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Anna Powell-Smith

Anna is a web developer from Oxford, UK; she is a specialist in JavaScript, Python and HTML. She defines herself as a coder, writer and data analyst, having a background in literature and computer science. Anna is the developer of the award-winning CycleStreets Mobile, which earned the Best Lightweight Application category at Jacob Nielsen’s User Interface of the year.

Anna has written some interesting applications based in data analysis through graphics and charts; these include Dress sizes, an interactive guide to find dress sizes in UK shops using D3.jsBaby Names, a tool for viewing baby name trends for England and Wales that has been featured in several important news media such as The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Economist, The Sun and BBC. House prices is a calculation of how house prices are affected by travel times in trains all around London.

‘Baby Names’ is one of Anna’s most popular web applications.

Regarding web design, Anna has written a great article for 24 Ways entitled How to make your site look half decent in half an hour where she gives some advice on how to use tools to enhance the look and features of a website, in this specific case, Twitter Bootstrap and how to pimp it to make everything you do look beautiful.

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