Avatar Icon Creator Pack 2

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This pack is an expansion for the Avatar Icon Creator Pack containing  plenty novelties as hats, expression lines, new head shapes, mouths and a lot of interesting and unsuspected items to further increase the personalization possibilities of your custom avatars. 500 new items & remastered files included. This new edition offers hundreds of thousands of possibilities! It also has everything contained in the previous package but extended! With the added compatibility between ease of use and order with Photoshop and the unbelievable capability of edition with Illustrator. The possibilities are mind-blowing and endless!

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This pack has a lot of elements and hundreds of thousand of possibilities!


ana-julia Avatar-Icon-Creator caco don-ramon ned-starkconserje-1

pilar1 walder-frey 4242443c woman-1Avatar-Icon-Creator-dAvatar-Icon-Creator-example3

3553c  walter-heissenber54355525c dgdfhdhac dxgdfgacwoman-21-100


In this new edition, you can add hats, facial expressions, a lot of new eyes, body-addons and everything contained in the previous package but extended!

ana-julia2 Avatar-Icon-Creator2 caco2 don-ramon2 ned-stark2 pilar2 walder-frey2 walter-heissenber2 woman-2

Added compatibility: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator compatible!

3553b  54355525b dgdfhdhb dxgdfga24242443bwoman-3ana-julia3Avatar-Icon-Creator3caco3don-ramon3ned-stark3pilar3walder-frey3walter-heissenber33553a 4242443a 54355525 dgdfhdha dxgdfgawoman-21-400

The possibilities are mind-blowing and endless!
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