Apollo PSD GUI Pack: The biggest (and greatest) GUI set you have ever seen

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Have you ever thought, how can I improve the GUI of my project? well, it can be difficult if you don’t have a base design and try to create one directly from scratch, it’s known that it can be done that way, but it’s more likely that you succeed when you have a great PSD base to start with. That’s why we have created this amazing and huge freebie!

Creating GUIs is one of the things that web designers do more. The GUIs they created may be then passed to web developers in order for them to crop the GUIs into pieces that can be later converted to HTML/CSS. It’s because you don’t always have the help of a designer that in today’s freebie we’ll share a fantastic GUI set with more than 100 different elements, including buttons, sliders, knobs, boxes, tooltips, notifications, scrollers, icons, multimedia buttons, modern and clean PSD GUIs which can be used in your own projects. These GUIs are perfect whether you are designer or developer because you can code them or you can create new GUIs based in these. On the other hand each GUI comes in 30 different colors that can be changed easily from the PSD, the layers are also very well organized making it pretty easy to edit sections. So look no further if you’re looking for fancy GUIs.

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