he leads a nice social cause and is focused to use technology to make a better world.

Anil has a blog at his website, where he publishes topics related to innovations like the ones introduced above and the social impact of technology nowadays. As of this writing, his post The Ascendance of Tech Execs addresses some criticism at the lack of opportunities that engineers and coders have in order to be at the top of a technology company’s hierarchy unless they have founded it. Although he refers to a couple of exceptions, he implies that several tech companies should take advantage of the vision and skills from engineers to follow a more accurate route.

How to redesign your app without pissing everybody off, is another great article from his blog, where he talks about the recent tendency of users of feeling they’re part of an application or site they use, to such an extent that they may get angry if some sensitive change is made without previous notice or even worse, with no notice at all. Anil points out some tips to take into account to complete a redesign process avoiding such bad moods from the users while trying.

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