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Braden Kowitz

Developing great user experiences is Braden’s big passion and if you want proof of this, he has been in front of design teams for great projects such as Google Buzz, Gmail, Google Spreadsheets, Google Trends, among others. Based in San Francisco, California, USA, Kowitz has degrees in Computer Science and Human-Computer interaction. Nowadays, Braden is a design partner at Google Ventures and founded Design Studio.

Kowitz is a frequent writer at Ventures’ Blog; some of his highlights are: Story-centered design: hacking your brain to think like a user, that talks about the process of paradigm change in the midst of the application design process from being screen-centric to being story-centric. That means you need stop focusing on how each screen from a set will look and what it’s made for, and go on the stories behind the actual display of such screens; in other words, how and why the users are going through them, and how such screens work together as a result of this.

Also, when building start-ups, some practices are focused on testing as much as possible all the features of the product to launch before showing some prototypes to the public. How start-ups can learn more while building less, also written by Braden, provides a different point of view where developers should be in a better connection with users, release small pieces of the  product, which may allow people to feel the whole sensation of the product prior to launch, optimizing the start-up process this way.

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