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There are many benefits to using a URL shortener, and while there are thousands of tools like that out there, today we’ve brought you a great opportunity to get lifetime access to one that’s been making waves lately: Linkila

Linkila is a branded link shortener that you can use to create custom looking URLs for your campaigns, setup redirections to different content based on custom rules, and have streamlined, recognizable brand URLs while also gathering useful analytics data in real-time

With Linkila you can create shortened links with your own domain names that look exactly how you want them to and also decide exactly where a user will be routed to once they’ve interacted with your links based on various criteria such as geolocation, language, browser, device type and many others

You can monitor the engagement and performance of your links through real-time analytics built into the platform, so you can slice-and-dice your data based on link, domain, filter, short URL and user features, so you can get the exact metrics you want.

If you don’t want to use a separate domain, Linkila can generate backend files or JavaScript redirection code for each link so they can be hosted alongside other content on your website.

Linkila also has a WordPress plugin to integrate it seamlessly with WP websites.

Also, Linkila comes with a globally distributed dispatcher server, auto SSL, and unlimited links & short links!

  • Create branded shortened URLs.
  • Redirection rules based on geolocation, language & more.
  • Get real-time analytics of your links.
  • Chrome & Firefox extensions & website integrations.


  • Lifetime access to Linkila
  • Detailed and real time analytics
  • Generate short url using up to 20 custom domains and a number of built-in domains
  • Smart re-target pixel
  • White labeled 404 page
  • Access to analytics data for the past 12 months or up to 1,000,000 click events
  • Up to 100 traffic rules, with country, language, operation system, screen size targeting, and more
  • Unlimited number of links
  • Unlimited number of short links
  • Globally accelerated network
  • Use user variables in destination URLs
  • Generate self-hosting redirect or cloak server file
  • AutoSSL support
  • Add short url redirection and/or page analytics to any web pages
  • JavaScript redirection to add short url redirection to any web pages

Branded URLS

Create short URLs with your own domain. Maintain brand identity and get a higher click rate. Comes with SSL support.

Works with existing websites

Don’t want to delegate a domain just for short urls? You can use our JavaScript based redirection or integrate Linkila with existing systems such as WordPress.

Browser Extensions

With Linkila’s Chrome and Firefox extensions. You can create your own custom short urls to start redirecting visitors and collecting analytics data with just 1 click.

Rule Your Links

Create your own rules that redirects visitors to different desitnations based on their geolocation, language, browser, device type, network type and other features.

Realtime Analytics

Get insightful realtime analytics view of your links. Slice and dice your data based on link, domain, filter, short URL and user features to get the exact metrics you want.

Link variables

Use variables of visitor features, referers and other information to further customize link target and get more information about every click.

Multiple Short URLs

Attach multiple short URLs to the same link, genrate analytics reports separately and get fine grained insights into traffic stats.

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