150+ Animated & Still 3D Icons Set, Fully Customizable Colors

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Check out this amazing set of 3D icon designs featuring 115 static + 36 smoothly animated 3D icons, with illustrations tailor-made for several different niches and projects, including marketing & advertising, web design, printed media, presentations, infographics, resumes & more! These icons feature use-ready versions and editable versions where you can easily customize their colors through Adobe Photoshop to fit your brand’s or project’s color palette.

The collection delivers the static 3D icons in PNG file format with high resolution & transparent backgrounds, with 4 icon sizes ranging from 32px & 64px to 128px & 256px – the collection also includes layered PSD files where you can easily modify the icon’s colors and customize to your liking, allowing you to adapt their color palette to your project’s colors easily

The animated set includes 36 amazing looking 3D icons delivered in GIF & MOV file formats with high resolution, dimensions 400x400px & 1080x1080px, with smooth animations and a consistent cartoon 3D design style across all icons – you’ll also find the entire animation sequence in transparent PNG format with high resolution, dimensions 1080x1080px, which you can use to modify the animation sequence and create your own versions of the icons while maintaining the design style

Purchased separately these animated 3D icons would be priced $160, however, with this exclusive limited time offer you can get them here with a huge discount today for just $19!

You Will Receive:

  • 151 icon designs in total
  • 115 still icons
  • 36 smoothly animated icons
  • Amazing 3D icon designs
  • Animated icons in GIF & MOV file formats
  • Dimensions 400x400px & 1080x1080px
  • Includes 1080x1080px PNG animation sequence versions
  • Static icons in PNG – 256px,128px, 64px & 32px
  • Includes layered PSD files with icons sizes up to 3000px
  • Fully customizable colors!
  • Perfect for Marketing/Advertising, Video/Animation, Web Design, Printing Materials, Presentations, Resumes, Infographics
  • Commercial use

Check Out the Kit!

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