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Create stunning animated timelines with cross browser support

With all the major events that have been taking place from the past few months, it’s important to maintain a record of all the dates that mattered during the revolutions, natural disasters and political events that are occurring nowadays.

One of the best ways of doing this is through timelines, the same ones that our school teachers used to teach us to make and we considered useless. Although a normal timeline can be done in almost any program, the idea is to take advantage of the modern technologies and incorporate high-end graphic elements, animations and interactivity to timelines. TikiToki is an online tool that lets you make astonishing timelines with animation effects and more, all you have to do is register for a free account and start making your own time records.


The timeline is easy to use. At the bottom of the timeline you will find a black area featuring colorful dots and a time scale. Each dot represent an event on the timeline, you can click on them to animate the timeline and move towards that point in time.

You can also utilize the translucent bar to move around the timeline. Simply drag it to the left or right. If you want further information about a particular event featured on the timeline, just click on the ‘more’ button to display a popup panel.


TikiToki utilizes JavaScript instead of Flash because it can provide similar results with better support. Thanks to its simplicity the timeline can be utilized equally by bloggers, designers, students, teachers and basically everyone.

There are many great features that make TikiToki one of the nicest web tools to work with timelines besides the fact of being free and displaying awesome animations, some of these features are:

  • Window resize (works at different screen resolutions).
  • Real time CMS.
  • Define your own background image.
  • Flickr integration.
  • Incorporate videos in your timelines.
  • Change the whole color scheme.
  • Embed smaller versions of the timelines on your site.
  • Detect mouse-up events.
  • Create multiple categories.

Original link: TikiToki

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