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Behind a gifted hand: Interview and work’s showcase with Ramón Plá

While surfing to copy (just kidding) take some inspiration for our next project (keep posted, it’s going to be really useful), we found the works from this great artist called Ramon Pla, he is an Spanish artist with an amazing quality on his illustrations, and well, we wanted to start our “featured interviews” section with this (also) friendly guy… here we go starting this new section, hope you enjoy the words behind a great designer and love the design work behind a gifted hand.

1. Who are you and What do you do?

Web Design Shock: Hello Ramón Plá, to begin this interview, would you like to tell us, who are you and what do you do?

Ramón Plá: I was born in Valencia, February 3 of 1974, I was raised amongst a family that loved drawing. My vocation is being an illustrator, I spend almost all my childhood with a pencil in my hand.
After studying in several academies and after I finished High School I began to study my career in the Arts and Crafts School at Valencia, In this school I studied Graphic Design and Illustration. This career illuminates and defines my drawing inclination, and gives me a clear artistic direction towards Illustration.
By the meantime, l earned a design scholarship at Valencia Multinational Porcelain School. After 15 years, I’m leading a Decoration Department at this same school.
At the same time, in my free time I’m a *Falla* designer   in my town and I also illustrate books for kids or teenagers.


2. What artistic medias do you use?

Ramón Plá: The word art, artist, artistic, etc, has such a special meaning for me, they inspire me respect; so much respect that I barely feel related to those terms.
The graphic media that I use, are much more than just a pencil, a piece of paper, scanned textures and CG.
I have unconditional support of my portable table lamp and my Wacom Cintiq 21UX (while I have electric Power).
Before this, my media was Watercolor, but presently I don’t have enough time  to wait to the paper dry so I can keep painting.


3. What techniques do you use, Traditional or Digital? which goes better on you?

Ramón Plá: When I want to create something, I always sketch with pencil. Even though the media I work with actually (Wacom) allows me to outline directly in the PC, I prefer to have direct contact with the paper beneath my hand and the freshness that gives me the pencil. In my case, the spirit of an illustration its not so alive without a previous process over physical support.
The 98% of my work, is with graphite pencil or just Photoshop painting.

Ilustración perteneciente a La xiqueta de les històries

4. Define your style:

Ramón Plá: ¡¡Wow!!! ¡¡That´s hard!!
I don’t what to say actually. In fact, I ask my self in some situations if i have my own style. My work as a illustrator is so disperse; illustrating a book for kids and student teenagers, design a *failures* sketches or illustrating with a “surrealist” character, an example, Pinocchio tale for Ipad, Supercat, Le voyage de Sophie, Mafia en Chicago, etc. its impossible for me extract a line of encounter between this *hodgepodge*.

Maybe if there was a nexus of union it would be the importance that has for me, that each character  must have their own personality, soul, own identity and probably, and the pleasure of details in general.
I love to recreate so much, that sometimes I have to tell my self “No more!”.

Ilustración perteneciente a Pinocchio 3d para Ipad

5. Lets now talk about inspiration. Where does it come from?

Ramón Plá: It all depends of the project you are involved. Its end depends very much. The text book doesn’t  give you much time for inspire yourself for example. In my personal works, I’m really interested by the light, to create an atmosphere. I really enjoy the illustrations that  embrace, surround, and drag you inside. As I said before, I’m really interested on characters, and also in their relations between their environment, between their self’s and also the relation they have with the viewers. I also feel a special predilection for England and United States in the XIX century, referring to the subject of how to illustrate. I’m really attracted to costumes, hair style, houses and general society.

Le voyage de Sophie

6. Do you have  an specific method to initiate a project?

Ramón Plá: Its true that I’m not quite tidy. In fact its pretty hard to me to manage the time I have, when many projects are running at the same time. The method is similar to any other creation process, mental process phase, sketches, clean drawing and then color.

Mafia en Chicago

7. Are you working on a project right now, or do you have any projects for the future?

Ramón Plá: Actually I’m working right now on a text book  for an Editorial of the Oxford University Press of 2° of the ESO, three quarterly books for Fourth Grade, of the Voramar-Santillana editorial, designing the Sketch and Scene for the Falla Obispo Amigó-Cuenca 2012, design the sketch and scene for Falla Grabador Esteve-Cirilio Amorós 2012. A customize Munny, as others projects related to Toy.
In the Future: A promotional comic for a company  specialized in Pharmaceutical Marketing, development of graphics for a video game, some illustrated books for an Ipad, a personal project about a illustrated album and the eternal will to make an exposition of my work as an illustrator.

Web Design Shock: Thank you very much Ramón Plá, is there anything would you like to comment?

I don’t have any comments, I would like to thank you by interviewing me, so I could take some space inside your website project. Best Wishes, Ramón Plá


Coronel Eberhard Bohm Offner y su nieto Hahn


You can see more works about this amazing artists and contact him for future works from his website :)  And please, give him some words in the comments :)

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